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    Good Week

    Jan Vertonghen

    Returned to his preferred centre back position, Super Jan scored the winner to cap an impressive display.

    Scott Parker

    A first competitive appearance of the season, plus a goal for the U21s yesterday. With a busy Christmas period coming up, his return comes at a most opportune time.

    Andros Townsend

    This is a big season for Townsend. We’ve seen flashes of his quality – direct running, good dribbling, ability with both feet – and he has been one of the stand out performers for the U21s. He is the first reserve winger so it’s unlikely he will be allowed out on loan, so he needs to make the most of his opportunities.

    He needs to turn in 20 minute cameos, progressing to 60 and then 90 minute performances and really establish himself in the squad. No longer a kid full of potential, Andros needs to show he is a real option for AVB and he did exactly that on Sunday.

    Hugo Lloris

    Firstly, Friedel would not have come off his line to challenge Michu for that bouncing ball, secondly Hugo showed he is not afraid to give and take a whack. Stoke come next, and if he can deal with them he can deal with anything.

    Bad Week

    Emmanuel Adebayor

    Indifferent display from the Togo international, and trudged off injured. We could do with him against Stoke, but only if he gets some hunger back in his belly. Shame Stoke are not one of his former clubs.

    Daniel Levy

    At least if you believe the rent-a-quote at Loftus Road. As might be expected, Adel Taarabt’s sale to QPR was not because the then manager, whoever that was, never selected him, but because the chairman wanted to make some money. Two goals in a win against Fulham apparently means Levy made a big mistake, or at least that is what Redknapp seems to be saying. No doubt his tune will change when Taarabt has a mare and throws a hissy fit.

    The White Hart Lane crowd

    Very quiet at the lane on Sunday. Maybe everyone was full up with Sunday lunch, but we were out sung by a few hundred Swansea fans for a good portion of the game. The 1882 movement should be encouraging us to get behind the team even when they or the game is not really doing much, regardless of there being an official 1882 presence. Sometimes the team needs some energy of the crowd. We shouldn’t need the team to give the crowd energy.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. avonspurs
    I know you put in that first sentence below it but still not sure why Levy would be in 'bad week'. On the say-so of Mr Rent-a-gob-shite himself when, as you put it yourself, he didn't even play him.
  2. ghetto_spur
    Enjoyed Harry's time here but he needs to shhh and concentrate on his new team.

    In Levy we have an astute chairman that isn't afraid to change things that aren't working and at that time Taraabt was one of them.

    Granted he may go on to do good things but that doesn't mean he would have done them with us, Taraabt is a shiny penny in a turd at QPR.

    We have lots of shiny pennies at Spurs.
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  3. playboypaul
    I thought Ade did well against Swansea actually, it definately wasn't an indifferent performance from what I watched. A very good one until he came off injured IMHO.
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  4. Freddiehotspur
    The crowd has really not been helping the team this season... Seems like the jury is still out although we sit comfortably in split third.
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  5. S17PUR
    Totally agree. I'm not sure what game Krafty was watching, but Ade worked his socks off and put in a pretty good performance until his injury. This whole '1882' thing gets on my nerves a bit too, it's like whenever the crowd do get noisy it's because of '1882' but when it's quiet it's because of a lack of '1882'.

    Football supporters are fickle, and in addition to that they are human. When you get excited or indeed angry, you make noise. When you're bored, you generally don't. I would argue that we've always relied upon the team to give the crowd energy and that we're probably not alone in that.
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  6. diamondlight
    Yes, but that doesn't make it right. A good player doesn't wait for the team to start playing well before he ups his performance level. A good player takes the game by the scruff of the neck and influences players around him.

    If the crowd really is a 'tweflth man', then what sort of tweflth man do we want to be? One who waits for things to go well before performing, or one who inspires the team when it isn't performing?

    We're all capable of pointing the finger at players when they are coasting. I think it is right to ask ourselves as a crowd whether we are coasting too.
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  7. Redfap
    This Taarabt talk is silly, even right now, he wouldn't get a game for Spurs. He hasn't even set the world on fire for QPR. It isn't like we gave up Messi. I think Prince-Boateng should be considered a bigger loss.
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  8. Bobbins
    Ade was excellent agianst Swansea, not indifferent.

    Otherwise I agree with all that.
  9. Spur-of-the-moment
    Agree with other posts that Adebayor had a good game. The only reason he had a bad week was his injury, which I hope isn't too bad.

    Also not sure it was a bad week for Chairman Levy. Harry was trying to put Taarabt's sale in the best possible light for QPR and the player himself. He wasn't going to tell the truth that Taarabt had attitude problems, which were evident for a quite some time at QPR before he began to play in a more mature way. In any case, rumour has it that Levy negotiated a big sell-on percentage: he'll see Taarabt's brilliant goal at the weekend as quite a nice week...
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  10. JimmyG2
    Like this column very much even if I don't always agree.
    That's what it's for, to provoke discussion and invite participation.

    Adebayor was very busy but not in areas where he could punish Swansea.

    Sigurdsson impresses me more with each appearance. Should he start ahead of Dempsey?

    Townsend has always looked a threat when he has come on
    and he did again on Sunday. needs to get his head up more.
    Why did he and Lennon play on the 'wrong' wings?

    The best supporters surely raise the team.
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  11. spud
    I assume that AVB wanted Lennon on the left to provide the defensive help for Naughton which he was less likely to receive from Townshend.
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  12. t-baggins
    I can't believe we even discussing Taarabt on here. He scored a decent goal, and ended up with a brace. We sold him, he would never have played over Modric or VDV (both of whom Spurs also sold) and it is all about 'Arry' bigging him up a bit, not how we've lost out on a really talented footballer. I've taken no notice. Remember Gio? Or more importantly Boateng? He's one we should have not sold! Forget Taarabt, he can ply his trade in the championship again next season for all I care... although I do think 'Arry' will keep QPR up.
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