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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

  • by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007 at 12:30 AM
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    Deep breath, oooooh-aaah.

    I have to admit, sitting here now trying to keep a level head is very hard, very challenging.

    I've just seen my beloved team turn in a terrible performance. So bad in fact I was almost cheering on O'Shea's heroics in goal. I am gutted, disillusioned, heartbroken, lost and most of all in need of answers and guidance.

    Sure this is Spurs worst performance in a very long time, am I right in saying since Newcastle whopped us by many goals a few moons ago? The difference and the problem is, this is not that same crap Spurs side since then or ever in the last 10 years! this is the strongest team since Gerry made a half decent go of things. We (Spurs) should not be this bad! We are not like some (I am not going to make the same mistake as Benitez) of the evidently 'smaller' teams in the Premiership, we are truly giants who have lost our way.

    When I was sat in that bar in Egypt on the 5th of November I thought Levy's Spurs had come of age, my head was swimming and images of the glory glory days that had so often been recollected in front of me had started to appear. Then came the Reading game. Since then (apart from European games) Spurs are not the team I saw only just lose out on a Champions League place by malicious poisoning/sheer bad luck (delete as applicable).

    What to do? what to say? How to feel? I need guidance. Please St Nicholson! Help me!

    I've never been one for knee jerk reactions and I've always been a supporter not a critic. I was an Ericsson supporter for England and I felt dumping George Graham, Spurs most successful manager in 16 years (FACT), was very harsh and out of order. But I have looked at some of the 'Jol Out' posts that have popped up over the last 8 months and laughed them aside as some joke.

    But as the old saying goes, every joke has a kernel of truth.

    Something is very evidently wrong at the moment! I will try to be as straight forward as possible at the moment to avoid having my points of view dissected and disapproved of.

    I see four reasons why my Lillywhites are not cutting it.

    1. Jol, tactical naivety. This issue has popped up a lot recently.Spurs always seem to take the foot off the peddle when they don't need to! Spurs is a good team. A VERY GOOD TEAM! we should not be losing a 2-0 lead to a bunch of kids that to be honest have been losing to our kids for the last 2 years!!!! I get so incensed when I see Spurs sit back deep and defend when we should be pressing the advantage.

    2. Ledley, Ledley IS our defence, since Ledley has been out our defence has suffered immensely. we have had 10 goals scored against us in the last 4 matches. Shocking when you take into account we never lost by more then 2 goals last season. Without his leadership, our back line has been all over the shop and field! We need solid stability.

    3. Left sided player. No comment.

    4. A special player. Or lack of. Apart from Jenas's contribution we don't have a player that can step up to the mark and make the difference when it counts, think Gascoigne, Ginola and such. We need that player who can polarise the team and help focus our goals on the pitch, the sort of person that is there for every spot kick and dead ball. Tottenham's legendary style dictates that need.

    I am sad, and very angry. We should not be here at this point commenting on negative things but there are definitely issues and they need to be sorted before this entire season disappears without trace.

    Please Spurs, sort it out.:-(

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

    Insomnia.......explain yourself, you ****. Go on, tell me Jol's a brilliant a manager and what we're watching every week is fucking amazing. Open your eyes you mug.
  2. infamousyiddo
    poor result to say the least!!!!!! We have to stop the rot and soon otherwise we will lose ground on the teams above us.

    the thing that gets to me most is the lack of fight and desire when we go behind, no matter who we play once we go beind there seems to be an acceptance of defeat. We BADLY need a player on the pitch who demands the ball and takes the game by the scruff of the neck!!!
  3. marion52
    How long do we say Malbranque will be ok when he is back to full fitness level!! He's had long enough.
    What we need is a player to take the team by the scruff of the neck and give it a go. We lost 4-0 it can't get any worse!
    Just give it a go , our next game at Sheffield Utd is almost a six pointer lose that and we can be the team that drops like a stone into the relegation battle.
    Fight Spurs -fight.

    Is this the same team that went how many games unbeaten at home till a scrappy defensive error let 'pool have a lucky win.

    Lets get behind them for the rest of the season then, and only then, will we know if Jol is the right man to take us forward.

  4. RickyVilla
    I facking hate people like you who come out and say things like that after a defeat. Was he useless last season? Well was he? Try engaging your brain and looking at things rationally before posting such utter tripe.
  5. JKSpurs
    I thought we were unlucky yesterday. The penalty was a joke, albeit they should of had a earlier one as should of we. The ref was a crap, and if you looked at the stats after the game we had a good few chances and plenty of possesion. Man U broke down the game with lots of tactical fouling and could of had a number of players dismissed for 2 yellow's if the ref wasn't so Sh1t.

    All the twats on here calling for Martin Jol to be sacked. So imagine he's does go, where then? Who would want to come to spurs that would do a better job ?
  6. RBlanch
    Unfortunately there are lots of opportunities to criticise Jol at the moment as every game is a defeat.....

    And was he that great last season? Out in the 1st round in both cups?

