Juan Foyth

Discussion in 'The Summer 2017 Transfer Archive' started by THFCSPURS19, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Snarfalicious

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    Absolutely love this move. Offers more competition at a hugely important position that for some reason is widely overlooked in the EPL. Our young crop of CBs is unreal.
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  2. BringBack_leGin

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    Just listened to his favourite song. Zafar by La Vela Puerca. I liked it, therefore I like him.
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  3. thebenjamin

    thebenjamin Well-Known Member

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    This lad looks the absolute tits imo
  4. WiganSpur

    WiganSpur Well-Known Member

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    He's good with the ball so I reckon he could play LCB
  5. Finchyid

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    Lamelas not busy for a month, can help juan settle in
  6. ghjk_91

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    Tim Vickery was talking about him earlier on 5live. The gist of it was that he is classy but still very raw and he doubted he could make a first team impact this season. Also that he looked poor in the U20 World cup.

    Also explained how difficult it is for Argentine defenders to adapt to English football. Apparently they don't water the pitches over there, so it may take a long while to adjust.

    Definitely one for the future, I'm not sure he's ready to be the first choice rotation option if we play a back three.
  7. Ossie85

    Ossie85 Rio de la Plata

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    He didn't look poor in the U20s. He was the best player of the team with Lautaro Martinez the other standout player.

    Pitches in Argentina are watered before a game. Not all of them, but they are.

    He will play in the League Cup imo
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  8. rabbikeane

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    Well, I hope his performance with U20 was him being poor cause that would make him some player when he's on form. Looked classy to me.
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  9. coys200

    coys200 Well-Known Member

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    Funny feeling he will end up as a DM.Looks a bit skinny right now but sure he will fill out.Feeling he will be dier 2.0 adaptable and able to play in number of positions.Reminds me of a young Jonathan woodgate for some reason.
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  10. Hercules

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    Ossie nailed it in one.
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  11. jonathanhotspur

    jonathanhotspur Loose Cannon

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    Never thought of that. Muy bien. (y)
  12. thebenjamin

    thebenjamin Well-Known Member

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    I watched a video of his personal highlights vs England in that world cup and he looked like a fucking Rolls Royce
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