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  • by Krafty, Feb 3, 2016 at 3:59 PM
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    Colchester and Norwich...


    Mauricio Pochettino

    Can you hear that?...Really, it is soothing....the sheer...silence.....

    Tranquility, save a couple of birds in the distance tweeting about a new striker. A reassuring calmness, not uneasy, just deeply satisfying...

    Two more wins, not just effective but comprehensive, have not really changed much in our season but while all around them is chaos and uproar Pochettino's Tottenham just keep on keeping on. Every step back is followed by two forward, every decision seems to be, if not completely correct, at least pushing us forward. With Leicester vs Man City kicking off early on saturday, a Spurs win over Watford at the Lane will see us either two points off the top or move into second place. And you know what? It doesn't feel like we are peaking, it does not feel like we are running at full capacity and something will break.

    The transfer window closed with nothing boosted but the bank balance, but if Poch did not want someone then I am more than okay with that. To have that kind of respect, after 18 months, in this era of football, is impressive.

    Daniel Levy

    Made a profit, and has a manager who does not want to spend for the sake of it. And the team is doing well too. Everything is coming up Levy.

    Nacer Chadli

    Couple of goals against Colchester continues the Chadli renaissance.

    Kevin Wimmer

    I was surprised there were rumours linking him with a move away, even on loan, but now he looks to have an extended run in the first team.

    Harry Kane

    I wonder if the Carrow Road crowd ever thought Kane would come back to haunt them time after time?

    Federico Fazio, Milos Veljkovic, Shaq Coulthirst

    All have a chance to kick start their careers, in various ways. Best of luck to them.


    Alex Pritchard

    A loan move, and regular football, is a good move, however I am unsure whether a move to West Brom was wise. Pulis is not known for using tricky little players, and in Callum McManaman Pulis has a tricky wide player who has not really succeeded there. Maybe it will all turn out okay, but after six months out with injury the last thing Alex needs is six months sat on the bench for a struggling team.

    To be honest, if a bit of uncertainty is the worst thing that happened this week, we will survive.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Geyzer Soze
    A young fella called Delle Ali that a few people have heard something of had quite a good week too (y)
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  2. Insomnia
    I had a threesome with 2 fit birds so I think I deserve to be just below Poch
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  3. mr_spurs961
    No, you had the better week! But, Poch close 2nd!
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  4. eViL
    Pics or it never happened.
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  5. gusrowe
    Were you spitting feathers!
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  6. grittyspur1
    You mean there are two Chirpy's?????
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  7. Chris_D
    I think Pritchard needed the loan move. He hasn't played in the top league so he has to get experience somewhere. As we've improved to a top four team (or near enough, I don't want to jinx it) so it's become harder for youngsters to get game time. If he comes back at the start of next season with ten games under his belt he'll be worth more to us.
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  8. ginola007
    Plus he can report back tas to whether Berahino has his head screwed on enough for us to put another bid in, that is if Poch still wants him.
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  9. dannythomas
    BAD WEEK- BUS CONDUCTOR, having to admit that Walker and Alli both played well in the same match...
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  10. Gazza2K2
    Poch could have had a threesome too..... there's nothing that lad cant do.
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  11. minesadouble
    As usual an excellent summary by Krafty.

    To an extent only hindsight will tell us if not buying or at least borrowing a back up striker in the conventional Kane mould was a mistake or not. But it's a sliding doors moment. We can't have it both ways. The decision was that, on balance, sticking was a better bet than twisting and I think Poch is better qualified to play his current hand than any backseat drivers on SC or other fan sites. I hope that whatever happens we respect the decision as what was best (and the club has way more information about the ins and outs of deals than us) based on what we knew at the time. It seems pretty clear that Levy would have backed Poch whichever way he wanted to go.
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  12. ginola007
    As I said previously, it is easy to say "get another striker", but the "who" is the issue. Berahino's not for sale. Austin's wages are too high. Dembele is for sale only on condition that he be loaned back to Fulham, which does not help us at all. And since few are available (for an affordable price) who can be better than Chadli, Son or Lamela, I definitely agree that sticking with what we got is, at this particular time, is the wisest decision. And we only have to look back at Bobby Saldado to realize that expensive buys may not work out at all.
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