Good Week/Bad Week


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May 26, 2004
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Good Week

Michael Dawson

A welcomed return for Daws, who dealt with the aerial threat from Stoke as we all knew he would. The only problem was that, as the game wore on, and we struggled to penetrate, Daws had to become more expressive with his passing. As, understandably, that isn’t a strength of his game, we saw a few misplaced passes, but overall I think Daws has proved to AVB that he should be kept at the club.

Scott Parker

A goal for the U21s on Monday, another appearance in the league on Sunday. With the games coming thick and fast Parker should see more and more game time.

Hugo Lloris

Okay, starting to struggle now. A second consecutive clean sheet, it makes you wonder why no one else wanted to buy him? Him and Vertonghen are two top class players.

Bad Week

Daniel Levy

He might feel the price we would have paid for Joao Moutinho was extortionate, however Saturday showed just how much we need a real playmaker. Sandro is immense as a defensive midfielder, Dembele glides effortlessly past opponents and has an air of quality about him, but no one dictates the tempo, no one can pass the ball quickly, and no one can really make the incisive passes forward players thrive on. If it is not rectified, even partially, in January then we will not meet our goals this season.

Adam Smith

Twenty years ago they may have applauded the tackle, but as it was our loanee at Millwall was given a red card and the Lions lost 2-1 against Barnsley. While it was a bad week, he has impressed the New Den crowd, and it will be interesting to see what Spurs do with him long term.

WHL crowd

God that was awful, wasn’t it? What a terrible game. Terrible opponents. Terrible ref. Not that great from Spurs either. If Santa was real we would look in our stockings tomorrow morning and find a full refund for that match.


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Dec 7, 2006
Agree about Dawson who must surely be above Gallas in the pecking order.
Even when he didn't beat Kenwyne Jones in the air he prevented him from
bringing the ball down and turning.


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Jun 10, 2004
We had a fee agreed for Moutinho. It was Porto that decided to play silly buggers at the last minute and effectively scupper the deal
Jul 26, 2003
We don't know in the end what happened in the Moutinho deal; was it Porto, was it his agent, was it Levy? Maybe there was nothing that could be done about it. Maybe Levy put too many eggs in one basket.

What we do know is that we have a squad lacking strength in depth in certain key domains. We saw an example of more than one area of squad weakness against Stoke. It's not only in this 'playmaking' area, where Parker was brought on to unlock the game but doesn't have what it takes to do so (he's good, but a different kind of player). An alternative would have been to freshen up by substituting or bringing on an extra striker... we didn't have one on the bench. 'Top four' clubs must have this capacity. We don't. That's to do with the way we build and develop the first-team squad. Bad week for Levy?