    Arguably he was still playing with a squad he inherited....he has now had a full opportunity to make his own signings and we have gone backwards.
  7. JKSpurs
  8. Wiener
    I agree with the above. Scholes, Rooney, Neville and to a lesser degree Ferdinand were the main culprits. Virtually every time a decision went our way, 2 or 3 Man U players (Neville always in there) harassed the referee. These are extremely effective tactics employed by both Chelsea and Man U (clearly part of Mourinho's and Ferguson's plans) to intimidate referees. When you pit a bunch of mediocre and incompetent officials (the FA and referees) against a bunch of unscrupulous but successful pros (Mourinho, Ferguson and Kenyon) I guess there is no contest.

    Having said that I was extremely disappointed by the way spurs dealt with the thuggery. Zokora in particular should hopefully will learn to deal with it. I don't mean retaliate. I mean simply to stand up to them and show no fear. These are classic bully boy tactics.
    I tell you what there are some seriously deluded idiots on here who think they're so fucking clever. I bet most of you sit at home watching the match in your armchair thinking "we are unlucky", and deluding yourselves into thinking that Jol will get it right in the end. Unlucky....... it was FOUR NIL ffs!! Add to that our pathetic away form, dull unadventurous football, tactical ineptitude, lack of bottle, and lack of fight.

    I'm sure MOST of you are nice people but you have blind faith. You cant see whats really going on.
  10. RickyVilla
    So what is really going on Yidboy. Enlighten us
  11. RickyVilla
    Having our most successful season in a while points to him being a decent manager. Nowhere have I said he is infallible but I think he is good and thats my opinion as yours is he ain't that great. Opinions are like arseholes mate. Everyone has one
  12. DCSPUR
    I'm glad that we have a lot of sensible posters to counter act the gloom brigade on the boards.
    We weren't a disaster and those who think they do need to blooming well learn how to analyse a game before posting comments like "Jol out."
    I think Fergie pregame got it right - patience will be rewarded for Spurs.
    PS I'd love to see Spurs just once get a dodgy penalty and then have the ability to hack the crap out of the opposition all game with no sendings off and only a couple of yellows....
  13. YIDBOY
    If you cant see it for yourself Ricky, then as i say, you have blind faith and are deluded.
  14. roguepsi
    This 'article' is an embarrassment. I knew it was a load of shit as soon as a read that it was 'our worst for some while'. Clearly the author was busy doing some gardening and just saw the scoreline because this was the most even 4-0 I've ever seen. Had Spurs been favoured by Mr Battenberg and also been as efficient as Utd, we could've easily seen a 4-4 draw. As it happens, our lack of clinical finishing meant we scored none. That was the only difference between the two sides.
  15. RickyVilla
    Read my last thread YB. I see him as a good manager better than we have had in a long time. If he is sacked now we go through another 2 years of transition. All I am saying is give him a chance. I don't have blind faith I just believe he is a good manager. Why does it have to be you either hate him or love him. If things do not improve then yes I will want him out but we are still in the UEFA and FA cups so all is not lost. Try a bit of optimism. I know it is difficult after a result like yesterdays but put a bit of perspective into it. Anyway, who would you replace him with who would realistically come to the Lane?
  16. infamousyiddo

    great post villa, i have had a few debates with YB, stubborn guy lol.

    but seriously!! last week i asked the "we want jol out" fan club who would REALISTICALLY replace jol and do a better job than what jol has supposedly failed to do......someone said get mourinho.....:roll: :rofl: ....NUFF SAID!!!!!!
  17. YIDBOY
    I'm sorry but he is not a good manager, a lovely bloke yes, a good manager no. The best we have had in along time? I disagree with that also (but lets be honest, we haven't had one top manager since TV). But Jol has got the best squad of players, he's spent the most amount of money, has been the best supported by the board but we are no better or worse than we were under GF or GG. Its the same story with Jol, a relatively good first season and then decline. I'm sure that by the end of this year the majority will want him out.
    Tactically inept, cannot influence a game with subs/tactics, dull un-adventurous footy (esp away), very negative etc even against 10 men (3-4 occasions). How is he a good manager? I just dont understand how you can say that.
  18. YIDBOY
    i'm not stubborn, i'm just always right!!!
  19. infamousyiddo

    knee jerk fan!!! how many times last season did u come on here and say "well he's a good bloke, but a shit manager".....i bet NONE. now im not saying that certain results this season has nothing to do with jol because they have, and sometimes his tactics have been negative, but that doesn't make him a shite manager over night. this season we have had no luck with injuries with King, Berbatov, Keane, Lennon, Jenas, Tainio, Zokora,Malbranque all missing for a period. How many times have we played our strongest 11 this season??????Robbo loss of form has also dented team confidence this season IMO. Taking all these factors into account, coupled with the fact again IMO we over achieved last season (which raises fans' expectaion) is no reason to say get rid of jol because if we do it will set us back further.

  20. easiman
    I love you guys - a well balanced view - a big chip on both shoulders.
    Actually I can understand both extremes, and the grey in the middle. I guess its better to have a view, and be prepared to share it, than not.
    Me - well I don't think we were unlucky, we were well beaten over the 90 minutes. Equally, as hard as it is at the moment, we have to back MJ and give the whole team more time to settle / heal. I don't think wholesale changes are the answer, sure we need to strengthen. I guess what worries me the most, is no European Football next season, financially and for the attraction of players.
    Let's win a few, then consider what next.........

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