Jack Wilshere could be in trouble for singing anti-Spurs songs full of expletives

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, May 31, 2015.

  • by BTN1, May 31, 2015 at 4:29 PM
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    Jack Wilshire could face investigation into anti Spurs songs full of expletives in post FA CUP cup victory parade

    Read the full article at BBC

    Here's hoping they throw the book at you Jack... You know a book? ...eh? ... Something educated people use?... Ok forget it ... I hope they throw a brick at you
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by BTN1, May 31, 2015.

  1. greaves
    I am shocked at the news. Young person gets drunk and abusive. That things have come to this.
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  2. Hoddle&Waddle
    You do realize by reacting like this (most of you) that you are giving them (scum fans) what they want? Maybe direct your anger towards Levy and ask why we have only 1 league cup and are not even competing with the scum anymore.
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  3. Lufti
    How would directing our 'anger' at our own club be better than directing it at theirs?
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  4. Hoddle&Waddle
    Because whining like jealous little bitches because they are successful wont get us anywhere. We need to look at ourselves.
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  5. Lufti
    I don't think anyone's particularly jealous, nor do I think it's taken this incident for people to realise Wilshere's an idiot. It's more people just reaffirming that yep, he's still an idiot
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  6. Hoddle&Waddle
    They've just won 2 FA cups in a row and one of their players is rubbing our noses in it, get over it and let them have their day in the sun. Me personally, if someone beat me in a game of snooker (for example) then went over the top with the gloating, I would look at my own game and try and make sure he doesnt get that satisfaction again.
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  7. Sweetsman
    I'd say that Wilshere needs a lobotomy, except that I've never heard of brain surgeons using electron microscopes to locate the organ in question.
    As usual, the Goons are creaming themselves having done what they do best: be flat track bullies. They've never done anything against strong teams; hell, we even think it's a bit passé to beat them these days. Also as usual, there is now talk of them challenging for the title, which Theo and Jack may believe after smoking some shit sheesha.
    I see Sherwood's friends in the media have skipped the pertinent questions about his plans for the game. He seems to work by giving some momentum to a skilled targetman, but this only carries him so far. I honestly thought he would have learnt his lessons from last year's defeat to the Goons, but he hadn't. True to form, he talked post-match about players who were going to leave, thereby deflecting attention from himself. It has been noticeable that their form tailed off of late, which could have just been that they were safe and were saving themselves; but it was odd that he should have included players whose hearts weren't in it.
  8. Sweetsman
    Yet, they needed extra time to beat Reading and Hull. For a supposed top team, they haven't won the league or any European cup in a a decade. Personally, I'm enjoying their gloating as they clearly miss a number of ironies. To name but two: this is a cup they turned their noses at, but are now overjoyed to have won; they lost five points against us when you think that they believed that they should have won.
  9. Sweetsman
    Is Wilshere smoking and farting at the same time? The boy's got talent!
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  10. Drexl
    A pathetic 'look at me' outburst from a player who's career is on the decline

    Give it a year or 2 he will be playing for West Ham or Stoke
  11. Col_M
    Let he who is without something something stone.
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  12. fridgemagnet
    Wilshire the serial coke snorting buffoon* is a weapons grade bellend, always has been and always will be and no amount of coke or FA punishment will ever change that so let the div get on with it.

    I just hope one day he and that prize wazzock Sneezy are at the front of an open top bus when he does it next time and the bus stops suddenly and sends him arse over wrap* out the front of the bus and he's squashed i also really hope nobody films it and puts it on youtube**

    *allegedly your Madgester

    **I may be fibbing
  13. Huddlestone22
    Wheelchair could barely string that sentence together

    "wah duh we fink of tonem" :LOL::LOL:
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  14. UncleBuck
    And not even a mention of Szcnezy....didn't think flamini & koscelney were that bad in all honesty compared to the other two!
  15. WalkerboyUK
    I just think it's both funny and complimentary that, despite them winning a trophy, all that jumped up little shit has to sing about is US!!
    When they finally win the PL again and they CL finally, then they can crow about it. Fact is, other than an FA Cup, they aren't achieving what they should be.
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  16. yankspurs

    Can we change it to read jack wilshere on a string?:playful::sneaky:

    Seriously though, Wheelchair's a fucking ****. Just like quite a few others at that club.
  17. yankspurs
    Szczesny has BY FAR the most utmost punchable face I have ever seen. And he's also a fucking ****. I want nothing more than to see him get his head knocked in. Might actually fix that absurdly punchable face of his.
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  18. Spur4life
    What a waste man,I can remember we played them a the lane when walker got the winner.Van de vaart ran rings around that little boy.Im a cab driver i picked him up from a club on a saturday night,when he got in the car he saw my spurs gloves hanging on the mirror and trust me not a word was said.You call them a right old W***ker.
  19. jenko
    Him, Chesney and ballcock do my head in. The rest of them ain't so bad nowadays, not like the 90's anyway.
  20. Always Offside
    Many of us didn't miss the "era". I can say to you rest assured, you did not miss much. Michael Brown was a championship player imo. Decent engine but not much else about him worth a mention really.
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