Harry prepared to break the bank to keep hold of Emmanuel Adebayor

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    Source: Evening Standard

    Emmanuel Adebayor is keen to reach an agreement to stay at Tottenham but the club would have to break their current wage limit in order to sign him permanently from Manchester City.

    The former Arsenal striker has just 13 Premier League games remaining of his season-long loan spell - the first of which is the derby against his old club at Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

    At present, about £105,000 of Adebayor's £175,000-a-week wage is paid by City, as Tottenham's top earners collect about £70,000 a week, although that ceiling is likely to be raised if the club qualify for the Champions League for the second time in three seasons.

    Adebayor has one year left on his contract in Manchester and Standard Sport understands his preference would be to remain in the capital.

    The Togo striker feels settled in north London, where he lives with his wife and young daughter, and the prospect of playing in Europe's major club
    competition - in which he represented Real Madrid during a loan last season - is appealing. After spells in Manchester and Madrid, it is thought Adebayor would prefer to remain in London than have to move again to another city.

    Adebayor has also been heartened by the welcome he has received from Tottenham fans, despite his past with Arsenal. Harry Redknapp was the principal figure in persuading Adebayor to move to White Hart Lane last summer and with the Tottenham boss the favourite to become the next England manager, the squad are following the club's moves with interest.

    There is willingness, therefore, on the part of Adebayor's advisors and Spurs to negotiate and discussions have taken place. Spurs would not match the salary Adebayor commands but a compromise could suit both sides.

    Adebayor has been a key figure for Redknapp's side this season. His ability to make and take chances have made Spurs a serious threat in attack and the club will need a forward with the 27-year-old's qualities for their probable second Champions League campaign next season.

    Napoli forward Edinson Cavani is another target but would cost about £27m. Adebayor's contractual position means he could be secured for less. He will be keen to add to his 10 goals this term at Emirates Stadium on Sunday. A knee problem kept him out of the 0-0 draw at Stevenage in the FA Cup fifth round but Adebayor trained on Tuesday and yesterday.

    Luka Modric is also winning his battle for fitness after flu kept him out of the Stevenage game.
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. frosteye
    If he is that keen, then get him to sign for £100k a week MAX

    Just cos Citeh had to pay top whack to persuade people to join their "project" doesnt mean we have to.....
  2. Roberts84
    well said, it does my head in when people say pay him what he wants.
  3. PT
    Cavani please Harry.
  4. BuffaloSid
    i think what that really means is pay him what hes worth. * in todays market.*
    He is after all a staff member. If you want to retain your best staff you pay them salaries that are competitive with rival companies.
  5. striebs
    He looked a real threat the other night didn't he .

    Don't even know what age he is .

    What do you reckon he would cost in transfer and wages ?
  6. ziggy
    Only if your company can afford to do so without going bust. Don't forget some of our rival companies are only paying what they do because of who owns them, it's not a level playing field.
  7. jackhealy
    Before "breaking the bank" why not consider who else is prepared to buy him and how much they would pay him. He is a good player and worth a good salary, but not the great wealth he was paid by Man City.
  8. northampton_yid
    Ade is quality, he fits perfectly into our system and he also looks like he is enjoying his football with us. Who else is going to pay him the ridic wages he gets from City? Only Chelsea or Manu can afford...and neither of them would be interested.

    I think he will have to accept the fact that if he wants to play regular football then he will have to drop his wage demands. Its not like £100k a week is a bad wage is it?
  9. montylynch
    Whoever we get in is going to demand top whack, once they get it, our top players would insist on matching them.

    He can't possibly be short of a bob or two and even on 70k a week he'll earn bundles over 3-4 years. If he likes it here so much he must be willing to take a pay cut.

    Makes me laugh though. A pay cut....Going from £175k to £70k !! Must be heartbreaking.
  10. StuckinPoland
    Why don't we just loan him again? I mean, that's still a possibility right?
  11. PT
    The accepted rumour is that Adebayor sends the bulk of his salary over to his country for village improvements.
  12. mawspurs
    It's more than a rumour he said so himself in an interview a while back.
  13. davidmatzdorf
    He didn't say "the bulk". That's internet message board exaggeration/extrapolation. He just said that he sends "some" of his earnings to Togo. We have no idea if it's 3% or 30%.
  14. Geez
    Ignoring the money factor, it's clear that he enjoys playing for us and I gather he would prefer to live in London

    Any sane person would take a cut in salary to continue playing at the top level

    However, City can afford not to sell him to a rival so a transfer may be out of the question
  15. ThorntonSpur
    sends back 50 percent of his sakary to foundation ge set up.

    canavani 27 million plus 100k

    adebayor ten million and 150k

    which would you choose?
  16. HappySpur
    I don't think Adebayor is a stupid man and will realize that outside of about four clubs, he can't hope to get the money he does now. So I bet we can easily come to a compromise that would benefit both parties. I have my doubts that City would sell him to us though.
  17. ThorntonSpur
    city will sell to us - 8 million according to a journo mate i spoke to
  18. Mullers
    Would he want to sign if Harry won't be here next season?
  19. ThorntonSpur
    harry will be here imho -

    but yeh wants to stay in london - if we the only london club in CL he will b e here even without harry

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