Liverpool prepare for Bale

Discussion in 'Columns' started by ackie, Mar 9, 2013.


Discussion in 'Columns' started by ackie, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Liquidator
    And Man U... :)
  2. WhiteHeartLowe
    Sadly I think Lennon is out injured.
  3. Thfc28
    The only thing Brenda and his bin dippers are planning to do tomorrow is fail BIG TIME!!
  4. PhilosoSPUR
    If we are smart this will be good for Defoe.
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  5. Fruendsreunited
    I dont beleive for one minute that Brendon Rodgers is a top manager, he inherited a great Swansea side from Martinez, did poorly for Watford and has proved from the "this is Anfield" series that he is the David Brent of football (The envelope incident springs to mind) Liverpool have lost some poor games this season! He has done "ok" but he is average at best
  6. jenko
    Disagree. The Liverpool from last year to this year are miles apart. He talked a lot of shit in doing it but he has achieved the first aim of winning over the fans. They have reduced the wage bill, offloaded some shite players (aquilany (?) & Cole) and brought in exciting players like Sturridge & Coutinho. He will continue to offload the bad ones (Downing and Carroll) and seems to be only interested in quality. If Rodgers keeps this up for another two years they will challenge top 4 again. None of the problems at the club currently are of his making.

    Maybe not a world beater (he still has to prove that) but certainly doing a good job so far.
  7. Mikegold
    Agree with the reply below me. He had an awful start but in the past 10-15 games I think they're 3rd in the form guide. So basially, once his tactics settled + Sturrige and Coutinho came in, he's been top 4 quality.
  8. slartibartfast
    What the fook were Walker n Defoe doing?
    Gutted. Liverpool had run out of ideas and had nothing. So we go and ping the ball in for them...... twice.
    Why does Defoe come back when we're defending? He can't tackle. He has no height. All he does is give freekicks away. Why not stay on half way line and take 2 of their players out who'll then have to defend him?
    Don't mind losing to the better team but that was a comedy of errors.
    On the plus side Vertonghen is awesome.
    And given Lennon was injured id have put bale wide. Say what you like about his goals but he isn't in the game as much. He could have walked off for cup of coffee n you would t have noticed.
    What a shitty way to lose.

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