"In the Queens name"

Aug 1, 2010
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The rofl emotion will have to do seeing as there isn't a barf one.

Can I be the only one who's skin crawls when he hears this bullshit? Are there people out there gullible enough to fall for this horribleness?

The idea is that when we hear that a promise was made in "The Queens name", we fall into a state of misty eyed patriotism, which just about sums up the general attitude of the desperate, knuckle-dragging fuckwits running WHU at the moment.

My only worry is that this emotive shite is pitched just right, there are actually morons out there who care about 'The Queens name', while Levy presents an excellent bid I fear he has overestimated the intelligence of the general populous, what people really care about is tax exiles and money grabbing Jews trying to rip off a our gracious Queen, not which club actually has the potential to make a success of the stadium.


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Jul 25, 2005
It makes my skin crawl when I hear the West Ham board say it as its just a media ploy to try and win some support. This is the type of thing Levy refers to when he says emotions must be taken out of the decision making process


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Jun 6, 2005
So Brady choked that phrase out in between lipstick applications (she wears more make up than a hooker on a 72 hour shift) and now Sullivan has managed to form words with his primordial ape-mouth to the same effect. Monkey see, Monkey do? Or did they decide on this soundbite over lunch, with a bunch of slimey PR types?

Yeeeeah, it's not such an easy question to answer when you think about it, is it? :up:


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Feb 13, 2004
There has been some confusion about this.
Karen wasn't talking about Her Maj.
The 'Queen' in question is an actor(ess) in Dildo Brothas Productions finest movies. Such films as 'Spam Through the Back Door', 'OS,Oh Yes, Mr Big', and Sully's personal Fav, 'KGB/Salvation Army Fantasy 'Ho Does the Olympic Committee and Whips the Mighty Cock(erel)'Eek