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    Tom Huddlestone – Is he the brightest talent in English football? or without pace and agility will he struggle in the modern game?

    Tom Huddlestone has shown the best and worst of his talents in a short spell in the first team, he has controlled games with power and great passing with even more effectiveness than Carrick.

    I watched him against Manchester City and saw a player that I thought could be the best midfielder in the Premiership, however since then I have been disappointed slightly, but what can you expect of a 20 year old central midfielder. What has occurred to me is that the City midfield was, via Joey Barton, pathetic and more importantly slow and did not close Spurs down so Huddlestone had time and space to show his true game, since then he has looked rushed, less effective and more importantly slow.
    It seems that a lack of pace is allowed if you are a defensive midfielder as being mobile is not the most important attribute for that position. They sit there and spray balls around the park like Carrick or Xavi and have great positional sense defensively. However these players have good agility and balance, which is an area where Huddlestone seems slightly lacking.
    I have no doubt that Huddlestone will be a quality player and his footballing wisdom will grow him into a Spurs great but can he ever be a world beater without pace and perhaps more importantly agility. I here you scream out a list of players who have made it in the premiership despite being slow Carrick and Sheringham spring to mind straight away, but those players are famed for their reading of the game and only time will tell if Tom develops in this area.<o:p></o:p>
    Arsenal are rumoured to have a policy where Wenger will only sign players who are essentially athletes over short distances. Apparently he refused Carrick and even Robinson for these reasons. He has based his team around players who are young and fast because he thinks that in modern football you ‘generally’ have to be pacy. For all the insults about his nationality, attitude to losing, and his transfer policy you cannot argue that there is not a chink in his logic.
    Are scouts looking at pace first and talent second? There is a prime example at <st1:city><st1:place>Chelsea</st1:place></st1:city> in my opinion where you have <st1:place><st1:placename>Wayne</st1:placename> <st1:placename>Bridge</st1:placename></st1:place> and Ashley Cole. <st1:place><st1:placename>Wayne</st1:placename> <st1:placename>Bridge</st1:placename></st1:place> you could argue is technically a better footballer than Ashley Cole, however Ashley Cole is very fast and that seems to be what cuts it in the modern game.
    In the end Tom is still young and has the promise to become a great player despite his lack of pace, but are the slower players like Huddlestone a dying breed in the Premiership? Huddlestone will make it due to his superb technical ability, but slow players in general will in my opinion eventually become a thing of the past.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Frozen_Waffles, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. jonnyrotten
    After being a long time watcher and enjoyer of this board I feel inclined to finally post!
    Jenas is inconsistent, as Huddlestone is (i think his past two performances have been average at best). The thing is that both players plus Zokora have HUGE potential to develop. Jenas in particular attacks the box well and this is something the team is crying out for. He should be back for the semi final 1st leg so here's hoping we watches out for those dirty fouling gooners!
  2. laskoir
    A bad performance for Hudd meant he wasnt quite on song and controlling the game like he was against Man City for example. He didnt lose the ball regularly for the team though. His pass completion was still well up there.Thats the standard hes already set for himself.
    Jenas however is another kettel of fish. He gets foward - big deal - its at the expense of every other area of his game. Lets agree to disagree for now. When Jenas get back in the team as I fear he might do your own little player cam and watch him for a whole game or a good chunk of it. Watch what he contributes and then come back to me. Hes bad news.
  3. adamsilver
    To people talking about intelligence over pace...players these days are required to have BOTH. Arsenal players have BOTH, so its not a matter of Lindford vs Huddlestone etc
  4. jonnyrotten
    Thanks for the condescension. I would hope that at least you would get behind him when he does return? I personally think Jenas and THud are tremendous players and will provide a great balance when they play together.
  5. sugarman

    Interesting, though lacking pace through the middle. Who out on the left? This new French kid who's name escapes me...

    Can't see it happening. Could only see Malbranque in the middle if we played a 5 man midfield with 2 out and out wingers, which opens a can of worms
  6. laskoir
    Jonny I hope your right!!!!!

    Sugarman - I cant hekp feel Malbranque is wasted out wide but agreed where do we fit him in
  7. gibbs131
    Our TEAM is not lacking pace. It is lacking muscle. Murphy, Malbranque, Lennon> Hud is huge buct cant do it all on his own. Hud is a much needed wall in the middle of the park. You will not see many "pacey" midfielders skipping past him as he has telescopic legs. And he will win everything in the air or a physical challenge. It is swings and roundabouts.
  8. laskoir
    Hudd is so scary. Check the jumper. Prepare to be terrified.

