Has BMJ needlessly damaged the confidence of the defence

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    Whilst watching the first seventy odd minutes of the game yesterday I had come to the conclusion that although we hadn't caused too many problems going forward we had managed to look fairly solid in defence.

    I was delighted to see Gardner and Dawson form a decent centre back pairing. In light of just how little football Gardner has played this season I thought he was having a good game. Obviously this was not a sentiment shared by BMJ as he decided to haul him off and replace him with Rocha. This in my opinion was a huge tactical mistake.

    I heard the opinion of Andy Gray, in that BMJ must have thought that Gardner was in danger of being sent off, but I can only say I saw little evidence of that happening.

    The importance of a strong centre back partnership cannot be underestimated. All season we have suffered from missing Ledley and having only Davenport available. Now we find ourselves in a situation where BMJ has managed to upset two centre backs, the repercussions of which might ruin the rest of our season.

    As Gardner left the pitch last night you could see from his face he was less than happy. He received a hand shake for his efforts and walked off with his head down. Did he deserve to leave the field? I would say no? Did he look more likely to receive a yellow card than Ghaly for example? Once again the answer has to be no. Did we benefit from this 'tactical substitution’? Definitely not.

    What BMJ managed to do through this master stroke is damage what little confidence poor Anthony has got. I think any Spurs fan with knowledge of Gardner as a player must agree that his best form in the past has followed from playing regularly and building his confidence.

    So what did BMJ indirectly say to him by removing him from the pitch yesterday? Answer: I don't have the confidence in you as a player to play out the rest of this game to the best of your ability without adversely affecting the team. There is absolutely no way that BMJ would have even considered removing Dawson or King in the same situation.

    He was replaced by Ricardo Rocha with whom I have been reasonably impressed so far and that even includes last night. He is tough in the tackle, pacey and has good heading ability.

    But football being football he will now be remembered for the mistake he made last night and must now suffer the pressure that follows from making a mistake in such a high profile game. How will he respond? We'll have to wait and see. Did BMJ really need to put Rocha into that pressure cooker environment when Gardner was already playing well? I am convinced that it was an unnecessary and potentially damaging substitution.

    I can only finish by saying that in my limited opinion the substitution was ill thought out. It has needlessly affected two vital members of the squad at an important juncture in the season. BMJ got it wrong!
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by ricardomcd, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. masterblaster80
    I'm sorry, i'm standing firm in Jol's corner.

    Gardner had his last warning, THEN he went for that challenge, the ref wanted to be lenient, he called over Keane (the captain) and simple said "One more and you're off".

    Now, if you were Jol, with half and hour and extra time still to play, and given the way Arse-anal play, would you take a risk of playing with 10 men when you know you need to score?

    You're saying that Rocha's mistake and the goal killed us off, well, if Gardner stayed on and got sent off, that would killed us off too. Then we'd have people saying "BMJ is a wanker for not taking off Gardner.... etc."

    Rocha's mistake was a small one, but a small mistake against our biggest rival, i'm still very impressed with his two first performance, and quite surprised by his pace.

    Confidence will be regained. There is no doubt to that.

    In Jol I trust.
  2. walworthyid
    Some people make me laugh! Before the democrats on here start, I am not saying that people shouldn't express an opinion, but gardner had to come off. He was getting tired which is why he was struggling positionally and mis-timing challenges. He had been told in no uncertain terms that if he made another mistake he was going off. Had that happened it would have been "bmj is naive, why did he not take tone off" etc.

    Just like mido, it is likely that rocha did not start because he was not fit enough and also not ready for such a big, and potentially long game.

    Naybet came straight in, but he was playing in spain and had been one of the best defenders in europe for years.

    He did and will get some things wrong but he should be judged on the fact that he gets most things right.
  3. JCPenners
    Gave up reading as soon as I noticed you can't spell, by the sound of it the article was junk anyway.

    Jol is clearly the best manager for a long time. Everyone, players and managers alike have rough patches. Have some faith!
  4. JuanRebelde
    An entire post based on the assumption that a player with a yellow card who had then been warned again by the ref was not likely to be sent off? What else needs to be said?
  5. wildheart
    What he said. Absolutely
  6. barry
    A little bit off topic, but I believe the only real change we need to make to our defence is our GK. Robbo has been terible this season, and I think we should give cerney more games, and sign a new keeper in the summer(Green, foster or Carson will do me). Hopefully this will help Robinson buck up his ideas, maybe lose some weight and get back to the robbo of old. I've said before that I love Robbo because of the loyalty he's show the club, and I regret that I can't show him the same loyalty, but improving Spurs has to be the priority.

    Admitedly I'm not the biggest fan of Gardner, just because he looks so uncomfortable on the ball, but I think he's a competent, who comes in for alot of unfair critism.

    And for those of you knocking Hughton. I think the manager lives and dies by results. If he thought Hughton was in anyway a detriment to Spurs, he would of got rid of him by now. This is still the same Chris Hughton who was there last season when we came fifth.

    I believe the assistant manager is pretty much unimportant. A good manager, with good players, should be enough to make a team good. Look at Fergie and the number of assistants he's had.
  7. Krafty
    Gardner has a habit of slipping mentally as the game goes on. In the first leg he was solid and then around the 65 minute mark he started giving away silly free kicks, looking tired and unable to cope.

    I would have started with rocha myself but I cant really argue with Jol here. The ref was being a right knob and it was clear even the slightest infringement and garnder was going
  8. Parmenio
    so if Roche hadn't made that mistake, would we even be seeing this article?

    No I think not.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but unfortunatly it isn't available in advance ... otherwise we could all manage the team.
  9. badcompany
    I actually agree that Gardner didn't need to come off at that stage, but Rocha didn't lose us the game, we lost it because we didn't attack - we needed to win the game and yet Arsenal had the most attacking intent from start to finish. If I was going to single out any players for poor performances it'd be Ghaly - who simply isn't talented enough, and Defoe who whilst I agree didn't get the best of service, looked lazy and uninterested on the night.
  10. Davey-O
    Gardner did need to come off... he was one or 2 tackles away from a red card.

    The ref even told him that...
  11. mawspurs
    Gardner appeared to lose it with the ref when he got a yellow card and had to be told to calm down. He was obviously starting to tire and Jol made the right decision in my opinion. He was unlucky that Rocha's unfortunate slip ended any chance we had of getting a result.
  12. yido4eva
    that pretty much says it all
  13. nightgoat
    Precisely... Gardner hadn't actually made that many fouls, yet the ref had penalised him far too many times, and after the foul given against him just before he came off you could see the ref say to him "No more", meaning if he committed one more foul he'd be sent off...

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