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    The Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as our new Head Coach on a five-year contract.

    Read the full article at Official Site
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 27, 2014.

  1. Chedozie
    Great news, we'll definitely win the league now.
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  2. Vwbottom
    5 years contract.... means nothing
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  3. Bennys LOL
    Welcome poch!! .. the 5 year contract tells me that he's told levy it will take time to build and Levy has understood. Hopefully some great football ahead next season. I am happy at this appointment. Welcome.
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  4. mawspurs
    He wasn't my first choice but judging by the comments from Southampton players and fans he could be good for us. Let's hope so.

    I really hope he can push us on as we have regressed since Harry's departure.
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  5. scissor_gang
    Excited! Now hopefully I can avoid this site and have a productive summer :joyful:
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  6. Pat Rice Spurs fan
    Hurrah! Now get the squad sorted quick and let's have a proper pre season for once.

    Ok, I know that's unlikely.
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  7. Imnotacticalgenius
    Let us all welcome "MP" to Spurs N17, Home of the Lilywhites! Whatever the differences in wanting the new Head Coach....let us all put behind it and support MP and his journey as the new Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspurs. Lets be patience and let him do his job......since it is a 5 years contract, let him do his job for at least 3 seasons before judging him. He needs everyone support to make it happened....the team needs you, Supporters to be behind them!!! COYS!
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  8. Spawn
    5 year contract means he gets paid up for the last 4 years after Levy pulls the trigger on this one
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  9. balalasaurus
    I beg to differ. If we sack him after 18 months we still have to pay up a substantial settlement fee (if the reports of his 3mil a year salary are to be believed). Levy as a business man would not make such a gamble. Just look at how long we held on to Bentley and Gomes. No i think this might just be a sign of commitment from our chairman. Although i dont want to get my hopes up just yet.
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  10. Goliath
    5 year contract. Yeah, you sure?

    I'd be delighted if he could get to the end of next season.

    I really hope he does though. A lot of people seem to rate him really highly. Football, win or lose, is more likely to be to our discerning tastes.

    I also kinda like his refusal to speak English to the hacks. I reckon he wouldn't speak to them at all if he had his way.

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  11. CrazyHeart
    *** Fine! Scrubbed! *** Jeez...
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  12. TonyK
    Levy obviously has a death wish!! We needed a general with a decent CV in charge yet end up with AVB 2.0 - another gamble that I don't think Levy can afford to make. When Van Gaal is apparently a done deal yet you end up with a mid table manager then then you can expect people to be disappointed. Mopo will obviously get the support of all fans now that he has been appointed but he may get off to a strong start for his own sake as well as Levy's.
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  13. samfinan
    Anyone else feeling a bit fatigued by all of this? Haven't we been here before with Ramos and Santini? Did fairly well in euro leagues, but lack of English stopped them bonding with the media, fans and players... For me De Beor was the first choice. Didn't AVB also promise pressing attacking football? Can't see him lasting 5 years.. Hope to be proved wrong and still look forward to entertaining football... Like we had under Harry!!
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  14. josedominguezspurslegend
    Welcome to our Club Poch - really excited at the prospect of watching our team play under your stewardship! Bring on next season!! Oh, is there a World Cup on?
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  15. rupsmith
    Maybe I'm reading too much into it - but with a five year contract, clearly Pochettino has said that he will need time to implement his ideas, his way of playing and getting the youth players through; and Dan Levy has given him that. Well done overall in terms of setting a base but its up to us fickle fans not to complain if we finish 8th or 9th next season as he gets his ideas through.
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  16. CrazyHeart
    Pochettino and AVB have very similar footballing philosophies which is why I'm especially happy at the appointment! Mark my words, this is going to work out wonderfully!
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  17. CrazyHeart
    AVB needed the season to gel the squad, end of... Judging him before his work was done is flat out unfair. Hopefully Pochettino will be afforded the time to implement the 433 continental style brilliance that epitomises the modern game!
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  18. guiltyparty
    Welcome Mauricio. I already like you more than the last guy
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  19. elDiablo
    Welcome Poch. Really hoping we now have a manager who can deliver what he says. Could be the beginning of something beautiful
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