Michy Batshuayi


Rio de la Plata
Aug 2, 2008

The page also links us with Ndoye whom I don't know.
There's also Boufal who is the one I want the most. We need a player like that


Important First Team Player
Mar 30, 2004
F**k me, this argument again, it won't be empty! People may well only be paying £10 a seat in the gods but it will not be empty. They will give away the seats to nearly anyone and it will be full(ish). Shit I know we collectively don't like it but hoopspurs little crystal ball(s) are mighty powerful....bit like paulie the octopus.
jeez, calm down.. it's just a joke. If you read the article, Matt Law says that Spurs can probably offer Champions league and he'll play alongside Kane but West Ham can offer a new stadium. And that's it.

If nothing else, they will give tickets away to kids or advertise in the Evening Standard as they always do. Playing in a new stadium with screaming kids and fans a mile away from the pitch is not a reason to join one club over another, is it..