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    The Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino as our new Head Coach on a five-year contract.

    Read the full article at Official Site
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 27, 2014.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    Hodgson is a defeatist appointment. He won't get sacked because the fa know we're beyond saving.
  2. LexingtonSpurs

    eta- sorry responded to wrong post
  3. LexingtonSpurs
    Too many variables to say. If we are injury-free, I'll be looking for a top-6 finish - with top-4 in reach.

    If we are sitting in top-4 in January, I'll expect help from Levy/Baldini to bolster the team for a top-4 run.

    I don't expect Pochettino to take long to implement his style - seemed to catch on at Southampton fairly quickly last year. There are certainly some players who I don't think are going to fit in well with Pochettino's fitness-first approach - but I think we have time to weed those players out, and add a few key pieces.
  4. rupsmith
    Broadly agree - but what if we are playing the right way but just not finishing games off? A la Brendan Rogers at Liverpool in his first season? I don't know.

    I was a fan of Tim and got a lot of grief for that from many on this site even though he got us the results we needed and gave many players the kick in the pants that they needed. I was not a fan of AVB because he was tactically inflexible and clearly the players had stopped believing in what he had to offer.

    Poch seems to have a pretty strong personality and seems to have cut his teeth pretty successfully, with limited finances and resources, both in Spain and England (the toughest leagues in the world). Although no trophies, (and if we ever do under him, that will be a learning experience as well for him), he knows how to make his teams play football and scrap.

    I think he was the best option of the names suggested. And I think he should be given time
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  5. Roscilous
    Players like him and seem to want to play for him. That's half the battle. AvB didn't have the man management skills to keep the players happy and lost the dressing room. I don't believe it was just down to tactics, but more like player unrest.
    Welcome Poch, and good luck!
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  6. TottenhamMattSpur
    People keep trying to use Rogers first season as an excuse to give someone time.

    Please consider that A) they were fucking dog shit when he arrived. And B) They got better as the season wore on.
    It was plain to see that he was improving them. They didn't stay shit all season. They didn't at any point get worse then when he arrived and they showed improvement over the season.

    If some **** comes to spurs and we spend all season around 10th that's going backwards. That's not good and it doesn't need time it needs fixing.
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  7. slartibartfast
    Seriously mate you think Daniel Levy, the hardest negotiator in the game and an all round total bastard was manipulated by....

    ... Tim Sherwood?

    Yeah, thats been the problem definately :whistle:
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  8. BTN1
  9. stuffies
    Welcome Poch looking for to pre season and next season.
    Just hope hes given the time needed ....because the players are going to have to get use to yet another coaches methods etc....and will not happen over night.
  10. jolsnogross
    I hope your prediction turns out to be true, but in order for it to do so, your assertion will have to be proven wrong. The chairman and the new manager have made a point in the announcement of referencing our style of play and an attacking style. If we go about attacking and scoring goals, Poch will have done plenty to distance himself from comparisons to AVB.
  11. whitesocks
    I believe the minimum requirements are putting real pressure on that 4th place, so our season isn't effectively over in march,
    and to get at least 2 points from the goons.

    This really should be within our grasp.
    This is not unreasonable imo.
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  12. yid-down-under
    Especially when Real Madrid come in after a year or two
  13. Lighty64
    best of luck to Poch, like many not my 1st choice and hope he can have the same impact as Martinez had with Everton.

    we have a better squad than Southampton and Everton, so lets hope he gets the time.
  14. blankom
    I wonder if Poch is only an investment in order to get some of Southampton's talent. Poch ovbiously has a part in the success Shaw, Rodriguez, Lallana have all experienced during last season.

    By signalling that Poch will get plenty of time rebuilding Spurs, I wonder if Levy reckons that we now are in pole position of signing some of these talented footballers - ahead of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc.

    We all know that a 5 year contract is pure fiction.
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  15. bigspurs
    I'm not exactly blown away by this appointment, but we could have done a whole lot worse that's for sure! His playing style is interesting and he seems to have excellent man-management skills. Importantly he has Prem experience and might actually be able to help the younger players, including Lamela kick on and become fully integrated into the first team.

    Injuries are a shitty issue, so he might be slightly handicapped in his first season, but hopefully we'll sign a defender or two and maybe another striker.

    I reckon I'm cautiously optimistic about Poch ;)
  16. not_tenth-again
    Respect the decision but really wanted FdB. Fingers crossed it works out, I suppose its all about players now, is he a big enough name to retain our stars.... whoever they might be.

    Anyway, i did notice he brings a lot of coaches with him. I wonder who leaves out of our current set up? Parks and Ramsay must be a little worried. I hope Freund is retained and moved across into something like Tims old development role.
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  17. jolsnogross
    I think appointing a mid-table manager from the Premier league could be viewed as underwhelming - maybe a bit safe - but that's no bad thing from our perspective. He's done well for more than a season in the Premier League, which is an antidote to our last two appointments.

    Pochettino has the look of a Martinez/Rodgers profile about him and he could do plenty of good things at Spurs and not need more than a season to get that going. They too were mid-table or worse PL appointments to bigger clubs. I don't fully buy the great improvement on few resources line at 'little' Southampton though - they have a good organization there and spent a fair whack in last summer's window. He did himself lots of credit, but he didn't just roll up to a shambolic club.

    The five year deal is an interesting one. I'm looking forward to seeing how we get on. There's no such thing as a risk-free appointment. I hope he hits the ground running, because a five year appointment actually happening at Spurs, well, rare. We have to go back to Burkinshaw '76 to '84 to find a manager lasting longer than half a decade.

    Good luck to him.
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  18. guate
    Por mi parte estoy feliz que nuestro contador de frijoles ha nombrado Mauricio Pochettino entrenador de mi querido Spurs. Estaria mas contento todavia, si por medio de el, lograremos motivar mas latinos a jugar para Tottenham.

  19. spursLA
    Given the high energy pressing style he seems to favor i would think this is good news for Holtby (and maybe Livermore) and not such good news for Dembele and Dawson. Hopefully he can bring the best out of Lamela as well.
  20. Khilari
    It's karma. He was one of the greatest defenders of his time - sure he gave away an important penalty or two here or there but his desire in games was unrivalled. In addition he was also the third greatest Argentinian to have ever graced the WHL pitch, long hair blowing in the White Hart Wind.

    A Tottenham legend on the playing field returns to finally take up the reigns he was born to hold. Behold, the wonder that is our new manager.

    Congratulations, Mauricio Taricco, I have faith in you.

    Wait, what? Who? Oh. Even better.
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