Lamela set for first-team return

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2017.

  • by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2017 at 7:03 PM
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    Tottenham midfielder Erik Lamela is continuing to recover after a serious injury to his hip, with a possible playing return after next month's international break a realistic target.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. yid-down-under
    Argentinian Anderton
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  2. mawspurs
    I assume you mean Anderton?
  3. Dougal
    Was he the guy who sang at Scott and Charlene's wedding?
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  4. Spurger King
    The Anderton Anderson?
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  5. The Doc
    You're thinking of Angolan Anderson. Bit of a temper on him by all accounts.
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  6. Azazello
    It must be Arthur Anderson.
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  7. yid-down-under
    Ok ok auto correct got the better of me!
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  8. Chris_D
    Good that he's nearly back but let's not imagine he'll be match fit immediately. Maybe a substitute appearance then gets eased back in. With Nkoudou available as well we'll soon have more attacking options and our medical staff can concentrate on Rose and Wanyama.
  9. Sweetsman
    Can't come back soon enough: a vital player for the system.
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  10. Henry Percy
    Agree with Chris, we won't see the best of Lamela until towards the end of the season at best. Maybe even next season.

    I was surprised to read he is still only 25. I forgot how young he was when he joined us.
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  11. Cruyff
    Who's Lamela?
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  12. sebo_sek
    I'd say that is a very far fetched assumption. He'll be fine by Christmas. With no pressure on his shoulders (price tag, expectations, etc), he can just focus on getting his rythm back.
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  13. UbeAstard
    As if fans like us are going to allow him the ride till next season without moaning...................
  14. Spurs1961
    Really excited about this. It never comes across when watching game highlights but if you watch the full game, Lamela leads the press, brings crucial energy to the team and is brilliant at chasing back. His contribution to the team is so undervalued but he really is a key player for us, particularly - as noted above - in this system.

    Another thing about Lamela is his winning attitude, typified by an interview Danny Rose did about 18 months ago when we were 2nd and chasing down Leicester. Rose recalled how the two of them had sat down for dinner one evening and Rose had asked him "so do you think we'll make top four this season?". And Lamela had replied "my friend, we can win this thing". According to Rose, it was Lamela who helped the team to get over its 'scrape in to the top 4' mentality and start to challenge the very top. I feel this transformation in attitude really manifested last season.
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  15. gusrowe
    He looked well and fit. The sooner he is back the better. Looked really good before the injury so hopefully will return to this form.
  16. beuller
    It will just be nice to have him as an option.

    Even off the bench, his workrate, positivity and dynamism (coupled with an eye for a lovely slide rule pass) can help to turn lacklustre performances at Wembley.
  17. chinaman

    Carmela's sister.
  18. yid-down-under
    Now that sissoko is playing well we do need someone to slate on a regular basis
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