I'm in the dark! Tim Sherwood clueless over Tottenham future

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. myhartlane
    Whatever we think of Tim, every employee of Tottenham Hotspur deserves to be treated with respect and dignity by the Club. They should be open and honest with him about their plans for next season and beyond. Stuff like this doesn't do anything positive for our already tattered reputation.
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  2. Sweetsman
    Maybe he was wearing the badge to point out who's the cancer in the club ;)
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  3. vigospur
    Three points behind Everton and yet Martinez is a genius and Sherwood is a muppet?
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  4. Sweetsman
    Oh dear, I've upset some of Tim's supporters.
  5. OnTheUp
    Well said, the problem with the haters isn't how good a manager Sherwood can be for us (as the stats show), it's that he's too English and ugly. I'd love to see him in charge next season.
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  6. jolsnogross
    If there's one thing more sickening than Liverpool winning the league this year, it's the sickening bile from spurs fans. It really has been an eye-opening season to read so many bug-eyed haters on here. I've much less a kinship with spurs fans than I thought. And that's ok, because it's good to let some of this childish affinity for a hobby dissipate a little more. There should be a permanent troglodyte rating for some of the morons posting, especially the spurs badge uber-moron on this thread.
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  7. Mullers
    It would be Arsenal winning the FA cup.
  8. parj
    I think that's part of the problem. He has no experience but speaks like Redknapp. If he stayed quiet and tried to learn from his mistakes and his assistants then he wouldn't be getting as much stick. I also find it unacceptable that he stayed in the stands when we getting battered. You go to the battle line and keep trying to change things. With the media come out and defend players but don't criticise them. Sandro only said he was fit and wanted us to win. He has a good following and is in touch with his fans.

    As a fan I love the fact that Sandro loves us and is a yid. If he tweeted TS is not good enough at the moment then that crosses the line.
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  9. vigospur
    It is getting worse all the time but in reality it isn't a Spurs issue. All the big clubs attract people with such a sense of entitlement that a couple of bad results result in a bucket load of bile being poured on the manager. Van Gaal would get the same on here within weeks.
    It is beyond me why people can't criticise Sherwood as a manager without accepting that at the end of the day he is a bloke doing his best.
  10. Spurs 1961
    Nice headline. Tim is indeed in the dark
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  11. OnTheUp
    Outrageous. How dare he!

    Yes, forget all the points he has earned us, and for turning the disastrous start to our season around. The time he spends in the stands is far far far more important! Also, ignore all the praise he heaps on the players who are actually winning us games and for successfully bringing in players from our academy. They didn't cost us anything so clearly will never be a success!

    Yep, allow players to express their honest opinions but sack any managers who give theirs. That's the correct way to run a football club!

    If ever a clubs fans deserves the managers it gets, it's this one! Honest, heart on sleeve? No thanks. Pompous, hyped, from another country and will never say a bad word about anybody? Sign him up.
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  12. Sweetsman
    Ah, but your hero did quite a lot of backstabbing via his mates in the media, didn't he?
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  13. Sweetsman
    Lumme, guv, 'e's English, ain't 'e? Not like that Johnny Foreigner who was 'ere before!
    You'd probably like an Austin Allegro, because it was British and ugly.
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  14. parj
    AVB got us points. He had less time to settle the new players in. We could also in most games defend.

    In terms of players saying stuff in public... All Sandro said was that he was fit. No dig at TS, just simply stating he was fit. A simple response would have been not fit enough and discussed it with Sandro at the office.

    And for a manager to come out and speak the way TS does, he needs to back it up. I supported TS at the beginning but he acts to big for his boots. Rodgers last season is a fantastic example of how TS should behave. Heck even di Matteo ( the champions league winning manager) showed humility when he had a job.
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  15. OnTheUp
    If only there was a tumbleweed button.
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  16. Sweetsman
    In your case, tumbleweed would count as an original thought. That and your undying support for our good old Brit, Tim, should get you a plum job at the Daily Heil.
  17. OnTheUp
    ...and more tumbleweed.

    ...I like managers who don't talk shit and win the club points. Sorry about that.
  18. Sweetsman
    But Tim's got a PhD in talking bollocks. He's also flushed away a number of points and cup runs.
    Try to be a bit more original with the ripostes.
  19. OnTheUp
    Okay, as long you try to make yours funny or accurate, one of two would be nice.
  20. Sweetsman
    If you think Sherwood is honest then you probably think Lady Macbeth is a role model.

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