Great Games: 1977 - Spurs 9 Bristol Rovers 0

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    Lee (4), Moores (3), Taylor, Hoddle

    22 OCTOBER 1977

    AFTER relegation from the top flight, Spurs had made a good start to their Second Division campaign having won six of their first eight games, but they went into this clash with Bristol Rovers on the back of a 4-1 defeat by Charlton and were desperate to return to winning ways.

    Only 48 hours earlier, Keith Burkinshaw forked out £60,000 for little-known Torquay striker Colin Lee and the man who had only been playing as a forward for a season, had a dream debut putting four past a hapless Rovers side.
    It took Lee just 21 minutes to get on the scoresheet when he swept home Glenn Hoddle's cross. Four minutes later he grabbed his second when he headed home John Pratt's corner.
    Hoddle was the provider once more a minute before the interval when his cross was met by Peter Taylor to make it 3-0.
    The second half saw Spurs simply overrun the Pirates and Ian Moores made 4-0 on 56 minutes and the final quarter was simply an exhibition by the Burkinshaw's side with Hoddle teasing Rovers with some sublime pieces of skill.
    Lee grabbed his hat-trick on 75 minutes and two goal in as many minutes from Moores saw him complete his first treble for the club to make it 7-0.

    Two minutes from time Lee capped off a memorable debut when he tapped home his fourth, but the best was saved until last when Hoddle collected Moores' pass over the Rovers defence to score a magnificent goal which sealed Spurs record league victory.

    Team: Daines; Naylor, Holmes, Hoddle, McAllister, Perryman, Pratt, McNab, Moores, Lee, Taylor.
    Attendance: 26, 311.

    This was back when it cost a few pence to get in, when the half time scores were hung on boards around the ground, you had to match the score under fixture A to the corresponding fixture in your programme and Peanut sellers walked around the edge of the pitch crying 'peanuts, peanuts', also girls walked around selling sweets from a box hung around their necks! I'm pretty sure you could get programmes from vendors on the edge of the pitch too, anyone care to confirm? How things have changed.............

    You'll have to bear with me, this one was thirty years ago, I can remember walking out of the ground astonished by what I had just seen. The home match before, we'd had a big win against Oldham I think and I was hardly expecting this, what with a new striker in the team! The bloke in the chippie gave me free chips when I told him the score and whenever I smell chip shop chips with salt & vinegar on, (you know that smell, lovely) it reminds me of this game!

    I loved having Barry Daines in goal and for some strange reason always thought Ian Moores was one of the unluckiest strikers (along with Chris Jones) we ever had! Weird..........

    Anyway, this will be going into the Legends of the Lane section soon but I thought I'd give you all a sneek peek!
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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by Archibald&Crooks, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Archibald&Crooks
    Oh and we'll be adding a few more great games as and when time allows.
  2. TheChosenOne
    Cheers for the memories A&C..
    peanuts, walking around the ground from end to end at half time, the enclosure, the kids entrance under the shelf 2/6d near the Park Lane, the ciggie smoke pouring up to sky in the evening games.

    Another 9-0 I remember was at home to Keflavik, we won the tie 15-1 on aggregate in the 1971-72 UEFA cup win campaign.

    It seemed like every time I sparked up a fag in the Park Lane we scored that night. (Don't smoke now though)
  3. Rupstoh
    I grew up watching this line-up:

    Team: Daines; Naylor, Holmes, Hoddle, McAllister, Perryman, Pratt, McNab, Moores, Lee, Taylor.

    I miss the monkey nuts.