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  9. McFlash
    I don't think that Hudd is a slow as he looks.
    Sure, he's not lightning out of the blocks, and it does take a while to get his gigantic frame moving.
    He's got a bloody big stride and because he's a such big lad and it just looks like he's running in slo-mo!
    Hudd will never be a Colin Jackson type starter but if he gets a headstart in his mind with his reading of the game, he can set off before anyone else. Once he's got the ball. it's not like he has to outrun people - he just passes round them or shifts his bulk to block the ball.

    That's exactly what we (nearly)all used to argue when someone accused Carrick of being slow (apart from the bits about being built like a bungalow!).
  10. beuller

    They are not 'required to have' anything. A good footballer is a good footballer. All players have different attributes.

    I think sometimes people completely forget what the game is about. The players aren't robots, this is not a computer game where the only thing you need your players to have is pace because you can do the rest.

    Arsenal aren't the best side in England, let alone europe or the world. Yes they have pace which is great but ability manifests itself in many ways and pace doesn't always win out. Its just nonsense.
  11. Boaman
    Darren Huckerby has pace
  12. beefy
    i dont want a team full of africans with a french passport,its not all about pace,huddlestone can be our new hoddle,i will take that anyday
  13. gregga
    Complete load of bollocks. Jenas isn't an out and out attacking midfielder - he puts in a lot of important tackles and isn't afraid of getting stuck in - I don't understand how anyone can watch him play and not notice his overall contribution.

    My main gripe with Jenas is that he doesn't know what to do with the ball in forward situations, but having players like Malbranque, Berbs and Lennon next to him means this doesn't matter as much. Every team needs a box-to-box midfield type, and until Zokora can find some form again Jenas is ours.
  14. davidmatzdorf
    That's because he's been sulking over the fact that no one can spell his bloody name.

    And he didn't cost £10m. Slightly more than half that.
  15. MidnightCaller
    Yes, have to agree, what we should call it is laidback, or very calm, controlled and amazing ability to control the ball and pass the ball. anyway who would you perfer to tackle against, Lennon or Huddlestone defending against you, me I would prefer little lennon. see we forget that Huddlestone is a defender/midfield and Lennon is a striker/winger.
  16. Ali
    Errr... well unless Zokora has a French passport (and I'm not sure that he does), we don't have any of those do we?
  17. davidmatzdorf
    Passing over for a moment my irritation with beefy's rather close-to-the-edge post, I think we have: Benoit Assou-Ekotto. French-born, plays football for Cameroon.

    And, judging by his name and appearance, I reckon that Adel Taarabt's parents are from North Africa.
  18. vigospur
    That's it then. We just have to sign someone with technique, agility, balance, power and pace. In the meantime this lad will do for me.
  19. Spursfect
    Just like to add my thoughts on the subject.

    Hudds will not get much quicker than he already is, although at 20 he is still developing. What we need to realise is we have relatively new partnerships in all areas of the field which will manifest itself in the team looking disjointed and lacking in consistency. With time the mgt will get the partnerships and the balance of the team right.
    For example we all know Murphy really is not going to cut it at the lane, whereas Hudds will, why? They both have about the same level of pace and mobility. The difference is class (in the football sense). Hudds oozes it Murphy does not. Put Hudds with an in form Zoko or JJ and you will notice the difference and we will not be questioning his lack of pace. Get a proper quality left winger who offers a threat along the lines of Lennon and you will notice the difference.

    Also, Spurs have a history of classy players Hoddle, Gazza & Waddle to mention a few from our recent past, so we are a sucker for these types. On a number of occasions these players have failed to deliver us major honours but we have thoroughly enjoyed watching them, enjoy the Hudd for what he is....a 20 year baller with the potential to be even greater.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Spurs 4 Life
  20. tottenham4life
    The HUDD is going to be one of the greatest players ever to put on a spurs shirt i truely believe! he is young still learning but he has the tools, the best way to play him is defensive mid let jenas/zakora do the running he does the clearing up and putting in the killer pass and if this is the way he is played he will be up there with danny and jimmy

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