Mauricio Pochettino accuses Tottenham players of showing lack of passion

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014 at 10:40 PM
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    "West Brom arrived here with only two points and last in the table but we need to show respect. We were wrong, lack of movement. You need to be aggressive"

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. scottlag10
    The same Sandro that didn't play for QPR this weekend because he is already injured! That's why we sold him!
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  2. Block D Spurs
    Doesn't matter.. during the game he can still be in the dressing room, on the bench, encouraging them...
  3. slartibartfast
    I think we all need to be patient because Poch isnt happy with how we played either. He isn't coming out and saying we were unlucky and should have won (draw??? Wtf? Media talk I feel. Doesnt mean it. I hope).
    We can sit back and be confident he wants us playing fast flowing football and thats what we all want. Changes will be made no doubt.
    The thing that baffles me is, as someone alluded to earlier questioning has he had to deal with teams setting up against Southampton as they do us, if your at home, a supposed biggish team and the opponent is obviously going to sit deep and try to get lucky on the break then why in Gods name would you stick 2 in front of the back 4 and only 1 up front?
    Thats the kind of thing Id expect to see us do either against decent teams mostly away from home not against a team who can't defend and are going to make it difficult by sitting deep.
    What will happen is, as it did with AVB, precisely bugger all going forward. Your striker is easily marked out of the game. We never had any pace or players with creativity so what do you think will happen and as I said on a previous post, if you concede with 10 min to go or in this case 20 then its goodnight.
    Im pleased that from what he's saying we wont be watching this shit much longer.
    He'll prob keep formation though :banghead:
  4. slartibartfast

    Yes. It can.
    Were you watching lol?
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  5. Khilari
    What? Really? Are we going for the title this season? What a depressing view you have.
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  6. Barry Mead
    I think it was pretty obvious we were short on character, drive desire and leadership and if Poch had done his homework he should have known that, but the transfer window failed to address that and failed to address the weaknesses in defence
    What worries me is that it should come as a shock to Poch, he works with these players every day, he must have done his homework on the team before he applied for the job and during all the time he was competing for it and through the summer in assessing what we needed and players we didn't
    It's very worrying that only now he seems to be seeing it, also worrying that he thinks we deserved something out of the game. West Brom were hardly great but does he really think a home team getting one shot on target against a bottom club merits anything
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  7. SteveH
    Pochettino looked to be in a state of shock yesterday - which was in itself a little worrying.
  8. whitesocks
    That is exactly what he said - it is reported in the telegraph as well.

    For all the anger, he found something quite positive about the game - presumably all that lovely possession.

    He did mention something unintelligible about the second ball in the bbc interview, and we did go long at the death and looked better for it, but I very much doubt that he will build on this.
  9. HotspurFC1950
    When you think of the money they receive (not earn ).
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  10. Mauricenorman
    i agree we need patience
    I don't think poch knows his best team yet
    I think erikksen has been poor this season
    can't seem to find space like lamela does
    also adebayor just can't hold the ball up let alone control it
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  11. lis spur
    Pochettino getting a bit of flak on here about not addressing issues during the transfer window, i would suggest his remit was to try and work with the squad he had inherited(with the exception of a couple of new additions).These players have been largely underwhelming eg Paulinho,Chadli ,Vlad,Lamela ,Soldado et al.
    I think he has been asked to make a 'silk purse out of a sows ear'.
    this will take a couple of transfer windows to sort out,
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  12. Black
    More money yeah how about £200m this time
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  13. Barry Mead
    No manager who wants to do well will accept a squad with weaknesses in key areas and lacking integral players to make a team work well. It's not just about getting individuals to work it's finding the catalysts that pull it all together. A lot of the reason players like Soldado, Lamela, Paulinho, Capoue and Eriksen don't work as well as they might is because we lack players with key strengths and qualities to fit in and help bring the best out of them
    If Levy thinks Poch can simply turn individuals into a strong team he's living in cloud cuckoo land and if Poch thinks he can that he's living there with him and it would underline his inexperience as a manager. Rome wasn't built in a day but Rome was built on strong foundations and that is where you start. Looking at our team the foundations are far too weak and unless we get the basic building blocks right we'll simply just continue building a house of cards
  14. Gaz_Gammon

    You obviously didn't watch the game on Sunday. The view was depressing from any angle.......If that wasn't depressing send me some of your happy pills.
  15. slartibartfast
    He never said we were unlucky and I mentioned the reference to a draw in the rest of the sentence you copied.
    Know what you mean though.

    'He isn't coming out and saying we were unlucky and should have won (draw??? Wtf? Media talk I feel. Doesnt mean it. I hope).'
  16. garryparkerschest
    You've been supporting Tottenham for a longtime, so you of all people must understand when a new manager comes in it takes time.

    I'm very confident that the team will start a) playing better and b) getting the right results.

    Too many people on this site (not saying you) overreact on a single result.

    I know Liverpool result was a wake up call that we need to get better but Sunday was just one of them that we get from time to time (after Europa League game).

    I'm going to just chill for now as I'm pretty confident results will improve.
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  17. JoeT
    O.K. 'ackle', fair enough. I guess your uneccessary attack on Harry Redknapp - the umpteeth on here by the way - started me off.
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  18. Block D Spurs
    If the players showed as much passion for playing in a spurs shirt on sunday, as there is by posters on this thread...we would have won 3-0..
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  19. Barry Mead
    You don't have to be supporting a team that long to know that you should have enough in the squad to beat teams like Sunderland away and West Brom at home. We haven't had a tough run of PL fixtures yet, so this new manager takes time to adjust doesn't really wash
    Of course any new manager like any new player may take a while to get to be on top of their game, but that doesn't mean we should be making excuses accepting defeats and dropped points to weak teams we should be getting maximum points from
    I haven't seen any evidence of anyone reacting to a single result, we have played 8 games and the only game we showed enough in our game was QPR and you have to wonder how much that was down to our playing well or them playing so badly. Even know I wonder how our defence would have coped if the had actually tried to press and attack more. Every time we play the defence looks an accident waiting to happen and our only plan seems to be trying to keep enough possession to minimise the potential attacking threat of the opposition. Well that might be a fair enough reason to reduce the possibilities of conceding goals but you have to combine it with a solid defensive line because no team can manage 100pc possession and opponents will get opportunities. Our defence is about as effective as a chocolate teapot yet this is the area Poch supposedly recognised as a priority to address. Given our poor transfer window and the fact that Poch didn't feel three of our summer signings even merited a bench place
    As for making an excuse about Sunday just being one of those games after Europa League, how does that work? Hugo was the only player that started both and he was one of the few players who actually played well Sunday
  20. millsey
    He was with us last season, what good did that do?

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