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    Is Harry a muppet for not bringing on Pavlyuchenko and Kranjcar earlier against Bolton and indeed earlier on in the season? Or is he a genius for bringing them on when he did and winning the game when he did? I posed this question on the match thread and it is difficult to answer.

    Opinions are becoming more polarised on Spurs Community about Harry as a football manger in general and as Spurs manager in particular. Harry Redknapp the new Marmite. You either love him or hate him; you are either a 'In Harry we trust' man or increasingly a 'Harry out' man.

    Personally I love Harry but I don't actually like him. I acknowledge our debt to him but I'm hostile to the idea that he 'saved' us. He certainly helped us dig ourselves out of a hole but we were a rising team before he came and Ramos was the temporary blip. Even Juande took us to the Carling Cup final and victory over Chelsea.

    I love Harry for his attitude to the game: the emphasis on attack; the delight in classy footballers; his dignity in defeat, and victory; his loyalty to players. He is a good fit for Spurs and came in at the right time and inherited a good squad. His down to earth attitude and the fact that he wasn't Ramos helped a remarkable turn round which has seen us improving in every way over an 18 month period.

    My attitude is complicated by the fact that as a result of following Spurs for many years I have come to value stability in both managers and players. You cannot build a team with constant changes of either. So even if we were to go out to AC Milan and not secure top four I believe that Harry should not be sacrificed on the altar of success but see out his contract.

    Harry does himself no favours by his constant courting of the press and his desire to give good quotes at every opportunity. Some interpret this an aspect of his honesty. However this is mainly about Harry and has little value for Spurs.

    On many occasions I wish that he had kept his mouth firmly closed. Training ground leaks about players out of hours habits, poor traing and fitness, or language skills are distateful to me as little evidence is ever produced to support tham. They remain rumours.

    Some of his comments are crass and reveal an insensitive attitude to players and fans. He reveals himself as an old fashioned, conservative man, out of touch with modern times and at times causes me to question his famed 'man management' skills.

    However as many would say it seems to be working. We are in the latter stages of the Champions' league and contesting a top four place for the second season running. What's not to like? Harry's attitudes and opinions are irrelevant even if it causes an underlying resentment which may come back to haunt him when the going gets tough as it will certainly do as the season progresses.

    The treatment of Pavlyuchenko and Kranjcar seems to have focussed the debate. Pavlyuchenko is statistically our best striker in the Premiership and Piennar is not demonstrably a better player than Kranjcar particularly after Nico’s match winner at Bolton. A cameo of sheer class which as they say is permanent.

    Harry's sniffy reference to 'Super Pav', devalues both the player and the fans, like me, who think that he should be given more time and should lead the line, perhaps with Kranjcar in support at Sunderland. This is based not on constant contact with the players on the training ground which clearly I don't have but simply on watching the games and applying the experience of many years to the performances of the players.

    I like 'Tottenham' style players and think that Crouch is as square a peg as Bent. He tends to make us play in style which cuts out the midfield which is our strength and playing through the middle is part of our tradition. I'm an old man, I like tradition. Whether it's the fault of Crouch doesn't really matter. 'He gives us something different' is not true if he plays frequently or for too long. Loyalty like many virtues can be overdone.

    So in the end it boils down to: 'Harry is doing a great job: get off his back': or 'Harry has done a great job but his tactical shortcomings and his failure to make best use of the squad show that we have reached the end of the road with Harry'

    Toast anyone? Do you want Marmite with that?
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by JimmyG2, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. kungfugrip
    Has his faults but look around folks....challenging for fourth again (despite many injuries) and topped our Champions League Group with Milan match next week. Sit in silence and think about those words for about ten seconds. Then think about ex-Spurs such as Christian Gross, Gary Doherty, Rohan Ricketts, Acimovic, and Rasiak.

    Redknapp has been brilliant for Spurs.
  2. Deeyal
    I agree with this. People seem to forget what we've acheived under Harry. He's not perfect all the time, but people are too quick to think the grass is greener. Other managers make tactical errors, even the likes of Wenger and Ferguson with all their experience. I was dissapointed we didn't get another stiker in the transfer window, but buying a stiker for 50m doesn't guarantee you the title, as Chelsea will attest.

    I would definitely like to see Harry give Pav a chance, but as much talent he no doubt posseses, he is very lightweight and falls over easily in a light wind. Crouch, on the other hand has a fair few assists.

    Defoe needs to get a couple of goals under his blet and get back the form we know he has in him.
  3. MZungu
    Pavs main problem is that when he arrived from Russia he was tired from playing through the Russian season while other Spurs players had had hollidays and preseason. So he was lacking in energy, got labeled as lazy by Redknapp, and unfortunatly that tag has stuck with him. A question for all the Crouchy fanboys: If Pav is lazy, then what is Crouch? Pav is a natural finisher, and in form/with confidence I would actually say he is one of the worlds best! Remeber Euro 2008? He might not be as good as the very best strikers at creating his own chances, but if you can find a way to feed him the ball, he will score consistantly. Check out a highlight clip of him on Youtube for example, there is something decisive and confident about his finishing, he basically know how to find the right space and what to do to get the ball into the net. This is evident in the way the ball often goes in even though it is not a well placed shot. Many says it's luck, or that the keeper should have taken it, but that is not the case, the truth is that Pav is a rare talent, he's a true goal-getter. Now if only we would change our style of play to suit him, the way we change our style to the embarrasing to fit Crouch, we would'nt have to go spend € 50 million on some shady character from Hajduk Spliff. Instead Super-Pav is rotting on our bench.

    The treatment that Niko has recieved from Harry is just as despicable. I don't think it's fair to expect us to be higher on the table than we are, but I think it's a miracle that we are this high on the table considering how few goals we have scored (read: Harry poor utilisation of the squad.)
  4. lilywhitecurtis
    I liked it apart from the dig at Crouch at the end. Crouchie is the only striker who justifies a start in Europe, and has arguably scored two of our most important goals in the last 20 years with his header against City and his finish against Milan.

    If I could roll the striker changes at WHL, I'd keep Crouch as a 3rd/4th option. Defoe and Pav on the other hand might not be so lucky.
  5. beuller
    I can't believe I have only just seen this.

    I am very much in the same camp as you Jimmy.

    My main issue with Redknapp (It makes me cringe that people put 'Arry, like he's their mate from down the pub) is the short-termism of the job he seems to see for himself. It makes me think that a) he's not one of us and, b) that he won't necessarily do what is right for our wonderful club. I also dislike how he speaks about us as fans sometimes. It shows a lack of respect for the people that line his pockets and will be here well after he swans of to yet another 'last job'.

    But I also recognise that I am watching some of the best football I have seen in years. So, well played sir, well played.
  6. mawspurs
    You just cannot argue with Redknapp's record. Look at his win percentage compared to past Spurs managers. you'll struggle to find better. That speaks volumes, he is getting it right the majority of the time. As others have said he makes mistakes but all managers do.

    And I agree with those who have asked the question who would be better? It's hard to believe he is being touted for the England job on one hand yet on the other he is not good enough for a small percentage of his own clubs fans.

    Give the guy a break, take a step back and see the whole picture. We are having a very good season and it's not over yet.


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