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    We take in the 3-3 draw at West Brom and the 3-1 win over Fulham...

    Good Week

    Harry Kane

    A goal in both games, making it three in three. It's great to see young talent coming in, more so when they are a striker getting goals - when was the last time we had one of them?

    Unfazed now he has proved himself as worthy of being in the starting XI, Kane is not show to have a strike at goal, which is refreshing, and has done enough to put himself in the first team picture for next season I hope.

    Christian Eriksen

    Continues his fine recent form with a couple of assists and the last gasp equaliser at the Hawthorns. Still frustrating to see him playing from a nominal left side position when the middle of the park so desperately needs creativity but perhaps its enabling him to get into games more.

    Hugo Lloris

    A top, top goalkeeper, and has also put others in the shade with his professionalism. While some other players *cough Vertonghen cough* have not given their all for the cause, Lloris continues to put in great displays. If he did leave it would obviously be gutting but the majority of fans would wish him well. With others you wish the club screwed them and made them stay.

    Nathan Oduwa

    Played well for the England U18s in their 2-1 win against Germany.

    Bad Week


    I don't think he did anything wrong with his tweet, but he has obviously upset Sherwood and I doubt we will see him in the team again this season (although second guessing Sherwood is nigh on impossible). Given how poor our midfield has been this season it is surprising/disappointing Sandro cannot get a game.

    Tim Sherwood

    While I do not mind the essence of Sherwood's response to Sandro's tweet (I'm picking other players over him at the moment) the tone of his message came across as petty and immature. You cannot select everyone but you need to get those who are not selected to buy into the team ethos, not castigate them. It increasingly appears that Sherwood's man management isn't about challenging the players to earn their chance, more that today he doesn't fancy them and there is nothing they can do.

    Tim sounds like a man trying to sound like he is saying the right things, but fails terribly. He's a cross between Harry Redknapp and Christian Gross, and needs to learn that less is often more.

    Emmanuel Adebayor's penalties

    A second missed penalty at the Hawthorns. Does not exude confidence in his approach. Should never take a penalty again.

    The Chadli-Paulinho partnership

    I don't know what they should be doing, I don't think they know what they should be doing, what is for certain is they offer very little cover for the defence and little support for the attack.

    Vlad Chiriches

    After that performance against the Baggies someone should test his blood alcohol level.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. guate
    Agree with your comments Krafty, particularly the one about Chiriches that had me chuckling away.
  2. 18Klinsmann
    Vlad does deserve to get endless stick over that video ;)
    But as poor as he was at the Hawthorns I don't think he stood out as the entire defence/team was horrible in the first half. Hopefully he will not be made a scapegoat for that first half performance. He should still be selected in front of Fryers in my opinion, and Zeki's assist on Saturday does not exactly call for another starting lineup appearance - unless Vlad fails his blood test of course ;)
  3. Sweetsman
    Bad week: THFC as it looks like David Moyes will be sacked and that will mean LVG will go there. Only at Spurs.....
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  4. avonspurs
    Agree with all of the bad week ones.
  5. TottenhamMattSpur
    And we get moyes.

    I'm feeling somewhat despaired at the moment.
    Not at missing LVG but the chance we get moyes. A glorified Sam Allardyce.
  6. Sweetsman
    If we don't get LVG, then my choice would be Rafa Benitez as he's a bloody good manager who's used to work with dysfunctional boards. Failing him then Pochettino.
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  7. Hot$pur4Life
    What are you on about? The mirror already told us were getting Klopp
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  8. davidmatzdorf
    If scoring 6 goals and getting 4 points from 2 matches (plus the other 5 goals and 3 points last week) constitutes a 'bad week', then it's hard to see what he can do to have a good week.

    The same principle applies. We've played this odd midfield pairing in 3 matches and they have produced 2 wins, a draw and 11 goals. What are people basing their judgments upon?

    We look farcical in defence on several occasions in nearly every match and some of this is surely down to the absence of a dedicated defensive midfielder. But playing two big strikers who can hold the ball up is heavily compensating for the lack of a DM, because we can retain the ball high up the pitch for prolonged periods and minimise the number of counter-attacks.

    This approach won't work against a top 7 team and it's notable that Sherwood hasn't tried it in those matches. But it has worked against Sunderland and Fulham and, were it not for individual errors in our feckless defence, it would have worked to the tune of about 5-1 against West Brom as well.

