Impact of Current/Future Stadium on Local Area?

Discussion in 'The New Stadium' started by Yid121, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Doing a dissertation on this, so does anyone have any sources of information that could be of use to me or anyone interested in this?

    Would be good if there was info on jobs, businesses, retailers, house prices etc..

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    SS57 would probably be able to help. Lives there and seems to know a lot of people connected to the council.
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    Have a look at all the documents related to the current applications for amendments to the planning consent. They're on the Haringey web site. For example there's a big section on the impact of/need for the foodstore on local retailers. There are estimates on jobs created by both the Northern and Southern Developments, as well as by the stadium itself.

    All of these will be backed up by studies, which may not be included as appendices in the applications.

    So, I'd speak to the planning team in Haringey when they open shop in the new year. I'd also write to/ring the NDP team at Spurs. You might also contact the Mayor's Office at the GLA.

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