Kane confirms he'd "love to be a one-club man"

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Chris_D
    We all want you to stay Harry. The hard bit for us is putting a team around you that's good enough to keep you. Unlike when Modric and Bale left we are now good enough to challenge for domestic honours consistently and if the new stadium brings in more money maybe we can keep him. If Kane stays, one or two more will stay rather than look to leave I hope.
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  2. Rocksuperstar
    Eloquently put, saves me trying to say it again with different words. (y)
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  3. thinktank
    Levy's needs to extend poch's contract asap.
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  4. 2bearis2do
    With natural bias - one can not help but dream that boyhood football dreams are still a part of the modern world.
    Imagine being the captain and leader of one of the best up and coming teams in Europe as they build their new amazing ground and compete with the biggest teams there are on the planet.
    Not a bad place to become a legend eh Harry? I believe you will and Spurs have the best chance of emulating those glory days that we all read about and dreamt of as kids.
    I just missed the early 60's but have been dreaming ever since those mesmerising Burkinshaw days - this is the best Spurs generation since - they deserve and I believe have the will and desire to become Spurs legends for future generations.
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  5. HobbitSpur
    All he wants is silverware...
    One PFA and 2 Golden boots. He is the most decorated player in our squad.

    He needs to stop whinging and get on with playing football.

    Thought I should add for those in doubt before I get lambasted. That was said fully with tongue in cheek.
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  6. Japhet
    He's the type of player who can go on for ages. Reminds me a lot of Teddy Sheringham who never relied on pace but had fabulous technique. I hope Harry smashes the mould and stays with us for years and years. We have such a young squad who are growing in stature and experience together and are capable of emulating Ferguson's Utd youngsters if they can stay patient enough.
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  7. Bilko
    It is slowly becoming more difficult to win domestic prizes than achieve international success(which may not mean winning).
    With Newcastle possibly about to join the now not so elite band of multi- billionaire foreign owners, and probably more to come, it becomes even more important we retain our identity for the future.
    I am so happy we have such astute leaders and even visionaries in Levy and Pochettino- Harry, stay and become a true hero amongst the plastic world of football
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  8. shelfmonkey
    If money isn't his motivation, we'll be ok for a good few years. If we haven't won anything or Poch decides he can't take us any further then it's likely he'll move on up.

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