I'm fit to play! Sandro turns up heat on boss Tim Sherwood

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. mawspurs
    Thing is I just don't get his "give 100% in training". I want them to save that for kick off time. Training is about fitness, tactics and improvement, not working your balls off so you are knackered for the next match.

    I actually don't believe Tim is really judging the players based on training alone, IMHO it is a convenient excuse to play who he likes over players he doesn't even though they may be better players.

    For me a fit Sandro starts and the defensive frailties exposed when he is not there proves that he should be. I am not saying he is fantastic in every match but he is more often than not.
  2. Grey Fox
    Don't want to add fuel to the fire , but been told Lamela and Capoue both fit too
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  3. Gaz_Gammon

    No, i wouldn't start them.

    If you would start a player for under-performing in training why train? Why not just have players turn up fifteen minutes before the start of each game?

    As i have said before Taarabt, and Bentley were a problem for Redknapp, and it sounds like a similar situation that Sherwood has with the current effort being put in by Sandro.

    From what you are suggesting the players should decide that they are fit, uninjured, on top of their game and therefore have a right to play. So in effect the players pick the team and not the manager. Sounds like a plan, set up to fail.

    Why bother with all these coaches, just have a straw poll to decide who plays. If Sandro is one of your favorite players then fine, but how can you make an assumption that he should be selected for a starting spot or the bench based on one tweet, and not actually being at the training ground last week?

    If it is true and Sandro hasn't trained hard and to the best of what Sherwood see's then why should someone be dropped who has done the hard work.

    AVB wanted Dawson out at the start of the season. Dawson made it known that he wanted to stay and FIGHT for a place in the first team. I saw nothing to suggest that from Sandro in his Tweet yesterday. Nothing at all.

    Sherwood recognised Sandro's talent and said so in his BBC post match interview. He said that he was entitled to Tweet and also clarified the situation by saying what he needed to do to get back into selection for the first team. Sherwood could have been talking about any of the other players who were not selected. I did not read any Tweets from the other players regarding their availability did you?
  4. Gaz_Gammon

    Sherwood did nit say anything whatsoever about "working your balls off".

    Any manager will tell you that "commitment" isn't all about running about like a headless chicken. It's about making an effort and showing willing, and listening to what the coaches, manager ask you to do.

    We have lost 6-0 when Sandro has played, so fuck defensive "frailties" and this under another manager, so it's hardly a management thing is it?

    You make it sound like we are a lost ship at sea without Sandro on the side yet he has only played fifteen times this season. Hardly a player that we are at a loss without? If he is not "fantastic in every match" then of the fifteen he has started just how many was he fantastic. Five, ten? Less than a quarter of the season?

    I truly love the player, and he can be influential, but that gives him no right to think that his name is bigger than anyone else at the Club. For me Paulinho played the Sandro role perfectly on Saturday and showed more forward movement, pace and produced a goal. Sandro could not have done that.
  5. parj
    What I'm saying is Sandro is our best ball winning midfielder and he is in the match squad. We don't have the luxury of dropping someone of his quality. Players dip through form but you got to back your best players.

    Gerrard had a similar issue and Liverpool benched him but was still in the squad. Simple fact is on form Sandro is the man to give us a ball winner.

    AVB nor Redknapp had any issues with his training... All of a sudden TS does? Does anyone honestly believe Ade is a better trainer than Sandro? Ade had history of being lazy but Sandro had always been praised. Something doesn't quite add up in the Sandro story. The manner of the response to a twitter saying he is fit shows something else is going on behind the scenes.
  6. Gaz_Gammon
    I highlighted this part to prove a point.

    Ade according to Tim, is one of the hardest trainers at the Club, and worked hard when he was cast aside by AVB. You have possibly heard some bullshit on social media suggesting otherwise. Like it's from a definitive source and not some pillock chasing followers.

    The thing that does not appear right to you with the Sandro story is that it does not fit with what you want to hear. A player is asked by his manager to raise his effort during training. You don't believe it because he's a good player. I don't doubt that he is but that gives him no right to automatic selection, unless you agree that the tail should wag the dog?

