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Aug 16, 2003
Just waiting for Spurs to be linked to Messi again (yes again, Spurs once linked to him in some papers a few years ago before the "made it" at Barca!) due to his Argentinian connection :cool:


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Feb 24, 2007
Welcome aboard. You weren't my first choice but from now until the day Levy fires you there's no question you're the best manager we've got so you have my full support. Not first choice because he hasn't won anything and hasn't had a big job yet. On the plus side he plays the pressing game like Sherwood and AVB so the adjustment may not be too much for the players. Glad it's a five year deal, it might make a trigger happy chairman think first.


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Dec 13, 2003
I think this is an excellent appointment - continuity in bringing youth forward and style of play with possessive football and a high back line. Though with Poch we have a manager who has proven he can implement this effectively in the PL. Now we must bust a gut to get Luke Shaw.. I think we have enough quality in all other areas though it would be nice to get hold of Remy as we are short of striker cover and we can't guarantee that Soldado will be a success plus who knows how Ade will perform!
It will be interesting to see how he works our midfield. Capoue and Sandro should perform wonders but how does he fit in Dembelle?

of course he'll aim high and I wouldn't settle on forth with the squad we have. The new players have had time to settle and if he gets them playing as a unit then we can title challenge just as L'POOL did.. cue the optimistic ratings..


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Dec 20, 2006
I wonder if Poch is only an investment in order to get some of Southampton's talent. Poch ovbiously has a part in the success Shaw, Rodriguez, Lallana have all experienced during last season.

By signalling that Poch will get plenty of time rebuilding Spurs, I wonder if Levy reckons that we now are in pole position of signing some of these talented footballers - ahead of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc.

We all know that a 5 year contract is pure fiction.
Posted on another thread that we have agreed terms for a Southampton player for 15m and he is one of the players you mentioned.
Jan 26, 2007
I never really had anyone in mind or a favourite for for the job. I think posh is about as good as we can get at this time and hopefully he will turn out to be a real gem.
I'm not excited about next season just trying to be realistic while thinking logicly about where we should be.
Considering our 6th finish in what was a very disruptive season and a interrim manager where there was no dip in performance and actually a slight upturn.
If this guy is worth his salt I would expect us to hit the ground running and actually push on. The squad is a year older and with no whole sale changes there is no reason we can"t finish higher .


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Dec 11, 2006
Quite excited about this appointment after spending the weekend reading some articles on Pouchettino. He seems an interesting character but rather that a disciplinarian, as has been suggested, is someone who can work closely with players to get the best out of them and is very likeable.

I do think it's a typical Levy appointment to again opt for the 'next big thing' rather than take a punt on a big name, but at the same time too I reckon DL could have again pulled off a blinder.


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Oct 21, 2012
No, AVB being a clueless twat was the key downfall of AVB
It's 100%, nailed on top four and a cup.

The soldier will be a revelation. 20 goals in the prem alone.

Hey, I guess I'm a glass is half full kinda guy.
Just what have you got in that half filled glass?
I'd suggest a lay down before drinking the other half lol :confused: