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    Good Week

    Harry Kane

    First Premier League start for Spurs, and a first Premier League goal. Every time I see Kane he has improved his game, be it becoming stronger, faster, or more confident. He showed a lot of the attributes you expect from young, home-grown players - dedication, determination, drive - plus plenty of off the ball movement, something we have lacked too often when in possession.

    He has plenty of doubters but I have belief that Kane could develop into a very good player. With one upfront being the in vogue setup these days, I am very happy for Kane to be third choice striker.

    Christian Eriksen

    In a pretty bleak season, we have one shining light. The Dane playmaker has come into his own in 2014, creating and scoring goals for fun.

    Nacer Chadli

    The change to two upfront might have seen Chadli dropped, instead he played in central midfield along side Paulinho. While it was not perfect, and was against a very poor Sunderland side, Chadli has seemingly done enough to get him in the starting eleven, even if he has to be shoe-horned in somewhere.

    Lewis Holtby

    Impressing on loan at Fulham, showing creativity to go with his energetic displays. Surely there is a place for him at Spurs next season?

    Shaq Coulthirst

    Started for Torquay last week and was one of their better players. Should get a run of games until the end of the season.

    The fans

    Goals! Goals I tells ya! For Spurs!

    Bad Week

    Tim Sherwood

    Starting to feel a little for Tim. The drip drip of news leaking out of the club is not helping anyone, especially Sherwood, who is having to toe the party line when questioned about his future. He's smart enough to know he can't speak out now if he wants a role at the club for the future, but it now seems inevitable he will be replaced in the summer and I am not sure he has done his reputation any good in his temporary stint in charge. That said, he didn't have much of a reputation to begin with, at least he is on people's radar for better or worse.

    Danny Rose

    Some absolutely woeful crossing, a failure to track back, and annoying habit of giving away silly free kicks in dangerous areas. He had a chance this season to prove he was up to the required standard, and simply put he has failed.

    You can be defensively suspect if you provide plenty going forward, offensively limited if you are a solid rock, and neither of both if you put in plenty of effort. Rose is falling short on all three fronts.

    Tottenham Press Office

    As if they hadn't had enough to deal with this season, the typically anonymous 'sources' cause yet another ruckus for the press department to sort out. They must miss the days of Harry Redknapp.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. vuzp
    well done Krafty as always agree 100% with everything and oh so true about Rose
  2. WestBelfast Spurs
    Lennon misses out in bad week again lol
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  3. lis spur
    so pleased for Harry Kane,hope he gets last few games to build up his confidence
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  4. Geyzer Soze
    When you're his size it's easy to fly under the radar
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  5. pablo73
    Have you thought about posting these in Spurs Chat Krafty? It's always good stuff and will have more of an audience in there
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  6. TottenhamMattSpur
    Lennon had been woeful for weeks but against Sunderland he did a decent job of working the left back all night.
  7. DiscoD1882
    I totally agree with this. I was at the game. He was much more mobile on Monday than he has been for sometime. I was impressed. He is still terrible when anywhere near the opposition area. But there were positive signs on Monday.
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  8. Gazza2K2
    Agree with Harry Kane, I've been quite a critic of his thus far but does seem to be improving every game.

    Disagree with Chadli though, seems to be passenger at times and offers very little either defensively or going forward.

    Only just realised Lennon played on Monday, maybe I had a few beers before getting to WHL......or maybe he was just shit (again) - oops.
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  9. WhiteHeartLowe
    I totally agree about Rose, especially the part about the free kicks, he just steams into tackles right outside our box and never seems to learn that he will get punished for it. Most anoying are when the opposotion player is clearly going nowhere, or even away from our goal, but Rose brings them down and gives them a free kick out of nothing. Bring back Benni I say!
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  10. dellybelly
    When it comes to "anonymous" sources, I'm willing to bet that the news was leaked by Jamie Top Top and his mates at Sky.

    I wonder who Jamie's source at Spurs was. His ex-business partner maybe?
  11. Sweetsman
    Aaron Lennon, Tyrion Lannister: spot the difference. Both survive against the odds, neither good at crossing.
  12. Chris_D
    I don't think Chadli had a great game and he's yet to really find his role in the team. He is though starting to look like a player who could have a future. Really pleased with Kane when Defoe left I thought we were taking a risk on the others staying fit. We've got a capable deputy now.

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