Luis Figo hails Harry Kane and Dele Alli but warns of pressures at Real Madrid

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Feb 27, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Indisguise, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. yiddopaul
    Is there a 'let's all try and sell Spurs' players' epidemic going around the globe now. FFS
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  2. Wellspurs
    Seems a concerted effort Ronaldhino, Figo everyone on Talkshite trying to sell our loyal players can get fucked!
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  3. JC-Rule
    Figo, does Kane really look like a player to fold under pressure?

    The guy was labelled a one season wonder, 3.5 seasons later he’s on the verge of a 3rd straight golden boot.

    Hardly a bottle job is he?
  4. N17Jack
    Figo needs to keep his massive nose out of our business
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  5. PLTuck
    Ummm..........fuck off Figo you knob jockey
  6. Indisguise
    There's so much noise coming out of Madrid about our players that you can't help but wonder whether Perez is terrified of our little club and its little bald chairman. What a fuck off it must be for Perez that the next "must have" striker is a homegrown, loyal, dyed in the wool Spurs fan. I can imagine him saying his prayers at night... "Oh god, why did it have to be Tottenham!".
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  7. ginola007
    We've to take this as a compliment. Better to have players that are so highly prized by clubs like RM, than have players we couldn't get rid off even if we were to give them away free.
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  8. Danners9
    no doubt Poch will be delighted that Espanyol beat them last night.
  9. Ron Burgundy
    I love these comments from former players - they're no better placed than most casual fans to be honest

    He might have watched us vs. Real, but otherwise Deli has only played a handful of good games this year, and is not the prettiest player to watch at the best of times - don't get me wrong, he's very effective, but there are more better players to watch IMO.

    It's just generic nonsense. I bet you Real fans would get annoyed at the chances Kane misses and how Deli doesn't dominate/drifts out.

    There are way more obvious transfer candidates for them, but they just seem to acquire players based on fan and press noise - it's all about the name, rather than the team, which is why they're not as good as they should be
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  10. Dougal
    He’s completely right. Madrid is no place for Dele and Kane.
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  11. double0
    There's not many better sights than Dele facing up an opponent getting past with skills then shifting through gears effortlessly his quite graceful when he runs or scoring goals, he tends to score beautiful ones.

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