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    Let's get it over and done with...

    Good Week

    Harry Winks

    Made his first PL matchday squad. Good for him.

    Harry Kane

    With Soldado picking up an injury, Kane might get a rare PL start.

    Hugo Lloris

    Too good for a club playing like we are at the moment.

    Daniel Levy's Wallet

    No win, goal or clean sheet bonus paid out. Win for Daniel! Also the announcement of the financial results and statement shows that off the pitch at least Levy is doing well for the club. However, new stadiums and profits and shirt deals cannot make up for such woeful displays on the pitch.

    Ryan Frederiks

    Impressing on loan at Millwall, although given they managed to be clawed back twice by ten men Blackburn maybe puts a caveat on that statement.

    Bad week

    Tim Sherwood

    In a way, I can forgive him for not giving up his seat in the stands as the team putting in an embarrassingly lacklustre display at Anfield. We can have had Herrera, Ramsey, Zagallo and Gross in the 'technical area' and we would still be a shambles. However, to say he could not affect the game shows just how out of his depth Sherwood is. He's given up, I don't blame him, but I don't want him. His tactics are a million miles away from what a top 4 club needs, and to pick that team and then say we needed to be solid and frustrate Liverpool? Nuts.

    I was impressed with Sherwood's words when he first stepped up to the plate but he has disintegrated under the pressure and I think he's counting himself out from a managerial career. He can't wait for it to be over, nor can we. Problem is we clearly don't have a replacement, certainly not van Gaal, who we would have announced by now if we had his signature on the dotted line.

    Tiny Tim has not been helped by the unprofessional displays by the players and I'm sure if he could he would drop about ten of them next week, but the players obviously don't have any confidence in him and he has none in them, the only hope is that the remainder of the season is not a complete catastrophe.

    Jan Vertonghen

    I don't think he's injured, and I don't think we will see him in a Spurs shirt much longer. While Kaboul was the one credited with the own goal, Jan's inability to cut out a cross that was right at him was endemic of his lack of concentration in recent weeks. He wasn't up for a fight - he rarely is these days - and while when he puts his mind to it he is a quality player, he's looking like a coward right now.

    The Captain Younes Kaboul

    Just not the right man to be captain right now. His game isn't at its best, he still looks short of top form every since he returned from his long injury, and he lacks the leadership skills for a team in such internal turmoil. He doesn't order players around but takes a more compromising tone, a gallic shrug of the shoulders rather than a 'get your f-ing act together'. Too many players are just going through the motions, it doesn't help if the captain just says, 'mate, we should be doing better'.

    The pre-match huddle lacked any intensity, whatever was said in the dressing room before game had no effect, there does not seem to be a leader anywhere in the club.

    Michael Dawson

    The one man you might hope has a bit of fight in him unfortunately cannot lead by example, given his clanger four milliseconds on from his introduction as a sub.

    Once that error was made we knew Daws would never catch Suarez, and a new manager would look at that and wonder if QPR are still interested.

    Nabil Bentaleb

    Granted, he is still young, and I believe there is a player to come in time, but the more Sherwood persists with him, given his ineffectualness, in a losing team, the more people will lose faith and, more troubling, the greater the damage this might have on his career.

    There are big problems in that central midfield and to put all the defensive responsibility on a kid is not far short of negligence.

    Sandro, Capoue, Lamela, Townsend... fact anyone who can't get in the starting XI right now. I don't care if you have a broken leg, if you can't do better than those outfield players right now then you need to ask yourself (or Sherwood) questions.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Gazza2K2
    Spot on with Bentaleb.

    Give Lloris the armband.

    Cant argue with the rest of it either. Good work!
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  2. buckley
    i do not consider anybody too good for spurs
    there are a few i consider not good enough for spurs
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  3. ghetto_spur
    Currently, Lloris is too good for this team.

    He stands out, like a shiny penny in a steaming pile of doggy doo doo.