    Sherwood has no issue with the Tweet, but don't take my word for it check out his BBC interview after the game. There are no smoke and mirrors here, just a player who has thrown his toys put of his pram for not being able to walk into the side. When you look at the professional approach that Holtby took to being loaned and the way that Dawson wanted to fight for his place it does look like Sandro needs to become more professional does it not?
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  7. parj
    Some bullshit on social media? Really? Arsenal and Man City were happy to get rid of Ade. Explain, if you can. Why did nearly everyone get on Ade case last season when he was putting in dire performances. Surely if he a hard trainer that should have translated on the pitch?

    Sandro had always been praised. Only Sherwood seems to have an issue. If TS didn't have an issue with the tweet then why not say he not fit enough and discuss with Sandro privately? I don't see him ripping into Danny Rose or Dawson for their shocking performances.
  8. Gaz_Gammon

    Ade scored twenty odd goals under Redknapp, and then AVB came along and dropped him. Ade wanted out of Arsenal for the money and the chance to win trophies, Wenger himself said that outside of Henry Ade was the best striker he managed. Fact. When Mark Hughes was fired, Ade wasn't Mancini's type of forward. Fact. He was picked up by Redknapp on loan and was scoring for fun.

    If you expect Sherwood to handle this issue with Sandro privately then you should also expect as a professional footballer like Sandro to do likewise. After all Sherwood did not Tweet the reason for not selecting him did he?

    Regarding Dawson or Rose your'e being contradictory. You don't want to see Sherwood talking publicly about Sandro yet your now complaining that you don't see Sherwood "ripping into Dawson or Rose".

    What a charmed life you must lead where you want it both ways only when it suits.
  9. thinktank
    I absolutely agree that his form has been proper ropey after his latest injury, but he was needed as an option on the bench and not putting him there was madness.

    Also, tim handled this issue like a rank amateur.
  10. Gaz_Gammon

    And Sandro didn't?

    I guess you want the truth from a manager but not always, and it has to be said in the most palatable way to you? It's about time some manager stood up to the multi-millionaires that throw their toys out of their pram for not being selected.

    The result vindicates Sherwood's decision that must weigh so heavily on your shoulders. He had three midfielders on the bench with Bentaleb the most likely to be needed to fit into a Sandro position. You want four midfielders as subs?
  11. SlunkSoma
    To be expected
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  12. thinktank
    Gaz. Stop it.

    You taken your tablets??
  13. eddiebailey
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  14. Danners9
  15. eddiebailey
    This is the problem with having a long ignore list...
  16. Gaz_Gammon

    No the reality check pills i sent to you.
  17. Dr Know
    When did he say that? I'm sure he said Holtby was when he was here and then lately he said Eriksen and Gylfi had to be dragged off under flood lights

    I know he said Ade is a world class player and didn't need much from him as a manager but just to be picked and given the freedom to play

  18. parj
    Erm I didn't say he should rip them apart. FACT

    Oh and Ade started half the Premier League matches last season with 5 goals FACT. AVB had every right to drop him. He was more than given a chance in a season where we gained our record points.

    Sandro has been in and out with injuries. He is still considered the best DM at Spurs and should at least be on the bench.

    A charmed life indeed
  19. Gaz_Gammon
    You said that you do not see him "ripping into Rose or Dawson' just a couple of posts up this very page. If your saying he should because of their poor play then thats fine by me.

    Ade was dropped by AVB, and never given a second chance. Sherwood rightly brought our most highly paid player in the clubs history back into the team and we started to play better football and Ade and the team started to score more goals.

    Isn't coincidence a wonderful thing to behold.
  20. spurs-r-us
    Adebayor has a history of being laconic, he also has a history of being red hot when his manager shows faith in him.

    What do you mean 'always'. He's played under Harry and AVB (half a season fit) so far for us. How is that an accurate sample size? Sherwood doesn't have an issue with the tweet, he said so himself, but he didn't want to lie about Sandro's fitness when the player confirmed he was able to play, so he told the truth.

    Our supporters fuck me off. You plead for honesty with Lamela and you get none. You get honesty with Sandro and you don't want a bar of it.

    All about taking us 'to the next level'. Hiring a manager who is a 'winner'. Unlike that bloke who captained Blackburn to the PL, of course.

    Honestly, what kind of club have we become. It's embarrassing.

    "There used to be a football club over there".

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