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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Deep breath, oooooh-aaah.

    I have to admit, sitting here now trying to keep a level head is very hard, very challenging.

    I've just seen my beloved team turn in a terrible performance. So bad in fact I was almost cheering on O'Shea's heroics in goal. I am gutted, disillusioned, heartbroken, lost and most of all in need of answers and guidance.

    Sure this is Spurs worst performance in a very long time, am I right in saying since Newcastle whopped us by many goals a few moons ago? The difference and the problem is, this is not that same crap Spurs side since then or ever in the last 10 years! this is the strongest team since Gerry made a half decent go of things. We (Spurs) should not be this bad! We are not like some (I am not going to make the same mistake as Benitez) of the evidently 'smaller' teams in the Premiership, we are truly giants who have lost our way.

    When I was sat in that bar in Egypt on the 5th of November I thought Levy's Spurs had come of age, my head was swimming and images of the glory glory days that had so often been recollected in front of me had started to appear. Then came the Reading game. Since then (apart from European games) Spurs are not the team I saw only just lose out on a Champions League place by malicious poisoning/sheer bad luck (delete as applicable).

    What to do? what to say? How to feel? I need guidance. Please St Nicholson! Help me!

    I've never been one for knee jerk reactions and I've always been a supporter not a critic. I was an Ericsson supporter for England and I felt dumping George Graham, Spurs most successful manager in 16 years (FACT), was very harsh and out of order. But I have looked at some of the 'Jol Out' posts that have popped up over the last 8 months and laughed them aside as some joke.

    But as the old saying goes, every joke has a kernel of truth.

    Something is very evidently wrong at the moment! I will try to be as straight forward as possible at the moment to avoid having my points of view dissected and disapproved of.

    I see four reasons why my Lillywhites are not cutting it.

    1. Jol, tactical naivety. This issue has popped up a lot recently.Spurs always seem to take the foot off the peddle when they don't need to! Spurs is a good team. A VERY GOOD TEAM! we should not be losing a 2-0 lead to a bunch of kids that to be honest have been losing to our kids for the last 2 years!!!! I get so incensed when I see Spurs sit back deep and defend when we should be pressing the advantage.

    2. Ledley, Ledley IS our defence, since Ledley has been out our defence has suffered immensely. we have had 10 goals scored against us in the last 4 matches. Shocking when you take into account we never lost by more then 2 goals last season. Without his leadership, our back line has been all over the shop and field! We need solid stability.

    3. Left sided player. No comment.

    4. A special player. Or lack of. Apart from Jenas's contribution we don't have a player that can step up to the mark and make the difference when it counts, think Gascoigne, Ginola and such. We need that player who can polarise the team and help focus our goals on the pitch, the sort of person that is there for every spot kick and dead ball. Tottenham's legendary style dictates that need.

    I am sad, and very angry. We should not be here at this point commenting on negative things but there are definitely issues and they need to be sorted before this entire season disappears without trace.

    Please Spurs, sort it out.:-(

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Spurfection, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. t-baggins
    Simple... Jol has the best squad at his disposal, and has been shite recently! Imagine Hoddle with this lot? How can one say so often he doesn't rate Defoe and Keane then play them in our most important match to date?
    In fact how can anyone rate Defoe full-stop. He is wank! Lazy, weak selfish striker... who can do a job for a team with decent wingers, but for spurs if a f *cking liability! Lee was wank yesterday too. Only due to luck not skill did Ronaldo not take the piss anymore, and their 3rd goal oozed class/ and Lee was at fault!
    Nothing wrong with Malbranque... he would make most squads so no need to slate him, as our retarded coach plays him out of position, and he does plenty of work defensively... in fact I think I saw him put more tackles in yesterday than Huddlestone has all season! Huddlestone good player but too young, and proved this yesterday! Never turned up and subsequently spurs mudfield never took control! Lennon on the left??? Madness! Berbatov looked lively and was guilty of suffering from just one of those days! Battled hard right till the end, and I was impressed... as I was with Ghaly! Not sure why you fans dont rate him... came on and setup a gift straightaway for Berbatov... When did Lennon, Lee, Chimbonda cross the ball in like that yesterday? Get off his back and let him do his thing... its his first season and has been one of our standouts in my opinion. I wouldn't like to see Jol out yet as theres noone to replace him... but would have liked O'Neill... Oh well cant win them all!!!

