Lies, damn lies and media headlines

Discussion in 'General Football' started by aliyid, Oct 7, 2017.

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    It always amazes me how some headlines are used as clickbait but at times the media really can create a story out of nothing. Makes you feel sorry for some players & coaches.

    Take the recent post game press conference after the England games

    Media - Does Jack Wilshere have an international future?

    Southgate - 'We're in a position where there's no way we would dismiss any creative player. But people have to be playing and have to be playing at a good level.'

    Headline story the following day

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  2. Danners9

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    Here's another:

    Jan Vertonghen snubs Belgium teammate Eden Hazard’s armband gesture

    Speaking to reporters after recording the milestone, Vertonghen revealed the classy gesture but felt it would be inappropriate to wear the armband. ‘I’ve thanked Eden, but he’s our captain,’ the 30-year-old said after the match.

    The preview box on google says: Tottenham star snubs Chelsea rival Eden Hazard's classy gesture (I searched for Jan Vertonghen to see how many caps/goals he has and it appears...)

    The headline and preview makes it into some kind of club rivalry issue - and the news itself is placed in their Chelsea section - but the story is really nothing. Hazard offered, Vertonghen passed because Hazard is the usual captain. The end.
  3. mark_2017

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    How is hazard captain ahead of verts any way?
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  4. Woodyy

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    Those kind of headlines make me actually cringe.
  5. Gb160

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    The headlines are normally written by the sub editor, not the journalist, its their job to drive traffic to these stories and this is just the state of the media these days where it is all about clicky revenue.
    They know that by the time you've realised the headline has fuck all to do with the article, you've already clicked on it and read it, so their job is done.
    It sucks really.
  6. Dougal

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    I’m not sure I’d bother clicking any of those headlines anyway.
  7. dontcallme

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    Exactly. The sad reality is that there is good journalism out there but people just click into what are obviously non-stories.
  8. Yid-ol

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    Jan Vertonghen snubs Belgium teammate Eden Hazard’s armband gesture while standing next to a naked busty blonde

    is that better now Dougal?!
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    Link doesn't work. THE FUCKING LINK DOESN'T WORK.
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  10. 'O Zio

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    This. Often the journalist is probably just as pissed off as you are that their work is being twisted like that.
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