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Apr 1, 2005
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I was reading yesterday about how Lammy was trying to get the minutes for the meeting between Boris and Levy as he believes that Boris put Levy up for the bid for the OS. Now I don't pretend to be an author but this is just a bit of fun of how I imagine the meeting might have gone.

Boris took a sip of his single malt and sighed, leaned back in the leather chair and looked up at the man behind the oak wooden desk. Daniel Levy looked tired, drained even.

Don’t worry so much Daniel, the 106 proposals are just a formality, a few tweaks here and there. Shouldn’t cost more than a few mil. Boris reassured.

That’s not the point. Said Daniel putting his glass down on the table and leaning back.
It’s just not viable anymore. After Cabe, EH, TFL and Lammy. We’ve had to alter our designs and increased expenses, I’ve spent the last 2 months sweet talking every banker in Europe. No-one wants to know. 6 years I’ve spent working on this for nothing. We need public money to help! He leaned in looking Boris in the eye.

Boris smirked and took another sip. Wrong time and wrong government I’m afraid. We’re cutting our balls off just to keep afloat at the moment. Wish I could, but David would rip me a new one.

FUCK! The glass shattered against the wall. Daniel stood with his hands behind his head, face read with rage. Nothing! All that work for nothing. What the fuck do we do now?

Boris swirled the liquid in his glass a thoughtful look on his face. Wiff Waff, he say’s smiling.

What the fuck? Have you lost your mind? Said Daniel looking incredulous.

The Olympic Stadium, why not go for that? Boris replies.

Daniels shoulders dropped. We looked at that a few years ago under Ken, total no goer. They want the running track and that just doesn’t work for football.

What if the running track isn’t an issue? Asked Boris, he had a glint in his eye that Daniel caught.

Daniel sat back down and leaned across the desk so he was only inches away from Boris. But that was the “Promise” is it possible? Then Daniels face dropped. What about West Ham, they’ve been after this for years and have the track as part of the plan?

Boris burst out a laugh. Please do me a favour, those 2 porn kings? We’d never hand over a half billion stadium to them. West Ham couldn’t afford it anyway, their finances are worse than Greece. Put a bid in Daniel, I guarantee you have a great shout.

Daniel had hope in his eyes. The possibilities rolled through his mind. I always loved you Boris. He smiled.

Cheers, said Boris downing the last of his drink.


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Aug 13, 2004
Next installment, SAS hit squad removes Lammy, Coe and Brady. Ooo the political intrigue


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Jan 23, 2006
I would find it astonishing if Lammy really thought that, surely he doesn't believe that?