I have seen the new plans....

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May 14, 2007
Spend £100m (finger in the air estimate) on new players or spend the same on a tunnel.

Sorry Jim, I know you are not a WUM, but I don't believe Levy would do the latter.
May 11, 2006
Locals got pretty pissed at the high road being closed for a few days after last years riots.

They might put up with a bit of blue boarding along the building site, but I can't imagine them being too overjoyed at losing High Road access for 6 months as they build "Son of Fore Street"


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Jun 7, 2004
Really, people should not be taking this thread seriously. It's just foolishness. Here are a couple of obvious reasons why.

The suggestion that the centre circle will be in the middle of the High Rd is just comical. The High Rd is a major route in and out of London. Closing it would require a "Stopping Up Order" and they take years to negotiate (I've worked on developments that required such orders). Aside from the colossal cost of diverting the road underground, the consequential costs of paying for the disruption would add millions to the project cost. The objective of the changes is to make the scheme more viable, not less viable. Also, THFC does not own the road, only the land along it. Why would they take on the legal and logistical nightmare of building a stadium right over a public highway, when they already own enough land for a stadium right next to the highway? It's a daft idea.

A similar principle applies to the purported demolition of the Love Lane estate. Who is going to pay to relocate all those tenants and buy out all those leaseholders? Who is going to build the new homes for them and where? If the walkway from the station to the stadium is going to be built, then I expect that a few buildings will have to be demolished, but the route would be designed to minimise this, because of the costs and the political controversy - they wouldn't design it so an entire housing estate had to go.

Just discount the whole OP. Either someone misunderstood something or is on a wind-up. One or the other.


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Dec 8, 2005
I'm sceptical because it's Jim, and we all know Jim killed Princess Diana or something, I'm not ready to trust him yet.


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Dec 7, 2006
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Float this centre circle on the highway scheme for a month and anything less will seem quite reasonable.
Apr 16, 2005
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That's supposedly the proposed stadium approach that goes from WHL station to the new ground.

Passes through where the love lane estate is currently.
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