Liverpool prepare for Bale

Discussion in 'Columns' started by ackie, Mar 9, 2013.


Discussion in 'Columns' started by ackie, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. N17Jack
    Someone should have told Brendan, HE SCORES WHEN HE WANTS, Gareth Bale.
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  2. RonnyJaay
    I love it when managers have to make a special plan for one player

    Im hoping Sigs gets under the radar and scores the winner
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  3. bigspurs
    We will need to score more than one goal to win this game! Reckon its gonna be a 4-3 or 3-2 type result (with us winning of course!)
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  4. boris
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  5. ackie
    to us?
  6. vuzp
    for a sec there i was thinking liverpool where preparing a offer for Bale, nearly choked on my corn flakes.
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  7. UncleBuck
    Yea, 'prepare' lunch perhaps.....
  8. punky
    Good luck with that Brendan. He isn't stuck out on the wing anymore so you can't just double mark him like others do.
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  9. Sweetsman
    Maybe he will triangulate Bale.
  10. SamR
    This will be an interesting battle - AVB vs Rodgers. Two top young managers. Like I said before I think we have enough in our locker to beat them - Need our CB's to be on top form though!
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  11. greaves
    Exactement! To get away from the 'one player team' garbage it's actually a good idea to imagine Spurs without Bale. Then you get a clear sense of the strength of the team. (It's a sort-of similar idea to Geoff Boycott's when assessing cricket scores - take two wickets away from the batting side, then you know how well the team is doing). I hope we will notice (or realise) that Bale does not function in isolation and that all the players bring something good to the party. And that includes anyone from Sigs to BAE to Holtby to Walker to Lloris.
  12. stonecolddeanaustin
    For any gamblers out there, we're 10/3 to win this, which is ridiculously good value. Get on it!
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  13. balalasaurus
    i find it hard to bet on spurs though. if you bet on them to win chances are you jinx them to lose. and well i just wouldn't bet on them to lose either. catch 22 if i was ever in one
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  14. ackie
    I have to be honest...I am more nervous about this one than last week against Arsenal.
    Add on top of that I have two bros that are Liverpool fans and most of Mauritius are either Liverpool or Man Utd.
    So a win will be AWESOME.
  15. BillyWhizz
    Suarez still hasn't scored against us in what 5 games? He was usually too busy trying to find his way out of King's pocket. Hopefully Jan's got room for him again :sneaky:
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  16. avonspurs
    Prepare for Bale all you want, but then you'll forget about Lennon. And Defoe. And Siggy. Planning against Bale will involve more than one player, freeing up space elsewhere on the pitch.

    I predict a (riot) tough game and a tight one. I'll accept a point now - 4pts from Arsenal and Liverpool is perfectly acceptable.
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  17. stonecolddeanaustin
    I know what you mean. Plus there's also the double of whammy of not only spurs losing but a lost bet too. In this case though, the odds are clearly wrong, probably fueled by deluded scousers betting on it, so I'm planning on trying to take advantage.
  18. absolute bobbins
    Bet against Spurs, simples!

    I know it sounds sacrilegious but hear me out....Spurs will go out and win because you'll jinx the loss and when we win you'l feel like you bought the win. That is something that money can't buy (unless you're Chelsea or Citeh)!
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