Modric: “I’m sorry for the way I left Tottenham

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 7, 2018.

  • by mawspurs, Feb 7, 2018 at 6:17 PM
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    Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has told FourFourTwo that he regrets how his Spurs career came to an end in 2012.

    Read the full article at Four Four Two
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. davidmatzdorf
    There's no indication here that he is even considering returning. Why does the whole thread consist of posts that say "fuck off ratboy" and posts that are discussing Modric returning to Tottenham as if it were a realistic proposition?
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  2. Shadydan
    Because SC
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  3. striebs
    Great player but we've got Christian Eriksen now who is also a great player .

    Can't begrudge him for leaving for Real .
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  4. Indisguise
    Hopefully, Christian isn't the reason why Luka is suddenly feeling nostalgic about Spurs...
  5. Khilari
    Eff off. Ok I still love you, you rat faced Gail-from-Corrie-Napoleon-Dynamite-lookalike. You were great. But you broke my heart.

    Klinsmann, Sheringham and Keane Part Deux just didn't feel the same. Like getting back together with an ex-who cheated.

    You do it for the memories, but it's never as good. Unless it actually is. Who knows. Eff off.
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  6. Khilari
    Why not? We're better. Ha ha.
  7. parj
    He just looking for a final big paycheck
  8. dannythomas
    All I can say is that when his move to Chelsea was blocked he didn’t let it affect his performances the next season. Yes, there was some acrimony when it looked like Levy would also stop him going to Madrid but I and many others will remember him more for that professionalism than the last few weeks of bad feeling before his move. Had he gone to Chelsea that would have been a different story.
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  9. Dharmabum
    Or meet Spurs in the final (which technically is not the same as drawing)?
  10. jenko
    In his last season he was part of the team that threw 3rd away so that we could be evicted from qualifying for the CL when Chelsea won it. Most people blame Redknapp for that as he wanted Capellos job but I never forgave the players. We were well clear in 3rd. Calling his attitude professional in those last 10 games is to overlook a lot imo.
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  11. Twizzle
    too late ratboy
  12. JimmyG2
    Fine player who achieved his potential at RM.
    Can't begrudge him that.
    Eriksen is as good now as Luka was at Spurs
    and hopefully can achieve his potential
    but with us. this time
  13. sebo_sek
    So he's not coming back to Spurs then.
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  14. Dougal
    When a player ‘follows their dreams’ I’m just grateful they leave behind fans that don’t have dreams. Because that makes everything easier.
  15. Shadydan
    This theory is actally hilarous :D
  16. rupsmith
    Dan Levy too smart for that.
  17. rupsmith
    Forget any of the bad periods - these players have to earn a living and want to win trophies. Remember the good times, those moments that got the got us off our seats, the racing heart beats, the relief, the joy - the football, the reason why we support this glorious club.

    Poch is obviously awesome but I will always remember those brilliant few seasons under Harry - the all out attacking mind set in the true Tottenham Hotspur spirit.

    I always think that the game against Inter at the Lane epitomised everything brilliant about our team under Harry Redknapp. Modric with the skipped dribble and the pass threaded through to Rafa, the instinctive finish, Rafa and all of us looking for offside, the relief, the joy. Bale - he was 21 (21!!) - taking over. Ripping Maicon and Javier Zanetti, the dancing dribbles, the acceleration, the rocket crosses, the finishes from Crouchy and Pav. Brilliant. Remember the good times. Hopefully another one tomorrow. COYS!
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  18. garryparkerschest
    Arguably the best midfielder player we've had in the past 20 years.

    I think he was badly advised but I think the lad is genuinely a good guy.

    But unfortunately I think he's missed the boat, a fantastic player but would he get in?

    I think we're better of giving playing time to our younger players to improve them to the standard of a Modric rather than sign Modric and he proves a barrier for one of our talented youngsters (Skipp) to develop..
  19. Spurrific
    Always likes posts about Spurs on Instagram, I think that's the main thing.
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