He Is extraordinary - Pochettino wins over Tottenham new boy

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 8, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Mar 8, 2018 at 3:20 PM
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    Tottenham Hotspur new boy Lucas Moura has revealed that he has been bowled over by Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. bigspurs
    Should have played last night when we we’re struggling for pace and attacking options after going 2-1 down. Oh well...
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  2. Japhet
    Thought Moura would have caused havoc last night. Juve had a bunch of players on yellow cards and looked knackered at the back. Water under the bridge now though.
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  3. Fluther
    Agree...was expecting Moura to come on instead of Lamela.....reckon he's a better option than Lamela who I beleive to not good enough tbh
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  4. Fluther
    Who I believe to be not good enough......like my typing
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  5. Spurslove
    Water under the bridge it may be, but you are absolutely spot on with your sentiments. I was almost howling at the tele last night to get him onto the pitch, but did Poch listen to me? Did he bollocks. He put on Llorente instead.

    Costa was running us ragged the little bastard and I was just imagining Lucas doing exactly the same to them.

    I'm loving Lucas already and I've hardly seen him play yet, but he seems to have all the right attributes. Speed, technical ability and a love and respect for Poch, which we all share.

    Not been here five minutes but he's one of our own. Go Lucas...!!!

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  6. Sweetsman
    Lamela was good enough when he came on and has been good enough in any case. What matters is that Poch thinks he's good enough and trusts him.
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  7. gloryglory
    Playing Lamela absolutely made sense. He was terrific in Turin and was unlucky not to start. Bags of energy and unpredictable, exactly what you need in a sub.

    It's always the same with fans, the shiny new thing is always preferred to the old thing. No evidence yet that Lucas will be better than Lamela. He has lots of talent but so does Lamela.

    The change we should have made was a formational one to cover theirs. A switch to a back 3 would have neutred their changes. Oh for a fit Alderweireld.
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  8. Locotoro
    Let's not be harsh re Llorente. There's a logic to putting on another target man when you're pumping balls into the box. Another midfielder would have just congested the midfield more especially when Juve were sat deep anyway
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  9. Colonel_Klinck
    Lamela was the right choice for me. Juventus were sitting so deep and compact after they’d scored their second goal that Lucas would have had nowhere to run into. People can try and second guess this but we lost as we weren’t clinical enough with our chances. Juventus were.
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  10. double0
    Lamela was the right substitution. In fact Pochettinho did everything right unfortunately we didn't take our chances .

    It's a burn we lost.
  11. Spurslove
    That may be so, but Chiellini was soaking up absolutely everything that came at him. He was a beast that night and virtually nothing got past him.

    Defending against big guys like Llorente is no more than food and drink to him and I don't think Llorente was the answer (obviously not as he produced nothing).

    Lucas would have caused them all sorts of problems. Big central defenders like Chiellini are usually perfectly at home with repelling crosses and stopping big strikers, but they hate smaller guys running at them at pace, as Lucas does. It's just my personal feeling. I really think we might have missed a trick there, but I guess we'll never know.
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  12. Sweetsman
    He's not a big lump of English defender, he's a big Italian defender, and that is a big difference. Therefore, he will not be fazed by small, quick attackers.
  13. Locotoro
    On the contrary, the big chance that we had at the end was a cross into the box aimed at both Kane and Llorente and Chiellini, who was magnificent as he was devious, was marking two players. If that's Lucas and not Llorente he's not going for that header and Kane is more easily marked.

    Point is there are too many variables to say what would or wouldnt have worked definitively. We can only speculate.
  14. Locotoro
    Whilst i think the subs were right and the tactics were right. I do think that Dier instead of Wanyama was not the right choice.

    You're up against a Juve side that need to score twice and you've got Wanyama on the bench.?
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  15. Spurslove
    So true, but I haven't read anything yet to change my original point of view.

  16. Lighty64
    the thing is Lucas wouldn't of been 1 on 1 with Chiellini. yes he has tricky feet but we had to go a different route and hope Llorentte would knock a high ball down. Lucas would of had to get past 10 players as once they went 2-1 up they defended with the whole team.

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