How Gomes Convinced Paulinho to Join Tottenham

Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jul 15, 2013.

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    How Gomes Convinced Paulinho to Join Tottenham
    Amongst the pictures of the new training facilities tweeted by Gomes a while ago was this little gem. I’m not one to let a good Photoshop opportunity pass me by, and the result is this collection of photos (actually sent by Gomes to his countryman Paulinho) that poetically capture the highlights of N17.

    The original picture:​
    Which lead to the following:​
    And if any of you want to make your own here is the cutout of Gomes:​
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Chris_the_yid
    Very good. You forgot to include the queues outside the train station after a match though!
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  2. mattdefoe
    gomes :( how I wish it had worked out for you in the long term ! great character,his distribution was poor and we didn't know what gomes would show on the day .. shame
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  3. Dharmabum
    Gomes was the main reason for Spurs' qualifying for the CL, particularly the match vs Arsenal stands out. Had it not been for his 2 out-of-the-world saves vs Arsenal (both efforts from van Persie, and here is what he had to say: ).
    The English press simply enjoyed "destroying" him, as they also tried with De Gea. Gomes seem like a wonderful character and I hope his career really takes off - at whichever (with some exceptions) he ends up playing for.
    No, I am not oblivious to his errors but I noticed that many fans on various Spurs sites bought into the press hype and even the slightest of flaws were blown up out of proportions. Yes, some of his did cost Spurs (like vs Real M., but there was less emphasize on Crouch horrendously stupid tackles (even more strange since he never before or after ever had tackled/did tackle like that) that led to his red card); but once his confidence was lost, well, that was in - and the press could glee in their self-fulfilling "prophesy".
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  4. yid-down-under
    Still worth keeping as back up along with brad imo
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  5. whitelightwhiteheat
    Great pics lol

    I fucking loved Gomes!

    But this summer he needs to be moved on. We do not need three GKs on top whack wages on the books.
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  6. fridgemagnet
    I agree in theory but if having him about helps Paulinho settle how Sandro has is he worth holding on to until January? I don't know what that'd cos in wages but i think it might be worth the short term pain for long term gain.

    He deserves to play football somewhere, although i actually think he would bugger up the team dynamic for cup games etc a lot less than Brad "stay at home" Friedal but André gets paid to solve these things so what do i know :censored:

    Shame so many people listen to Alan Hansen isn't it.

    Seems like the bugger is a bit injury prone though, so maybe he'll be here until he's a free or we let him go.
  7. whitelightwhiteheat

    I think Gomes is on about £50k per week. Which is excessive for a third choice GK.

    Sandro will help Paulinho settle in. They are the same age, will have loads in common, already know each other really well from the national team, etc.

    Sandro will introduce Paulinho to darts and to Bobby George... and the rest, as they say, will be history!

    It'll all be fine.

    Brad's an ok back up for the cup games imo. He'll do a job.
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  8. yidogra
    Lovely jubbly
    I want my mummy

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  9. southgatespur40
    It is well documented that Gomes had a shaky start, playing with a broken rib can't have helped that, but he went through a phase where he was absolutely incredible, before he again stuttered and was dropped for brad friedel.

    Gomes should now be sold though, he deserves to be first choice somewhere, I'm just glad we have Hugo :D
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  10. arunspurs
    He never recovered from Nani goal. Always liked him. But getting Freidel in was a good call after a series of goal line accidents.
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  11. yidogra
    I felt so sorry for Gomes after the Lampard goal at the Chavs place (never over the line) but to be fair, it shouldn't haver got that far, he should've stopped it rolling between his legs.
    The saves against Van Persie in teh Danny Rose derby though...absolute world class
  12. Buckoxx
    Rather have Gomes stay than Friedel, but one of them will have to go this summer.

    All fairweather fans bought into the hype Gomes is terrible and doesn't deserve to be wearing a Spurs shirt, he is still one of the best shot stoppers I have ever seen (being a keeper for 12 years, I always kept my eyes on keepers a lot, it was what my coach told me to do). Brad is getting old, and if Gomes gets a few games in UEFA/Cup then maybe his price will bump up a little bit, for future selling so we can bring a youth product through.
  13. theShiznit
    I know how Gomes convinced him.

    He said "they don't pick me" :D:oops::unsure:

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