  2. RickyVilla
    I have to say it has been a pleasure in this thread to have a debate without people getting personal and throwing insults(except Insomnia but we know he likes to wind people up ;-)) If only this could happen in more of the threads. Good work fellas!
  3. db1
    I don't care if we lose all our games- I still love the club. Even if I am one of those negative posters at times like before the game where I predicted a 4-1 loss which ended up generous. Being negative doesn't mean I don't love being spurs. Prefer it any day to being one of the glory hunting little buggers all over the country supporting teams in cities they've never been to. (that means you all you 'ive supported manu/ liverpool all my life brigade)

    on another note- anyone fancy us getting some grit from Gravesen??? (if he wanted to come here)
  4. Dezzydez
    Can everyone take time to read the translated Jol interview on the front page, it will throw some perspective on all the Jol bashing on here. The team is not performing too well at the mo, but there are so many factors and variables to consider.

    We miss a leader, another proven creative player, at least one potent striker and our new/young players still have alot to learn. Extra games

    However painful I am still keeping the faith until next season.
  5. Jonesey

    I can't remember the last "lucky day" we had. Winners create their own luck; we are not a team of winners yet and until we are we will struggle with our consistency.

    Our best hope is in the UEFA Cup as the European game seems to suit our style of play. If we go out of that competition and lose to Fulham away in the F.A. Cup we should really start worrying because I can't see us picking up many points in our next 3 Premiership games.

    Then it will really feel like we've gone backwards this season.
  6. Jonesey

    Let's take a reality check here though ... we clearly punched above our weight last season and lost quite a few games we should not have.

    We didn't beat any of the 'big 4'. We went out of both cups in round 1 to lower league opposition. We were relatively lucky with injuries. Bolton and West Ham played better football than us for most of the season while we adopted the long-ball game for much of it.

    That said, we're still in Europe and the F.A. Cup so let's hope the lads can do something in either of those two competitions because it ain't happening in the Premiership with a record of 2 point from the last 5 matches and two away matches in a row coming up against Sheffield United and Everton.
  7. RickyVilla
    Punching above our weight or not we had a good season and part of this leads back to our manager. Anyway we could go round in circles all day debating about this so lets just beg to differ mate. COYS
  8. Corfe_Yid
    I agree with the above statement and would like to add another. Does Wenger play Henry at right back? No. Does Fergie play Rooney in Goal? No. (a bit extreme I know) So why do we continue to play our best attacking midfielder Lennon on the left where his obvious skill and talent are only half as good. His best and by far most profitable place is on the right as we know. If Ghaly or anybody else cannot play on the left so be it,buy someone who can, but please leave our pocket sized dynamo in his best position.[/quote]

    Fergie has played rooney on the left on a number of occasions as has henry (I think) for the scum. I dont think BMJ has many options who plays on the left its either Steed or Lennon. So he decided to change them over for the 2nd half.

    There should have been 4 pens in the game yesterday and only one was given. Gardner got away with the one on Larsson and I know the other was a dive but remember Zokora against Pompey. Not much went our way yesterday luck wise and ref wise (still trying to work out how Scholes was on the pitch after 4 of the most blatent yellow card tackles I've ever seen) and we played against the team (I think) who will win the league.

    Look at the chances we missed and the score line could have been a lot different.

    We're lacking in confidence at the moment and need a result to kick start our season again and soon.
  9. Insomnia
    well you proved me wrong there didnt you,you prick
  10. hellava_tough
    Let's face it, taking the last 15 years, if we were a retail company we'd have gone out of business a long time ago. The amount of money spent compared to the success is laughable. In the private sector if you're a manager for a leading company you've got in the region of 6 months to proove yourself. Too be fair to Jol he proved himself last year, but seems to have slipped somewhat this year. Again, in the private sector if you start well, but a year later are not cutting the mustard you're out. i'm not saying that Jol should be sacked instantly, but come the end of the season I'd like him to have achieved the same results as last year, or better.

    I'm sure that everyone on this forum would expect an employee to maintain, or else improve, on their standard of work.
  11. yiddopaul
    I agree, Jol without doubt is a good manager and even has the praises of sir alex (or do some of our fans presume to know more) Once the players are picked and on the field then its down to them to give 200% every game, and i'm pretty sure he tells them that.

