Kane injury: star ruled out of Manchester United clash

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 27, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. theShiznit
    Well a great chance to see how the Harry Kane team plays when they're just 'the team'...

    Especially as they haven't conceded a home Premiership goal so far this season.
  2. 2bearis2do
    Hate to say it and point fingers - but for our high professional coaching and medical staff - they were daft to leave Harry on for as long as they did against Liverpool. Hindsight can be a cruel tool - but to me it was glaringly obvious at the time. Grrrrrr.
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  3. 14/04/91
    And hopefully this is a lesson to Harry himself. He's been subbed on 2 goals previously this season, maybe not overly happy to miss out on the chance of a hat-trick? Maybe he let it be known?
    Either way he & the coaching staff must now appreciate there is little point in him playing the last 10/15 mins of a comfortable game. He's more likely to pull up towards the end of a game, especially the 3rd in a week.
    And with Llorente on the bench there's really no need for it.
    Frustrating and this needs to be a lesson learnt by a few people.
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  4. Sir Henry
    Kane or not, we will beat Utd, they are cock suckers.
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  5. whitesocks
    He ran himself stupid against Real and Liverpool - it would have been nice to have some periods of possession to give Kane a breather if nothing else.
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  6. ginola007
    Now we know why Lorente was pulled off against West Ham. It was what I had expected. Too bad it is now confirmed.
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  7. ginola007
    Cannot blame the coaching staff. Harry didn't feel any effect until almost the end, and then he was substituted immediately. He wouldn't want to come off before that. He was eyeing a hat-trick against Liverpool, one of our top nemesis.
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  8. Yakflange
    Agree with the posts above, he shouldn't have been on the pitch that long against Liverpool.

    We went 4-1 up on 56 minutes. Why not sub off Kane and two others over the course of the next 20 minutes from there? We were in cruise mode for the rest of the game anyway. Pochettino often seems reluctant to rest players in these circumstances, I'm not sure why.
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  9. yiddopaul
    Obviously a loss, but we are not the 'Harry Kane Team'. We have goals throughout the team: Son, Eriksen, Dele, the notable ones. When Kane missed what, two months in total last year, we scored a ton of goals, played well (I think we won the majority?). Hopefully he's only out for the United game, and I still expect us to win. As usual, Eriksen etc, will step up and take over hat trick duties!
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  10. yiddopaul
    You're new to Spurs, aren't you?
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  11. kidby33
    4-1 up didn't need to be on the pitch .
  12. mil1lion
    I'm sure Llorente was pulled off because he's still working his way back to full fitness. I would be very surprised if he starts. I expect 3 at the back, wingbacks ,Son up front with Alli and Erikson behind, Winks and Dier in midfield. Still very strong.
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  13. yid-down-under
    You do when you're hungry for a hat trick
  14. Dillspur
    Strange as it sounds, Kane being out might actually help us. José would probably park the bus if he was playing, especially with our current form (spammers aside) now he may underestimate our attack and be more brash.
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  15. rupsmith

    Interesting. Mason seems a very intelligent lad. Hope his career goes well.
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  16. ginola007
    Cruise mode? You missed the League Cup game against West Ham, didn't you?
  17. 2bearis2do
    To a point - but with the game in the bag and massive games ahead (including today) - why keep him on?

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