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    Back after a short holiday, we cover the games our league cup exit to Woolwich to yesterday's goalless draw with Liverpool.


    Dele Alli

    Simply put, looks a Premier League player. Appears to have the kind of tenacity and determination that means even when things are not quite going his way, he still contributes and that is probably what sets him apart from the likes of a Nabil Bentaleb.

    Made in his England debut, added a second cap, and must be eyeing up a place on the plane come the summer.

    Erik Lamela

    The redemption continues. Man of the match in the win against City, scored in Monaco, and while it still feels that he can contribute even more in an attacking sense, he no longer looks like a transfer flop and more importnatly will be set for a run of games for the foreseeable future.

    Toby Alderweireld

    While collectively we are still susceptible to finding ourselves under pressure when the opposition win the ball, defensively we look so much more assured and a large part of that has to be Toby. It can be no coincidence that he was part of the best defence last season, and is part of the (joint) best defense this season. I think Vertonghen has benefited from playing with not just a fellow countryman but also a quality defender, and with the full backs playing better and Lloris as good as ever, we look to finally have our first third issues sorted.

    Mauricio Pochettino

    Jurgen Klopp's appointment overshadowed Saturday's game, and Pochettino may not be upset that it will be another manager's high pressing game that will be under the microscope. Three league wins from three earned the manager of the month award for September, and slowly but surely the team is coming together.

    Poch might be disappointed that we are not making the most of our offensive opportunities but considering how much change we have been through in the 18 months or so he's been in change, and that we have the youngest team consistently, the signs are positive for the future.

    Clinton N'Jie

    Finally fit, and a nice little cameo against City. Came on much earlier against Liverpool and showed some impressive rawness and some shocking passes. The injury to Chadli, and Son's absense, could open the door to the young Cameroonian.

    Moussa Dembele

    Now, we have seen plenty of false dawns from the ex-Fulham man. Rumours last week indicated he could be set to move away fom the Lane, and there would not have been too many tears shed as Dembele has failed to live up to his £15million price tage.

    Then came Saturday. Injuries to Mason and Bentaleb, Dier's suspension and the indifference to others meant Moussa had his chance and boy did he take it. There are many...not so much flaws but disappointments to the Belgian's game, but against Liverpool he showed his trademark strength on and off the ball, an urgency to win the ball back which can be sometimes lacking, some great tackling and security with the ball. Still not sure he could ever be the main man in a central midfield partnership, but showed his Spurs career might not be over just yet.


    Andros Townsend

    Last started a league game in April; currently looks more likely to get meaningful game time with England than Spurs. Behind Lamela, Son, Chadli and N'Jie, and you feel Pochettino would shoe horn Eriksen, Dembele or Alli into a wide position before Andros gets a kick.

    Thursday's match against Anderlecht should be yet another opportunity for Townsend to try to convince he warrants a bigger role at the club, but the omens do not look good.

    Harry Kane

    How many times are we going to hear "and last season that would have gone in"? Got his first goal against City, and the positives are that his build up play is pretty good, and he is getting in the right positions, but its just not happening for Harry. Lacking perhaps just a smidgen of spark and is verging on the edge of trying too hard to score instead of just acting on instinct, but it will come good.

    Tom Carroll

    Was he injured? With so many central midfielders out, he might have fancied his chances of a rare Premier League appearance but he was not even on the bench.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Krafty, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. bat-chain
    Needless and strange criticism of Bentaleb.
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  2. Bilko
    A positive look at the players - and why not?
    The constant negativity from some on here is hard to read.
    Of those mentioned I think the man who is really beginning to show his quality is Poch.
    While all the world was heralding the Messiah in the form of a German coach( the German press over here are singing about him as well,getting three pages in main tabloid today) a quiet Argentinian was simply remaining calm,positive and concentrated.
    I thought Liverpool would be hard inspite of injuries. We were better - we will raise our game next time as well.
    We have a manager who doesn't moan about his luck- play to the media, or blame the referee; he just gets on with his job.
    Today I see all is positive for Liverpool and average for Spurs in the press - in Germany the same- am so glad we've got a modest Argentinian instead of a superstar as manager
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  3. tommo84
    Carroll is/was injured. Can't remember which journo reported it but it was on Twitter when the team was announced.
  4. diamondlight
    I thought it was apt. Bentaleb is a very good player, but does seem (somewhat) to lack that edge.
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  5. Sweetsman
    I didn't understand the criticism of Bentaleb, who certainly does have that edge. He is a young player and as is usual with young players, he has had a dip in form; but he is intelligent like many of our youngsters and will learn from his time out.
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  6. UbeAstard
    Unfortunate for us when Liverpool got rid of Rodgers. If only they had waited till this last weekend as I feel we would have beaten that Rodgers Liverpool.
  7. UbeAstard
    Are you allowing the same understanding with Townsend?

  8. Danners9
    Two things:
    This was the first time all season a team has outrun Spurs
    The referee was the same one who helped Liverpool beat Bournemouth

    Overall, I think Spurs shaded it and given the circumstances - the two things above and their new manager buzz - and the team showed they can match a team playing above the levels of their previous games. I felt the ref was poor, for both sides ultimately, but it seemed more soft fouls were given against us than for us (and Milner's bodycheck was late and should probably be another yellow). I also think Spurs would have beaten a Rodgers Liverpool, and but for a few fingertip saves from the goalie, they still would have.

    Centre defence looking good. Alli getting better every game. Dembele was a beast. NJie got better as the game progressed. Kane needs to be more clinical, although he's only an inch either side from scoring yet again. No real poor performances this weekend.
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  9. Sweetsman
  10. 2bearis2do
    Kane - he's a number 10 (wants to be) - not a clinical number 9.
    Some of his decision making recently with a sight on goal has been appalling and when he does get through he just shoots - he doesn't "think" how best to pass the ball past the keeper - lack of confidence? For sure. Lack of intelligence? - Perhaps... he just panics - he's too desperate to score and should have finished off at least 2 of his last 10 attempts on goal.
    We have little choice but to stick with him - but he's not an out and out Shearer-esque number 9 - his purple patch last season has led many of us to believe the myth.
    Son is a better finisher - can't wait to have him back....but I would also play Kane beside him.
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  11. Bilko
    Sorry - I disagree- as a professional sportsman myself.
    The brain is the last thing Harry needs to use.
    He has to return to trusting his instincts
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  12. newbie
    To be honest I can't believe we didn't win Saturday
  13. Geyzer Soze
    What's your sport as a matter of interest?
  14. Bilko
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  15. UbeAstard

    Be careful, some of our fans have accused some players of 'not having a football brain'.

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