Life On The Fringes


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Mar 18, 2005
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So many debates on what areas we need to improve on, who we need to buy and sell, tactically where we struggle and we're playing more games this season have all come as reasons why this season we seem to struggle in the league a little more.

After a very successful league campaign last season with a cruel twist of fate right at the climax depriving us of a top four finish and almost more importantly to some Spurs fans a season where we finish above Arsenal our expectation level flew through the roof with both fans and pundits alike.

It seemed to distract ourselves from the fact that we lack top quality players. This isn't a criticism just a reality check. Man Utd have Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Scholes that's at least four world class players. Chelsea have a squad full to pick from Drogba, Cole, Lampard and Robben. Arsenal and Liverpool are slightly behind with a pick of maybe 3 each.

What we have is a team full of players with similar ability. We can delude oursleves all we want that a quality left midfielder will solve our problems but firstly we're in the top 8 of the league and in all the cups by our standards since the Prem began we haven't got any real problems and secondly Malbranque has been one of our better players in the last month and still results are very up and down.

We have a team full of players who are almost there such as Defoe, King, Jenas and Chimbonda. Some young players with huge ability and potential but need to work on their all round game, adaptability and experience such as Lennon, Dawson and Huddlestone. Then we have some very good players who need time to adapt to English football such as Zokora, Ekotto and Berbatov. The rest of our players around the first team are those any team outside the top 4 would like but the top four clubs wouldn't be interested in.

With a large group of players like this all on the fringes of being top international players we find our beloved club also on the fringes of being a top tier club. Now despite a few disappointing results this season this is a major improvement on what we've ever experienced in the Premiership lets never forget these are happy times.

We're enjoying very good cups runs and this is my first time as a Spurs fan where i've had the chance to exerience any sort of run in a European Cup and a few wins in the league and we can be back in the chase for a top 6 spot.

To get to the level of the top four we need to mature as team, learn from our mistakes generally play much better as a team. If we get those factors right then the individuals will in time develop and fulfil their potential and within a couple of seasons we could be looking at Champions League football.

The team needs time, the fans need patience and we all need to remember that despite the huge expectations on us this season we are still progressing as a club at a very fast rate.

We're on the fringes of the top now but I think everyone believes we are heading in the right direction.