Is this JOL or McClaren ? OMG


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Jul 9, 2007
I'm not arguing, I'm enquiring as I know nothing about Dutch football, but are Twente a big club? I thought we were getting the hump when van Rapist (allegedly) likened them to us, weren't we getting mad because we perceive ourselves to be better than them? If we met them in cup competition I think I'd be expecting us to win?

Please correct me if wrong, like I said, not arguing, just enquiring
I diddnt get mad, infact if anything its a complement. Twente are the pretenders of the league, they are trying (and have) broke into the champions league, their a young and well set up team. Which is trying to break the status quo....sounds similar!?


May 17, 2004
top foriegn managers who attempt english sometimes sound abit dopey,but this stupid c--t is actualy a english dude trying to speak english in a foriegn accent!is there no end to his stupidity????haha


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Jan 20, 2006
I'm not saying he's the best coach since Brian Clough but he did incredibly well at Boro .

Wasn't his fault that those big time charlies let their country down and didn't even care when they failed to qualify for Euro 2008 . I'm adamant that the blame lies wholly with the "players" .

At least we had a summer free of Rooney , Gerrard and Lampards pathetic excuses .

That vid is going to get dragged up time and again .

He'd probably just shagged that sexy sounding Dutch interviewer .
That was why that Boro fan tore up his season ticket abd threw the bits into the dug-out?

Actually, he's a great Number Two. He wouldn't have lasted five minutes at United if he wasn't. Unfortunately, he couldn't make the step up. Unlike Chrissy Hughton, he didn't realsise his limitations.