Has AVB Improved Spurs?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by zcaks15, Mar 6, 2013.

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    In the 2011-2012 season, Spurs sat in third place with 53 points after 28 games. This season, after 28 games, we currently sit in third place with 54 points. Hence from this set of statistics alone, it seems that we have slightly improved under AVB. But it is much more than just one point.

    At the beginning of this season, there were permanent departures of key players in Ledley King, Luka Modric and Rafael Van de Vaart. Worse still, key players such as Benoit Asso-Ekotto, Kaboul, Scott Parker, Adebayor were either njured or absent for a large part of the season. Those were in total 7 key players who got us to 4th place in the previous season and AVB had to rely on the remainder of the squad and a few new signings. The thing I like about AVB is that he does not moan about injuries to key players or lack of funds provided by the Chairman. He simply gets on with his job.

    With so many absentees in the squad and his reputation at Chelsea, I was so certain that this season is the one to simply forget and that AVB would be axed in the near future. My prediction proved to be right when we started with the defeat at St. James' Park and the draw at home to West Brom. We did not get our first win until the victory against QPR at home with the help of an own goal scored by the other side.

    Further, with AVB taking the Europa League seriously, it was thought that AVB was not really aiming for a top 4 finish in the league but was trying to using a cup final as a consolation prize for not achieving Champions League qualification.

    Then came a rather special moment at Old Trafford where we got all three points. Up until now, Man United had only lost one game at home in the league all season, and that was against the best team in North London.

    Although we began to picking up points at home and on the road thereafter, my doubts on AVB were on the style of football where we were not as entertaining as we were under Harry. Since we were picking up points, I thought I should give him some time.

    At the Everton game at Goodison Park when we were leading 1-0, I thought AVB had finally proven me wrong. At the end of that game which we ended up losing 2-1, I said to myself I should have more faith in myself just a little bit more.

    The pendulum swings once again as we were unbeaten for 11 games after the Everton game with our biggest rival Arsenal being our next opponent. I said to myself before the Arsenal game that if we win this one, I really should start giving him credit for what he is doing at our club.

    We all know how it went against Arsenal but I am still not entirely happy with AVB as we have yet to qualify for the Champions League for next season. Until then, my doubts remain. Please prove me wrong at the end of the season, and perhaps hit me on the head with the Europa Cup as a bonus.

    So has AVB improved Spurs?

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by zcaks15, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. BillyWhizz
    A full assessment of this should really be done once the season ends but what we can definitely see now is how our ability to win the ball back has improved, especially the high pressing. We are harder to beat these days and is evidenced by the 9 or 10 away wins this season, which I believe is also a record for us since the Prem started.
  2. dontcallme
    I agree. AVB has been much more adaptable than I expected him to be.

    Next season I hope he can bring in more players that suit his needs. I don't believe our backup aren't good enough but I do believe some don't have the attributes that fit our team.

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