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    We take in the 3-3 draw at West Brom and the 3-1 win over Fulham...

    Good Week

    Harry Kane

    A goal in both games, making it three in three. It's great to see young talent coming in, more so when they are a striker getting goals - when was the last time we had one of them?

    Unfazed now he has proved himself as worthy of being in the starting XI, Kane is not show to have a strike at goal, which is refreshing, and has done enough to put himself in the first team picture for next season I hope.

    Christian Eriksen

    Continues his fine recent form with a couple of assists and the last gasp equaliser at the Hawthorns. Still frustrating to see him playing from a nominal left side position when the middle of the park so desperately needs creativity but perhaps its enabling him to get into games more.

    Hugo Lloris

    A top, top goalkeeper, and has also put others in the shade with his professionalism. While some other players *cough Vertonghen cough* have not given their all for the cause, Lloris continues to put in great displays. If he did leave it would obviously be gutting but the majority of fans would wish him well. With others you wish the club screwed them and made them stay.

    Nathan Oduwa

    Played well for the England U18s in their 2-1 win against Germany.

    Bad Week


    I don't think he did anything wrong with his tweet, but he has obviously upset Sherwood and I doubt we will see him in the team again this season (although second guessing Sherwood is nigh on impossible). Given how poor our midfield has been this season it is surprising/disappointing Sandro cannot get a game.

    Tim Sherwood

    While I do not mind the essence of Sherwood's response to Sandro's tweet (I'm picking other players over him at the moment) the tone of his message came across as petty and immature. You cannot select everyone but you need to get those who are not selected to buy into the team ethos, not castigate them. It increasingly appears that Sherwood's man management isn't about challenging the players to earn their chance, more that today he doesn't fancy them and there is nothing they can do.

    Tim sounds like a man trying to sound like he is saying the right things, but fails terribly. He's a cross between Harry Redknapp and Christian Gross, and needs to learn that less is often more.

    Emmanuel Adebayor's penalties

    A second missed penalty at the Hawthorns. Does not exude confidence in his approach. Should never take a penalty again.

    The Chadli-Paulinho partnership

    I don't know what they should be doing, I don't think they know what they should be doing, what is for certain is they offer very little cover for the defence and little support for the attack.

    Vlad Chiriches

    After that performance against the Baggies someone should test his blood alcohol level.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. spud
    You may be right, but I would suggest that if a man in his mid-forties who has spent his entire adult life in the game - much of it in a coaching or supervisory role - has not yet acquired these skills, then it has to be doubtful whether he ever will.

    When you have been actively watching football (as opposed to just seeing it) and you understand what is happening then you develop an awareness and knowledge of tactics. From his comments and his apparent paucity of tactical knowledge, it seems to me that Sherwood just sees what is happening. I suspect 'tactical sophistication and variety' will always be beyond him. Furthermore, he seems to lack the wit to deflect a media question; so I doubt that there is any hope for him there.
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  2. Gaz_Gammon

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  3. OnTheUp
    ...even after all the facts you've cited in support of Sherwood and the fact you believe he will be a very good manager, you still allude to the notion he should be replaced.

    Spoken like a true Spurs
  4. degoose
    interesting comments but paulinho does know what he is doing, his stats for the fulham game were pretty good and he made multiple interceptions and had an above 90% pass completion rate. Chadli on the other hand i would say isnt quite sure what he should be doing but centre midfield is not his normal position so in that light i think he has done a pretty good job without being amazing.
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  5. JoeT
    I think the press are having a FIELD DAY with Sherwood rather than a vendetta.......
  6. vigospur
    Time for your lie down.
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