    I actually think that this year is going to be extremly important in our future success, not if we get into europe or win this cup or that cup, but actually seeing out this tough period and KEEPING our manager, something we have not done in 2 decades. What we are going through now I believe WILL make us a stronger team. After all, you gain experience not just by winning things and playing nice football, but (and IMO more importantly) in adversity, as that is what builds character.

    But the above will only apply if we keep faith with our manager. Undoubtedly we have a squad of very talented individuals who haven't suddenly become bad players, and will get it right
  12. ultimateloner
    I don't understand the disappointment.

    In the last week we lost against 2 of the strongest teams in the world.

    Our team is good but consider how many of our players could start for the top 3 teams - only Berbs, Lennon, King and Robbo.

    Our buying policy has been to plug decent players from weaker teams. It makes sense that they would take time to adjust to the higher demands of Prem fball.
  13. gloryglory
    I do think Yidboy has some good points. Jol has not covered himself in glory recently. There have been tactical errors in recent games (especially Arsenal at home). Our away performances have been fairly inexcusable, and it's easy for him to comment that we lack leaders, but that's actually mostly his fault.

    We were actually very lucky last season a number of times (and with injuries). This season, apart from having a LOT of luck against Chelsea, we've been unlucky in a lot of games. Newcastle at home was insane.

    But every team has its slumps. We're playing a lot more football than we're used to, we're missing big players quite frequently, and it's showing. Robinson's crisis of confidence is a major problem. Huddlestone and Zokora need time to get used to the Premiership, and they aren't getting it because Jenas keeps being out.

    But with all that said, we showed last season (with a much weaker squad) that we are capable of putting together very good runs of results. We did it around October/November as well. Robbo aside, our defence is improving, and we always look like scoring. We've still won every game in Europe.

    Even if this season ends in disappointment, Jol deserves next season to do better. But there's no need to write this one off just yet.
  14. Boaman

    I agree with every word you said apart from the above sentence. I don't think we were lucky at all last season, maybe going out of both cups was a little bit of luck but in games I thought the luck was against us. We didn't have any penalties like Utd got yesterday, or goals that never were, or offsides that returned goals. I can only think of situations when we were unlucky:

    - Bolton away, Defoes goal
    - Lasagnagate
    - Fulham away, late goal
    - Sunderland away, late goal
    - Arsenal both home and away we outplayed them
    - Man Utd at home, LYP mistake
    - Chelsea away, late goal
    - Villa home, Sorensen great display had 20 shots

    Now we were probably lucky at home to Portsmouth, Blackburn & to a degree Charlton away.

    I don't go by the notion that we were batting above our weight last season, we were easily the 5th best team in the league and very close to being 4th best team. I think last season we were consistent without being spectactular which is the opposite this season.
  15. Rufusman
    O.K. Yidboy lets say we sack Jol, who would you bring in. All the best managers are in jobs. So that leaves those out of work, why are they out of work? Then we find someone and its back to the drawing board AGAIN! Out go Jols players and we sign players the new man likes. More bloody years of transistion, I reckon we cant ditch him yet and should give him more time.
  16. JoeT
    I like you style Yidboy. If someone could possibly arrange it, would you have a word with Messrs. Defoe and Keane before next Saturday please?
  17. jackhealy
    I agree with much of this but I recall what Brian Robson said when West Brom got relegated: over a season the table doesn't lie. We can talk about luck in this or that game, though nobody wants to recall the games we were lucky to win; but where we are at the end of the season will not be a matter of luck but a measure of how good we are. The most conspicuous thing about us is the goals against column. We need to defend better.
  18. jackhealy
    Argree totally. The idea of having a director of football was to have some continuity and stop buying expensive players who then get sold on cheaply because a new manager doesn't rate them, and as you say, there are no good managers on the dole queue. If Newcastle are reduced to taking Roeder, that indicates a shortage of good mamagers, and if Martin Jol goes, there would be plenty of clubs ready to take him.
  19. YIDBOY
    Insomnia......read my other comments. That'll prove you wrong. Have you not got anything interesting to say other than calling people a prick......you brainless prick
  20. davidmatzdorf
    Well I'm not brainless and I also think you're a prick.

    You rarely have anything constructive to say and you express all of your negative thoughts in this angry, spluttering, squawking writing style that just makes you sound like a really obnoxious character.

    And incidentally, you have said nothing that "proves" anyone wrong. You've just sprayed your own opinions around, generally unsupported by evidence.

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