I don't know my best team, says boss Tim Sherwood

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014 at 7:44 AM
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    Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has admitted that he does not know his best team because so many of his players are "much of a muchness".

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. timdissy
    Every team outside of the top 4 would jump at the chance to have most of our players, JL and LH are loaned out as AVB/TS didn't think they were good enough and are the best players in there loan teams. Is it not hard to see that TS hasn't a clue how to organise a team or conduct himself with the media etc playing out of position doesn't bring the best out of players nor does talking about them this way in the media. How can you get people to perform without leadership, motivation and guidance/vision any body in management in all walks of life have to apply the same principles fore mentioned of which TS has none. After this fiasco there is no place in our club for TS the quicker he "jogs on" the better. Lets get someone who can lead and have the full support and respect from everyone from top to bottom of our great club.
  2. Oshi
    Sherwood is correct in nearly every statement he has made, which would be fine if he was a pundit but....


  3. whitesocks
    AVB and Sherwood are much of a muchness.
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  4. fedupyid
    I miss Harry at least his bs was at a level I could put up with. Tim makes Redknapp look like a calculating genius in everything he did. Before anyone says anything more about AVB at least he had some idea about a system and a style of play, never had a chance to implement it because of the way we do our transfers and the confederations cup.

    Tim should not be allowed near the game of football again. The fact is he only had a job at Spurs because of the patronage of Harry Redknapp, then as soon as possible he stabbed him in the back it is no coincidence that him and sir Les were the only surviving members of Harry's staff. I read an interview with him in the telegraph from 2008 and he just looked like a complete moron it is time to exile the clown from football.
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  5. CrazyHeart
    You CANNOT put AVB and Sherwood in the same sentence! One's a coach kicking ass and breaking records at a top European CL team, and the other's Tim Sherwood!
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  6. striebs
    I agree that Tim should have shown leadership and the broad shoulders not to say these things in public .

    Tim Sherwood is only the manager when things go wrong .

    When they go right , he is just the head coach and the success is due to the D.O.F. system .

    I don't think Tim Sherwood was ever more than a stop-gap in Levy's eyes and therein lies a problem .

    Who is Levy going to appoint as a caretaker when his next appointment is sacked around Christmas time ?
  7. markieboy
    Sherwood is right,other than the 3 players mentioned,the rest could play for sides in the top half of the table but I don't think any of them would have top clubs thinking...we really need to sign him asap.
    Its a really poor reflection on our £26m striker though who is no better than Harry Kane a 20 year old rookie.
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  8. nightgoat
    Although I agree with him when he says they'll be better next season, just for a different reason than the one he's thinking...
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  9. sak11
    the guy is a tool… his assessment of the quality of some of our squad and his comments about Eriksen say it all. The team need to be "coached" and "managed" which lil Timmy sure as hell isn't able to do (at this moment in time). In his eyes they should be good enough to just get on the pitch and farkin run around... I can't wait for us to get a proper manager...
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  10. vigospur
    Warrant. Death. Sign. Own.
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  11. Black
    So if sherwood is wrong what is our best team ?

    We play Newcastle win 4-0 he's plays the same team we get beat by Norwich 1-0.

    We best Sunderland 5-1 play the same team the following weak and were 3-0 by half time.

    He's been in the job about 6 months and people are expecting miracles.
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  12. CosmicHotspur
    Or his arse from his elbow.
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  13. avonspurs
    A miracle? No. However, I do expect him, after 6mths, of being able to manage the media better. We've had a lot of injuries so he's not had a chance to assess a lot of players and he DOES state that. However, this "much of a muchness" comment! If I was a player reading that, especially after he had singled out Eriksen and Lloris as exceptions to this, I would see nothing but negative connotations. It wouldn't install confidence that my manager believes in me.

    And for someone who a lot of people highlight on here as being a good man-manager, it highlights to me how he is lacking in this skill (amongst many others!)
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  14. whitesocks
    A quick google shows AVB has indeed had a storming start at Zenit - 4 wins, 14 goals FFS, and top of the league.
    Once he has had time to fully get his ideas over in training,
    and imposed his methods on the team, then I'm sure results will return to normal. Form is temporary and all that ... :)
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  15. CrazyHeart
    Quite a prediction you have there. Let's find out...
  16. greaves
    There's a TV programme called Masterchef and the contestants have an invention test where they have to put together some or all of a given set of ingredients into an excellent, appetising and imaginative dish. This is analogous to what Sherwood is having to do; and in fact, it's even harder, because he is taking over the cooking of the dish half way through the process, as the previous chef was fired. It may be a rather simplistic comparison, but hurling abuse at him from the sidelines for all his faults in thought, deed and expression (which no one on here, of course, suffers from) is, I feel, unfair and unkind. He may not be the chef that he thinks he is, or hoped to be (oh the hubris of being human), but his appointment was rescue-act pragmatism from Levy. And it is largely to Levy that we should look. There is not a cat in hell's chance of a team of new players, from different backgrounds and with different languages, gelling in a season. Not a chance. And simply wishing it were otherwise will not change a thing. Sherwood may not be a great manager, but that's a red herring. Look to the restaurant owners and question the revolving door 'policy' to which they consciously or unconsciously subscribe. There lies the deeper reason for the disappointing fare we are being fed.
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  17. DJS
    Some excellent self-promotion by Timmeh there!! :p:giggle:
  18. jolsnogross
    Good four games for AVB alright. Hopefully he'll get the Celtic job someday as well and add another 'top CL team" to his CV and get back to his 86% win rate of Porto again.
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  19. CrazyHeart
    Anybody catch Ade's gentle stroll there?

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