Man in court for trying to have sex with sheep at Tottenham training ground

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    Source: Evening Standard
    An IT worker appeared in court today accused of trying to have sex with a sheep next to Tottenham Hotspur's new training ground.
    Paul Lovell, 61, was allegedly caught with the animal close to the state-of-the-art facility on Hotspur Way, Enfield, north London, on September 4.
    It is thought stars from the Premier League team were training at the centre on the day of the incident.
    Lovell appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court charged with one count of indecent exposure and another count of outraging public decency.
    He denied the charges and opted to be tried by a jury.
    Lovell will now face a plea and case management hearing at Wood Green Crown Court on October 2.
    He was released on bail on condition he does not return to Whitewebbs Lane or Archers Wood in Enfield.
    Lovell of Magpie Close, Enfield, faces one charge of indecent exposure and one of outraging public decency.

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Discussion in 'Columns' started by gusrowe, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. balalasaurus
    yea anything will make the news these days
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  2. greaves
    All I can say is sorry.
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  3. eddiebailey
    Not read the story, but these team bonding rituals are getting out of hand...
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  4. RickyVilla
    Welshie trying to get autographs and got distracted.
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  5. cranester
    Probably a gooner who thought it was ram head Sagna!
  6. fletch78
    Three posts it took for 'that' joke to appear! lol. I have to admit that was three posts later than i thought!
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  7. guiltyparty
    Sounds a bit wooly to me
  8. jenko
    Its fair to say I never would have predicted this article.
  9. johnjoedayid
    ur just a sheep shaging bastard
  10. TheChosenOne
    Strangely enough I can remember way back in the late 1980's there were reports
    of a man seen doing the same thing in the Cuffley area.

    He was described as being short, scruffy, bit overweight and driving a blue minivan.

    He left behind a length of wire, a rag and wellies. I only found out later why the wellies were needed.

    My mates, of course, laughed heartily as at the time I was (still am) bit overweight and scruffy - and to top it all I had just bought a blue minivan my another pal of mine.
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  11. spud
    'Trying' to have sex with a sheep? TRYING?

    What a loser.
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  12. CowInAComa
    when you spend all your days up a tree near the spurs training ground you take what comes your way.
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  13. slartibartfast
    I also remember a similar case in the paper about 10yr ago and the photo of the guy looked the spit of my mate Dan. Christ he got some stick lol. Called him goat boy for months. remember this sad bastard was spotted by people going past on a train lol. That'll wake you up.
  14. slartibartfast
    Do, or do not. There is no try.
    Wise words from Yoda. Don't think he was referring to shagging sheep though.
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  15. Armstrong_11
    how can u try to have sex with a sheep? couldn't find the hole? or the sheep resisted? guess he couldn't get a bird so he tried his luck with a sheep...

    plus, near the training ground is a big difference from "at" the training ground. made me think we employed sheep to mow the pitch.
  16. thinktank
    He probably just misunderstood the term 'sheep dip'.
  17. yid-down-under
    I wondered who stole my Velcro gloves too!!
  18. strader
    Ok, on a nor serious note, why or why. Is this for real! What is happening to this world.

    why on earth will someone try such a thing, if push comes to it, just spank the monkey.

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