Kevin Wimmer


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Aug 7, 2005
1) he is direct back up and once the EL starts again I can see him making a lot more starts.
2) no point loaning him anywhere but the premier league - the guy has just com off a breakthrough season in the Bundesleague - why would we loan him to the (arguably inferior) French league when we need him to adapt to the EPL?

BS story.


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Jan 20, 2013
Schalke's chairman says they are "intensive talks" with both our Wimmer and the US' John Brooks at Hertha:

You have to admit, that must be a tempting prospect for Wimmer. Schalke's CB line are rather depleted atm, and will be further depleted with the recent news of Joel Matip headed to Liverpool in the summer, so he'd be headed back to a familiar league and be seeing plenty of playing time.

Brooks would be cheaper, as he's on a much smaller remaining contract, but Schalke face stiff competition as there are other big German clubs pushing for him.

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Jan 9, 2014
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Alexander BonengelVerified account‏@Sky_AlexB
Kevin Wimmer ist auch nach unseren Informationen auf der Kandidatenliste des #VfB. Hinteregger Kandidat Nr.1. Derzeit aber keine Bewegung
"According to our info, Wimmer is also among Stuttgart's prospects. Hinteregger is the preferred choice. There is currently no movement, however."

I wasn't too crazy about Wimmer before he signed, and I'm even less crazy about a loan deal now.
Aug 22, 2013
Any word on the severity of the injury?
He got a knock on his knee and was limping which was obviously an issue, but he also got an elbow/arm in the face which knocked him flying, bit bloodied on the lip - thought it was more dazed than anything, to be honest.