    Cheers A&C
  4. DC_Boy
    I was at the Keflavik game - 15-1 overall that must be some kind of Spurs record

    Missed the Rovers game but by some fluke despite us being Div 2 it was on MOTD or some such (NO Sky then of course) - boy was I happy to see those highlights

    we only went up that year on goal average/difference so vital those 9 goals were :)
  5. archiewasking
    I remember NOT being at that game. Those were the days when I could afford to go every week, but I was ill and missed the only game at home all season. :cry: :cry: :bang:

    Really used to like Neil McNab, talented wee Scot. Can't remember why he left or where he went to though. Think it might have been Falkirk. :shrug:
  6. PT
    This game is highlighted in a superb article in One Hotspur magazine which revisit the 77/78 season. The season in which we spent our solitary in Div 2 and scored more than we let in (sound familiar?).

    Colin Lee arrived from Torquay and we were going "Why?"

    Ian Moores had come from Stoke and brought his beard with him.

    I was 14 and playing rugger for Windsor Grammar that day against Eton college - a special day as we got treated to sausage and chips afterwards.

    The game finished in an emphatic win for Windsor and this was capped off a full time on learning the score - 9-0 - and doubly so when our school rugby master disclosed his allegiance to Bristol Rovers.

    For some reason I felt sorry for him.

    But I went home and delighted in the fact that they showed the highlights on MOTD. Hoddle was elevated to God that day.

    And Peter Taylor consolidated his position as my idol.
  7. PT
    Bolton W. then up north from there i think archie.
  8. Archibald&Crooks
  9. stevenqoz
    At the Bristol Rovers game. It just goes to show how every dog has its day:) All down hill for Moores and Lee after that!
    9-0 even the Spurs fans were in shock!
    I had also gone to the Valley for the previous game when we were taken apart by Charlton. Someone called Martin Robinson rings a bell .....I think he had played for both us and them. Valley a scary place back, Millwall turned up just to welcome us to the Valley Eek
  10. Midostouch
    I had just moved to London as a student, didn't know anyone much and certainly no-one who supported Spurs. Was at a loose end and decided to go to the Lane by myself. Could not believe my eyes as the demolition unfolded before my eyes. Actually lost track of the score at one point! It was one of those games (like recent Arse and Chelscum matches) when everyone gets talking to each other - the atmosphere was amazing.

    And stevenqoz, yes Martin Robinson played for our reserves, then had a few games for the first team and they sold him to Charlton - he was a useful player and a very nice guy. He used to send me Christmas cards for several years - the official Tottenham ones - I still have them somewhere.

    Have just re-read this - I sound like a real saddo don't I??!
  11. KentuckyYid
    I was at this game as a young lad, taken by my uncle.
  12. BelsizeSpur
    I was at the game too with my bruvver. We were sitting in the Park Lane end that day and I remember watching the news on the BBC that night and the news reader broke out with a giant smile when he read the story of the game.
  13. speroni
    I was there with my bruvver too and remember thinking that if the match had gone on another ten minutes it would have been 15-0. The only Spurs game I've seen to eclipse this in my memory was the one with Ricky Villa's mazy run...
  14. Sovereignspur
    Wow! what memories my dad use to give me my pocket money and i was straight down White Hart Lane. I can remember Colin Lee Banging in them goals, and one of my favourite players at the time was Terry Naylor. Thanks
  15. mattbrakeuk
    ahh a game i new nothing about intill now... a meer 12 years later i was born...
  16. cabinfever
    I Remember being away on a football trip from work and my friends calling me in to the bar to watch the game - in those days one didn't know 'till the programme started, who was going to be on MOTD and there were highlights of just those games - no clips of others or even match reports, or pundits, or many replays - JUST JIMMY HILL!!!!
  17. PT
    Terry Naylor!!

    The year we got relegated I was watching our back four pass square balls aimlessly until one of them, normally Terry, get caught in possession and that would be that. I lost my voice on countless occasions shouting obscenities that team - except John duncan, who if not injured for much of the season, would have kept us out of that first division and the 9-0 would never have occured....if.....:shrug:
  18. spursfan77
    The motd showing the game has just been on BT sport Europe channel. First time I'd seen the goals.
  19. VertongHen
    About 8 years late mate :p
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