Jimmy Bullard sheds some light on the plight of David Bentley

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, May 21, 2014.

  1. Shadydan
    Didn't know I stumbled upon Self ritcheous community.com
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  2. TottenhamMattSpur
    Gazza might have been even better if he wasn't such a complete twat. His career would have lasted longer too.
  3. Rocksuperstar
    But we do it behind backs every single day - we slate the players regularly, some of the stuff leveled at our under-performing squad this season have been nothing short of insane, yet we do it because there's a higher than average chance that they won't read it and, if they do, don't know us from Adam.

    And how about Welshie? Seany? Yankspurs? There are a choice selection of posters on here that it seems fine to insult to their face... fingers? palms? I dunno what the phrase would be for a forum, but there doesn't appear to be much problem in the insults we sling about because we brush it off as "jokes" or whatnot, which it is. I'm pretty sure that's how Bentley's warped head sees it - ribbing, a bit of joshing about, so can are we really in a position to be judging him for it? If Capello or any of the rest of the squad felt it was out of line then they should've/could've/would've said something and perhaps the captain should've sent him home, but i get the impression the total lack of respect for Fabio went further than just Bentley and he was simply playing to his audience. Not nice, but as a community, we're just as guilty from the perspective of others, i don't doubt that for a second.
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  4. Spurger King
    I don't think they're comparable really. Saying something online about players is completely different...and I wouldn't really have an issue with Bentley or Dullard if they were admitting to laughing at Capello behind his back. Like you say, it happens all the time.

    As for insults to people like Welshie, again that's more of a direct argument that involves a back and forth between the parties, or it's meant as a light-hearted joke that unintentionally offended them. Very different to going up to someone and taking the piss out of their appearance to impress your mates...especially when the person involved has just picked you to be in their England squad.
  5. vigospur
    That is exactly my point. If Bentley had produced on the pitch he could have been a favourite too.
  6. Spurger King
    But it's possible to consider someone one of your favourite players, whilst at the same time think they're a complete moron. Imagine if we'd signed Suarez...I think he's a fantastic player, and have done since his Ajax days, but as a person (and to a large extent, as a professional footballer) I think he's detestable.

    Ashley Cole is another one...someone I rate as one of the best English defenders of modern times, but I still can't stand the bloke.
  7. guiltyparty
    Know what you mean, but ultimately this is no one's work place. We're not being paid to be here, and I would hope many on here don't speak and act like they do on SC in their place of work.
  8. Dinghy
    Yep. I bet when he looks back on his life he thinks 'I really should have not bothered with the football. I should have just got a job stacking shelves at Tesco like all the rest of my mates.'
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  9. Lufti
    This argument is so flawed. The thousands who would give anything to be in his position? Firstly, try millions. Secondly, do you think his ability was handed to him on a plate? He earned the right to be there by playing however many hours of football and being better than millions of other. If he wants to screw that up, it's his choice to do so!
  10. teok
    Jimmy Bullard played for england. Let that sink in for a bit.
  11. Shirtfront
    You mean brazenly lying about what they drank and fucked in an attempt to cling to the image of themselves they formed on the playground.
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  12. max cady
    I watched an interview with Bentley on BT Sport last night and he says that he has had enough of football and is going to channel himself into bringing up his twins and his business in spain. He was very candid in his approach to the teams he played for and said all he ever wanted to do was play football but when the chance came it was not as rosey as he thought. He felt that for all the sacrifices that one has to make football is not at all what it is made out to be.
  13. TottenhamMattSpur
    There's a whole thread dedicated to that interview. I don't think he can't across bad, but Jimmy had un done that.
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  14. NP4_Yid
    When I'm on a train travelling to another boring meeting (wearing a suit) I'd rather listen to that than people filled with their own self importance loudly talking about stakeholder engagement and paradigm shifts!
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  15. Maske2g
    What a boring naive group of people on the first page of comments. This sort of shit goes on all the time. What do you expect from a big group of rich young lads?

    I'm sure he needs all your pity, he's worth millions.

    For what its worth he used to be at the dogs every week with some older fellas. Was quiet and polite to the bookies, didn't bet big, wasn't flash.

    He likes a laugh, what a crime. When you think of Gazza shitting in shoes and all other stuff you here, who gives a shit. Everyone is just bitter cos he is yet another failed Spurs big buy.
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  16. benny
    Regardless of what we all personally think about his antics, after reading this I can't believe that Commoli and the board sanctioned the transfer in the first place, when we had a non-English speaking Spanish manager.

    I know all of this information was not in the public eye back then, but surely they must do some research and due diligence on potential signings? They were committing to over £25 million (including wages) over 5+ years. It can't of been a secret that he was a cheeky chappy with a tendency towards arrogance - and that that might not be a great mix with the current coach.
  17. eurodat
    A laugh is a laugh and there is a place for it BUT ..... i can't help feeling he was showing zero respect to the hard working Spurs and England fans who paid their good money to watch him and also lined his pockets so he could act like a prick.
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  18. striebs
    Not the last either !
  19. diamondlight
    Or they both sound like funny and eccentric characters. Bentley fell out of love with the game for reasons many fans would agree with.
  20. E17yid
    I don't get what the issue is. It's not like he's a wife beater or some serial cheater. He's not john terry. Yes he's a twat but he's funny. Capello's looks like postman pat, Bentley screamed postman pat in his face. That is fucking funny. The fact that capello's just took it is even funnier. Maybe I just find everything about Bentley funny, shit, we paid £16mil for the slag, that's fucking funny too.
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