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Jul 21, 2009
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Corriere dello Sport claim Spurs are actively pushing to sign AS Roma midfielder Leandro Parades before the transfer deadline.


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Jan 18, 2005
Sky Italia report Spurs are interested in signing Leandro Paredes with AS Roma willing to sell this month.

According to Sky Sport Italia transfer pundit Gianluca Di Marzio, Roma would be prepared to sell Paredes for €30m. That can be reduced to €25m plus €5m in various add-ons and bonuses.


Spalletti: “Paredes is a great midfielder, the perfect playmaker. He showed no desire to leave. If the club has to sell in order to balance Financial Fair Play, then that’s another thing to be evaluated.”

Highlights of his time at Empoli last season...

Sick video. Major tekkers. Could be a buddy for Erik too.

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Feb 26, 2014
Possible option for the summer, if we continue with 3 at the back then that will remove Dier from our midfeild options and with Dembeles persistant injury issues we're probably in need of another quality option there other than Winks and Wanyama.
Jun 4, 2004
Gotta say, that video was very impressive. It's not often I'll sit through a whole compilation video but I was enjoying it so much I found myself at the end without even realising it.

From what I can see he certainly has a bit of the Dembeles about him. Calm and confident on the ball, likes to hold his man off before releasing a pass. Quick feet, able to drop a shoulder and find space. Loves a slide tackle and seems to time them well. Good range of passing, which we know Poch loves in a player. Loved the set piece delivery too. Nice all round game.

It's clear from Saturday we need to start thinking about what kind of depth we have in our squad. Clearly I'm a huge fan of Harry Winks but with Dier playing more of a CB role these days, there is arguably room to add another CM/CAM to the midfield.

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Aug 31, 2012
I think we are always in the market if there is a deal that works.
Don't know this player but agree we are always on the lookout for the right young player who can improve our squad. I think games like Saturday showed that are back up players are not yet of the standard we need to push hard to win trophies. Poch wants to win things and will look for anyone who can help


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Aug 30, 2010
Maybe not Lamela but they can have Sissoko as far as I'm concerned

I'm not a big fan of Sissoko but I think he deserves a proper chance to show if he has what we need. People seem a bit obsessed with the 30m figure which is only what we could potentially pay for him one day. Paredes looks quality though and I'd rather him than try to deal with RM for Isco who doesn't seem keen to leave Spain.
Jun 9, 2003
Quite a lot to like from that vid. A bit of Dembele and a bit of Eriksen. My concern is what you can't tell from the vid. How often does he not get away with his tricks and get dispossessed in dangerous areas? How often does he give away free kicks?

Looking at his stats https://www.whoscored.com/Players/93700/Show/Leandro-Paredes he does seems the real deal. He loves a tackle but has never been sent off. He seems to be improving in this aspect of his game as last season he averaged one yellow every 3 games and this season is averaging less than one booking every 5 games. His pass completion rate is around 90% which is excellent considering he likes to spread the ball around and doesn't just go for the easy pass.

Overall it's a big thumbs up from me (y). He seems to tick all the boxes and going by stats alone may actually be an upgrade on Wanyama and Dembele which is saying a lot as I really rate both of those players. The only downside is i'll now be disappointed if we don't sign him whereas before I wasn't bothered if we didn't sign anybody this window :(.


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Oct 1, 2005
A lot to like about this lad and as others have said he looks to have the type of ability to fill in and play the same role as Dembele if required which is probably the one thing we are missing in the squad. If he is available and if a deal can be done for the right price then I can see why this link could have some truth in it.