    Whatever you think about how the football looks, the facts beg to differ. The midfield partnership of Chadli and Paulinho, permitting us to play Kane & Adebayor and to station Eriksen on the left, drifting inside, has resulted in 11 goals scored against 5 conceded in 3 matches, as well as 7 points from 9.

    That's not a 'bad week' in either case, irrespective of Sherwood's ongoing case of verbal diarrhoea and the obvious vendetta against him being pursued by the press.
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  9. slartibartfast
    Agree with every word Krafty, again lol.
    Keep it up (y)
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  10. slartibartfast
    [quote="davidmatzdorf, post: 3983547, member: 1]That's not a 'bad week' in either case, irrespective of Sherwood's ongoing case of verbal diarrhoea.[/quote]
    Cracked me up lol.
    Surely a week of diarrhoea is a bad week in anybodys book :inpain:
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  11. Sweetsman
    We'd probably get the clap before we got Der Klopp.
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  12. Sweetsman
    I suggest you listen to The Press Pass to realise that there is no vendetta against him: they're his buddies 'cos he's English goddamit!
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  13. spud
    I can't agree with this.

    Chiriches was hopelessly exposed by Kaboul (and both full backs) for the third West Brom goal and spent most of his time on the pitch as the only defender who seemed to have an interest in defending.

    He didn't have a great match, but it can't be easy when you are the only one of the back four who has the first idea about what you should be doing and you are forming a defensive line of one.

    Chiriches has received all of the criticism that should have been more accurately directed at Kaboul, who had the latest in a series of absolute shockers at the Hawthorns including going walkabout (literally) in the lead-up to the third West Brom goal.
  14. DreadySpur
    I disagree that the press have a vendetta against Sherwood. They just know that if they give him enough rope, he will hang himself and then pipe up with "he is honest..." or "he just comes out and says what he thinks".

    I agree that not losing does constitute a good week for Tim, but his failure to diffuse every time bomb the media try to throw at him is a severe failing, undoes most of the good work gained by the positive results and could ultimately cost him his job.
  15. OnTheUp
    Spurs fans don't care about facts. They're more interested in potential and long term projects, building for the future that never comes under over-hyped flavour of the month managers. Unknown managers with a bit of fight in them who aren't afraid to upset people aren't welcome, even if they've shown a talent for winning points with a team not yet made in their mould.

    That's Tottenham logic!
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  16. sak11
    I have to agree. As bad as chiriches was, he was f'd by the other defenders as well. All 3 of them going AWOL for the goals. I'm not sure why he is getting scapegoated for it when Kaboul and rose in particular were more at fault.
  17. davidmatzdorf
    Sherwood has shown an ability to win points against inferior teams by playing 11 bloody good footballers, some of whom he inherited and some of whom he has trained and promoted, and relying on their basic quality to outclass the opposition and thus relieve him of the obligation to come up with a proper tactical approach to this week's opposition.

    The moment Sherwood's Tottenham come up against a side with players of a similar or superior calibre, we get thrashed.

    I reckon TS will be a very good manager in the future, when he develops more skill in handling star players (as opposed to youth players, whom he plainly understands how to handle very, very well), better judgment with the press and more tactical sophistication and variety.

    The level of abuse that he gets here on SC is entirely ridiculous and reflects very badly on the dickheads who are dishing it out every week (every day), but it's pretty clear after a few months of his stewardship that he hasn't got the necessary experience and knowledge to manage at this level. Yet.
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  18. Sweetsman
    @DM: them's the facts whether you like it or not. From the time he was a player, Sherwood has played the press, eg Shaun Custiss told the story of TS running after him to get out his displeasure at being left out. He and the Redknapps had it in for Levy's choice, AVB, from day one, starting with stories about dossiers. If you don't realise that, then you are painfully naive. He gets defended by the little Englanders scum in the likes of The Daily Mail. The English tabloid sports reporters are just lazy bastards and they love people to write their stories for them, hence the popularity of Redknapp.
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  19. XSuicideBunnyX
    I often wonder why our team can have so many good players and still only just stumble through games. Yours sounds like a good theory.

    It's a funny old game ain't it - we've shown the world how effective having a plan is.

    If we were still a mid-table club, I reckon we'd be able to give Tim the time he needs to 'mature'. Unfortunately, if we do that now, we'll end up a mid-table club. Overall great post by you sir.

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