Lamela tries to kick-start his Spurs career with summer fitness programme in Argentina

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 29, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, May 29, 2014.

  1. Jimmyjimmyo
    There is a massive difference between functional strength and the ability to lift weights
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  2. slartibartfast
    My old man made the comparison after Ronaldo took his shirt off at CL final. He'd bloody snap Lamela in half. If for some weird reason they both ended up on Celebrity Deathmatch (n)

    Edit- Reading headline on mob it read 'Lamela tries to kick start....'

    his moped back to Italy???? lol.
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  3. JoeT
    "Bulking up"is a generalized term used by the public. Nowadays athletes become strong without necessarily becoming extremely 'bulky'. Look at Jermain Defoe as a strong, but a not bulked-up athlete.
    As has been pointed out Lamela, lacks upper-body strength and a program of specific upper-body weights and some very specific strength/endurance work either with elastic bands or resistance machines is probably all that is required. Again, as has been said the more specialized the excerise the more functional strength is gained.
    Some have mentioned quickness, say in reacting to avoid an opponent, I don't believe this is necessarily dependant on being super-strong. Some athletes are born with fast-twitch muscles which pretty well stays the same no matter what. Increased strength/endurance enables the athlete to move as quick as he/she is capable of many times over.
    Lamela may also have to strengthen in the mind as well; he doesn't seem to be much of a fighter; when he is bullied off the ball he allows it to happen too easily i.m.o.
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  4. baldinyid
    Why not have both? Ronaldo has both. I know who I would prefer to defend against, and it ain't ronaldo or bale.
  5. peter_the_yid
    Thank you, I have torn up my UKSCA and British weightlifting qualifications and will shred all my business cards.
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  6. peter_the_yid
    I'm afraid that isn't how athletes train for strength at all. Ask any qualified strength coach, including myself, how to prep athletes and bands, resistance machines and prioritising upper body never really come into it. You also never really train for endurance, that's 80's sport science thinking really.
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  7. bigspurs
    I agree with your analysis of other small players, but I think Lamela does need to get down the gym and bulk up a bit. This is because he has the same physique as a young Rolaldo or Bale. They only become the players they are because they got their skinny arses down the gym! More importantly though is attitude. He needs to toughen up more mentally, so that he isn't so intimidated by the likes of arseholes like Charlie Adam ;)
  8. michaelden
    You only need to go to youtube to watch countless Messi dribbles. Its Iniesta that's more receive shift & pass. Yes different body types but both play dribble the same, ball close to feet and very close control. Unlike a Michael Owen dribble which was to knock the ball on & run on to it.

    I would say a lengthy dribble is anything over 10 yards in todays game.
  9. slartibartfast
    Ooh matron, a lengthy dribble.
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  10. @Bobby__Lucky
    I've heard it said many times that Messi would not be able to professionally play or compete in any other sport than football because the drugs he takes are sport wise illegal. It's why I consider Ronaldo the better player, Messi does have kind of an unfair advantage on every other footballer.
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  11. michaelden
    :LOL: Made me literally lol. And I read it in the voice of that Carry on Actor. Made my night
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  12. Roscilous
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  13. davidmatzdorf
    You may have misunderstood [part of] my post, because I think we broadly agree. I wasn't suggesting that Messi doesn't dribble (!), although I do insist that Modric rarely does. His brief episodes of ball-control are basically his way of being 'elusive' - they are there in his game primarily to evade tacklers so he can pass.

    But I do think there is a chasm of difference between Messi's and Lamela's dribbling styles. Messi usually keeps the ball in front of him and uses his pace, his extraordinary balance and his absolutely freakish speed of thought and reaction to race through the opposition, tickling the ball constantly as he goes.

    Lamela has a very distinctive, almost spoon-like ball control, where he keeps the ball rather at one side of his body and provokes the opponent with it - his controlling foot is sideways and he isn't trying to race anyone, he's trying to trick the opponent into committing himself, albeit at some speed, and thus slip past him. It's the basis for my continuing contention that, despite his struggles, he's an exceptionally talented player who can adjust and prosper here if he gets the right training and coaching.
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  14. glenda
    Sorry but Lamela has no close control in tight area's or faceed with beating players one on one. No presence on the pitch and to be honest is a very average player. Bulking up a kid that didn"t even want to come to the prem in the first place will not suddenly make him R7.. If someone can tell me what they have seen to warrant us paying 27 mil for him is beyond me. Gio Do Santos has done more in a Spurs shirt. And he was terrible
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  15. davidmatzdorf
    Whose name was Kenneth Williams ;)
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  16. glenda
    Ahh Mr davidmatzdorf right on time...smh...If u don"t like my comments don"t read them..Your the reason why people don"t come to this site mate.
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  17. davidmatzdorf
    That's not entirely correct. I read that Messi was given an exemption from rules that normally would have applied to footballers, as well as other sportspeople, because his club and trainers were able to demonstrate that the HGH was to correct a genuine metabolic defect, i.e., a medical problem, as opposed to enhancing the stature and strength of someone with a normal body chemistry.

    I mean, FFS, he was on human growth hormone for years and he achieved the towering height of 5'-4". Which rather suggests there was something amiss.

    Thre's a fine difference between correcting a disadvantage and obtaining an advantage.
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  18. davidmatzdorf
    I refer you to the 4,000 positive ratings and the 100 negative ratings.

    Unless we have a different definition of the word 'people'.

    And that should be 'you're the reason...'.

    And I'm not your 'mate'.

    And you weren't 'sorry'.
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  19. Don_Felipe
    Pointless pedantic comment on title of article: it isn't summer in Argentina

    Or are we not getting him back til April?

    *gets coat*
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  20. Japhet

    Pele was hardly skinny. He had legs like tree trunks.

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