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Discussion in 'Loanwatch' started by Krafty, Jul 29, 2011.

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    How we use the squad next year really is key.

    Obviously Rose has stated more recently that he's been disappointed at not having more playing time, either with us or on loan.

    Perhaps the option to bring back Naughton as cover for both RB/LB spots and Rose going on loan next season may be a plan. It's a tricky one though, as this puts Kyle in an awkward position going from regular football to a bit part role. Very hard to keep everyone happy.
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    That was fantastic. I loved that it was Naughton who got away with it aswell :)
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    If we are in the Champions League next season we will simply have to rotate more if we are to last the season, so if Naughton is first choice cover for both fullback spots he should get enough games. Agree that Rose badly news to go out on loan. Perhaps keep Smith as additional cover and blood him in the Carling Cup.
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    Hopefully he's inspired by what Walker has achieved as well, they must be good pals, definitely think he has a part to play. I'd loan out Rose and keep Naughton next season.
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    Yeh especially if Verhotegen comes in as well.
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    We're looking to keep Naughton next season
    Rated very highly at the club
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