    PSG's gloved hands will pluck him from us soon, of that I have no doubt.
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  4. Geyzer Soze
    Comment on Bentaleb is nail on head. He's now being compromised by Sherwood, he'll never return from this IMO, it's like the teachers pet of the teacher noone likes. As soon as that teachers out the room he's gonna get a paddlin'!
  5. JonnySpurs
    I don't agree that Lloris is too good for Spurs as a club. Me might be too good Spurs as they are RIGHT NOW but that's only cos we're all doom and gloom about our performances against the top 4 teams.

    He spent majority of his career at Lyon who aren't exactly a European power house, certainly not anymore.

    He will probably go in the Summer if PSG comes calling but that's ok, we can't compete with those teams right now anyway, not until our stadium is built and we have more money to pay wages competing with top 4.
  6. Krafty
    Not just aimed at you, but...

    "Hugo Lloris

    Too good for a club like ours at the moment."

    I'll edit it to make it clearer I'm talking about where our club is at the moment, not about Hugo's performance level.
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  7. buckley
    with this mentality of too good for spurs
    the club can never aim to improve
    the same mentality could have been applied to sandro ;erricson;
    we have to aim high to achieve success but if you would like to name players that are too good to come to us i would like to hear
    albeit i am not talking about players at real madrid and barcelona also the other mega rich clubs such as city;psg.chelsea;monaco and a few russian clubs who moneywise we just cannot compete with
    as for lloris there are more than a few that think he is a good shotstopper and quick off his line sometimes too quick and a candidate for a red card also his kicking is dreadful
    i would prefer begivic;forster or marshall ;my two sons woud take friedel over lloris now
    what level shpuold we be aiming to sign players from in case we sign any players that are too good for us
    at least if you sign the best you can when they decide they are too big for our club we do recieve large fees note..modric;bale;van der vaart;berbatov;this money allows you to go again and try to sign the very best for the very best club coys
  8. Krafty
    Simply saying where we are now as a club, and where Hugo is (performance and reputation), he is too good for the club.

    Like Bale was last season - he is the most expensive player in the world and we were not a Champions League club. Hugo is a Champions League player and playing like one and we are not playing anything like a Champions League team.

    If Hugo wanted to leave I could understand and he would have my best wishes, he tried his best. If Vertonghen wanted to leave I'd tell him he hasn't performed well enough to make demands so he can shut the f up.
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  9. lis spur fact anyone who can't get in the starting XI right now. I don't care if you have a broken leg, if you can't do better than those outfield players right now then you need to ask yourself (or Sherwood) questions.

    this bit is a worthy point, the Bentaleb being somewhat damaged i dont agree with, the lads head hasnt dropped or his desire to play unlike those around him,i feel certain sections are reflecting there distain of Sherwood as manager mistakenly onto a young player starting off on his career, during Sundays debacle i remember a very decent shot and another effort.
    Lets support those in the shirt that are at least making the effort.
  10. JimmyG2
    There are very few occasions when I would accept that
    the sacking of a manager so soon after appointment is justified.
    However this was a dire appointment and the blame lies with Levy.
    The continuation of this regime beyond the end of the season
    will wreak havoc with our medium term prospects.
    They have already done for our short term hopes.

    After initial success Timothy is floundering.
    The appointment of a serious candidate
    Ancellotti, Van Gaal, Benitez, De Boer or whoever
    may prevent an exodus of our better players
    though I fear some are gone already and not only in their heads.
    But the deal needs to be announced quickly.

    An average stay of less than 16 months per manager,
    continuously selling your best players
    and not getting the new stadium built in good time
    have damaged our reputation and hopes for the future.
    Keeping the club from bankruptcy
    is the absolutely minimal requirement for our owners.
    We deserve more and better.
    Put up or shut up Enic.
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  11. JonnySpurs
    No worries dude, like you, my comments were aimed at those above me who had suggested he was too good for us full stop. So I was essentially agreeing with you :)
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  12. buckley
    so on the same theme ;if lloris has a few bad games should he be classed as not good enough for us at the moment
    surely it makes more sense to pick what you think is your best side then allow them to get some kind of good form and not chop and change as

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