Jimmy Bullard sheds some light on the plight of David Bentley

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.

  1. guiltyparty
    Where did I say that?
  2. guiltyparty
    The world now seems full of people wanting sympathy for being a dick, and taking no responsibility for their actions

    Lap it up if if you must, children
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  3. guiltyparty
    Yeah sure Bale, Beckham et al do this too
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  4. Tottenham_God
    Lads, not very professional but as it turns out clearly they don't give a fuck
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  5. fedupyid
    Bentley just sounds like an idiot. The man was a joke from brgining to end, I hate when players kiss the badge for no reason.
  6. markieboy
    Both guys are full of banter and are up for a laugh and thats fine......but when you are paid damn good money to be professionals....the banter stops then and you get your head down and work your socks off.........if you are still mucking about even then...........well, you are simply a wanker.
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  7. Essexyid07
    Not knocking the poster but did anyone ever have any respect for Bentley after the way he pissed away his time at spurs as well as our all the money that went on him??
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  8. Redfap
    This banter is tolerable if you are a star player who regularly performs. If you are Bullard or Bentley it is not tolerable. Before you start being cheeky and arrogant at least establish yourself as a star, or even a regular first teamer first....

    This is disrespectful. I don't dislike Bentley but you can definitely see why he never made it as a player. His attitude is poor and he doesn't have the desire, respect for his managers or work ethic to be a good player.

    but...he has made a tidy living for himself....ah well...I'm not going to judge him
  9. striebs
    “Bents was a great lad. The bloke is an absolute wrong ’un, make no mistake about that, but a lot of fun nonetheless. He was always laughing and I mean, always laughing."

    Says it all , especially the second sentence !

    I hope for his sake he never comes to his senses or he will one day realise he wasted his career .
  10. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    Wow, this thread is really something. I have never seen people behave with such vemon towards someone they know based on a shred of information given to them in an autobiography and via rumour. It's the witchunt generation.

    I read these quotes yesterday myself, but via a different article. It came bundled with an interview Bentley did a few weeks ago with BT Sports. It can be found on youtube.

    In the video Bentley talks about how he has fallen out of love with football. He's been away from the game about 6 months and doesn't miss it at all. I got the impression from what he was saying that his gradual decline could well be down to the fact that as a boy he played the game for fun and assumed that being a professional footballer was the same. As he got higher in the game and it also became a job more and more the fun element wore off somewhat and he lost interest. He doesn't come across as a particularly intelligent man and I wouldn't mind betting that, based on what he says, the lad act was simply evidence of someone who didn't much want to accept having to be an adult. I don't condone that approach to one's career, but I can nonetheless understand why the descent may have happened.

    Also, there were rumours over the years of gambing and booze problems. Again, if you watch the video his behaviour is quite telling. He never looks at the camera and rarely looks the interviewer in the eye. He is withdrawn, round shoulders and broken in his responses. That could suggest any number of things. Depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, or maybe even continuing substance abuse problems. Whatever is the problem there is clearly something going on there that we don't know about.

    So I think that before people get the knives out they might want to step back and entertain the notion that maybe with Bentley it wasn't just a case of someone who was unprofessional and didn't give a shit, that there were other factors involved - ones that perhaps were bubbling under the surface for years and not fully understood by great intellects like Jimmy Bullard.
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  11. striebs
    Top clubs can pick players who have the whole package , not just talent .

    Somehow I can't see Arsene Wenger signing CBeebies .
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  12. Bennys LOL
    A clown car that thinks its a Bentley
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  13. HotspurFC1950
    Jimmy Bullard. Good player. Great set pieces.

    Unlucky with serious injuries.
  14. OneHotspur1988
    To be fair, he did look like Postman Pat
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  15. PT
    Mynameisnicolaberti is probably close to the truth. His antics in his life, not just on within the game suggest a condition such as ADHD or something with similar traits. Does anyone remember Gascoigne in his prime?
  16. Spurger King
    So that makes it OK for him to take the piss out of someone to their face? What else can he get away with under the umbrella of ADHD or depression? Slapping old ladies for a 'bit of a laugh'? Mocking disabled children?

    His behaviour, as outlined in that article, was pathetic, regardless of how much it is dissected and psychoanalysed.
  17. vigospur
    Most of these comments are way over the top. If Bentley had produced on the pitch no one would have given a stuff. Gazza anyone?
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  18. Spurger King
    Disagree - doesn't matter how successful he might have been, it's twattish behaviour. For the record I thought some of Gazza's antics were moronic as well, and he was one of my favourite players.
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  19. TottenhamMattSpur
    It's a completely different industry I know, but there's a (wrong) perception here in the London insurance industry that life's one big old piss up.

    I've seen many come and go. The ones that last are the ones that don't take the piss by getting pissed, taking long lunches and acting like moronic wideboys.
    I'm up to 17 years now and was a boy when I started and even then I didn't act like a goofy **** as described to Bullard.
  20. guiltyparty
    Good post, and something that should temper criticism, you're right

    It doesn't make what he did what a 'good pro' does, as some have bafflingly argued, or decrease the stupidness of his actions in an objective light though, which others have countered

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