Harry Winks shines at Real Madrid

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 17, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. parj
    Superb today. Didn't do the flashy stuff but helped disrupt the real Madrid machine that could have easily dismantled us
  2. 2bearis2do
    I can't remember being so enamoured with a Spurs player coming through the ranks as Harry Winks - that's my truth.
    Harry Kane was a grower and I'll put my hand up, I had my doubts in his early days.
    You have Dele - a raw raw talent - but he has much to learn and an attitude to curb.
    There are others - the slow burning Rolls Royce that became Ledley King.
    My stalwart "one of our own" heroes over the years - Mabbutt & Perryman.
    The legend that is Hoddle - There are plenty of others to laud and praise - I'm not here wishing to compare but just to effuse my absolute joy in having a player like Harry Winks in our ranks.
    Loving it.
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  3. 2bearis2do
    It was interesting to see him against Modric - for me the best Central Midfielder in the world at the moment - Harry has much to learn - but he was not out of place.
    In fact he held his own and some and will have learned so much form tonight's experience.
    Loving it!
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  4. JimmyG2
    So assured and found space all evening.
    Never shirked a tackle or from offering himself for the ball,
    constantly switching play.
    Proud of the boy.
    The real \Harry Winks stood up.
    And well done Mauricio for trusting him.
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  5. chinaman

    Mabbutt was not from our nursery. We bought him.
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  6. mawspurs
    From Bristol City i think :unsure:
  7. Mr.D
    And he scored in first 5 or so appearances.
  8. Lilbaz
    Bristol Rovers.
  9. 2bearis2do
    Yes a good reminder that we actually bought Mabbutt - he's become so engrained in Spurs folklore and has such legendary status for his 16 years with us - I had completely forgotten that fact!

    Of course we bought Dele too. But I think you get the essence of my drift! ;-)
  10. mawspurs
    I wasn't sure, thanks for clarifying.

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